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    Is the Apple Display right for me?

    At work I use a 27" iMac that's a beast. Sucks to go home to a 21" monitor with not as much real estate. I love the screen and the installed webcam. There's the great resolution. And to be honest, the price is alright, at least compared to other monitors that are this size/resolution. Three...
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    How to have external display still show while laptop is closed?

    Title says it all. I want the external monitor to still show the desktop as the monitor is shut. I'm using Windows XP, it's a Toshiba Satellite a135-5440 and their site tells me nothing.
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    MSI K8N neo2 Platinum (3-4 years old) died, need a replacement

    During a design I was working on, my computer just SHUT OFF. It's not turning back on. I replaced the PSU and it's still not doing a thing. I'm hoping someone can help me find a new motherboard. This is what I had: so all...
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    Help: Firefox is showing different fonts. (with photo)

    I don't know what happened. I ran ad-aware and nothing came up, but since last night, the fonts for Firefox seemed to change. It only does it for Firefox, and AIM seems to only allow me to type in Times, no matter how much I try to change the font through preferences and the IM window itself. It...
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    What do I need in order for the "Blur Filter" to work in Illustrator?

    I'm using Adobe Illustrator CS. This project has to be fully done in vector. I remember I could use the Blur filter before but last time I ever used that was in a much earlier version (I think it was 10, long long ago). Now that I have CS2, I can't use it. I thought it can be used for vector...
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    How to present logos to clients?

    I was given the task of creating logos for a company. The logos are created and I'm prepared to e-mail them a PDF of the logos that they can choose from. My question to those who know how to do this is really: Do I provide a description of what the logo represents, or should they just "feel"...
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    Hit an artist's block (56k = long wait)

    I'm trying to think of what else this picture needs. It just feels as if there's not much depth to this thing. I need to find another media to spray paint on in the garage so I can make another "drip" to the yellow "spoke" and possibly make that bigger, but other than that, I'm out of ideas...
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    To those who prioritizes color then size first...

    Due to space constraints, it looks like the time to decide on an LCD monitor is coming soon. The budget: Around the $1,500-$1,700 range I think is what I saved up for a new monitor. Seeing that I demand great color reproduction, but also want a good amount of screen real estate, I've been...
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    Average iPod battery life?

    I just came back from a long roadtrip (FL to NJ). I decided to play my 5G iPod on shuffle throughout the whole trip. Nothing was touched after I set it to play. Apple says (for my iPod): "60GB: Up to 20 hours of music playback; up to 4 hours of slideshows with music; up to 3 hours of video...
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    Why do I have to put in a password when screensaver comes on now?

    Recently (I guess vaguely after I installed my iPod perhaps) I have to input my windows login password when I get the screensaver off. I'm trying to change this back but the setting that I thought would do it didn't work (which is in Control Panel > Power > Input password after standby > no)...
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    Trying to get rid of duplicate files (iTunes + iPod video)

    I'm using iTunes (I preferred EphPod when I had my 2nd gen iPod ;) ) and I have a mess of duplicate files on my iPod from when I was trying out Anapod. The Edit > Show Duplicate files only works with the iTunes library, and the iPod has been modified directly already with album art that...
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    The new flashplayer doesn't work with Firefox?

    I'm using Firefox 1.0.6 and the computer told me there was a new flash player. Downloading it from their site, I find it never working for Firefox and only IE. Checking it in IE, it says "You have version 7,0,19,0 installed" Is there any other information that would be needed? This is one of...
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    Looking for a place to print a design on a shirt.

    Simple request. I want one shirt custom printed with 2 spot color (originally, it was a decal) that I designed on the front. I did it for a college, however, the color shirt that we requested (and said they'd use) wasn't used and basically ruined the design. So that's what I'm looking for, a...
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    Can digital cameras be put in 35mm slide form?

    For a scholarship in my college, they want me to submit a few designs of pieces I did; however, it must be in slide form should the piece be too big (which it is). I have my DSLR (Canon Rebel XT) camera and a regular 35mm film Canon Digital Rebel GII. If I can somehow do it from ditital form...
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    What is it that matters in a tripod that affects the price?

    I need a new tripod. This one is a bit old and that crank is getting a bit tough to turn. So now a new tripod looks like it's best; however, I'm seeing them in all sorts of price ranges. I'd like to know what is it that really affects the price that much? Sturdiness? Length? What quality is...
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    Designers (especially typographers), I need your critique.

    Sadly, my site server seems to be down so I have to use imageshack. I'm trying to create a high level of interest through the use of the photomanipulation and the unconventional treatment of the type. Basically, the type is modified in size and weight, over a transparent image of itself...
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    How many instances of this tor032.exe should be up?

    I have 2GB of RAM, and it always seems like over 50% has to be used. The only programs that are always on are Object Dock, Window Blinds, Norton, Aero Weather, this L.I.S. VFD display controller, and AIM. 512KB should be able to run this ok, if not, 1GB is SURE to. So what's making my RAM over...
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    Resident Evil 4 connection with Nemesis?

    If you remember Nemesis in Resident Evil, he didn't look like he was created in the same means as the Tyrant. In fact, he has the tentacle parts that seem to be seen a lot throughout the game. Nemesis was also created in Umbrella Europe, basically where RE4 takes place at. Also, if you...
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    $730 for a new monitor!

    Well, got my tax refund and I want to use about $730 of it to go to a brand new monitor. Right now I'm using a 5 year old 17" Compaq FS740 (and man has this thing served me well, still doing a great job now too). -I'm a graphic designer professionally, so color accuracy is priority...
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    Any news of the ACD lowering in prices?

    Getting my tax returns at April 22, with it, I can spring for a Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 930, but it's hard to find them (new) now, especially ones with the calibrator and hood. My next choice would probably be the 23" Apple Cinema Display, but I would only be able to get it for $1,620 I...
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    Time to seriously think of a new monitor

    Well now it's time to look at a new monitor. A while ago, I tried to see what could fit on my desk: and it seems that I can fit a 19" CRT on it (the depth of my CRT is a little over 17", and some 19" has that same depht). Mostly, it's going to be...
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    Does anybody have the Canon i9900?

    I've been researching what printer to get for the longest time to print my design pages, I'm pretty sure I want the Canon i9900. However, I'm looking at how big this thing looks (I can't find anybody that sells it around here) to see its relative size, and to be honest, seeing it in a home...
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    Cannot change privacy settings in AIM?

    Been using AIM 5.2.3281 along with DeadAIM 4.5 for a while now (I'm so not using a newer version of AIM). I just noticed I can't change a thing in my privacy settings, such as how long I've been idle or anything. I have no idea what else it can be other than perhaps it being an old version of...
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    Why does UT2004 reboot my machine everytime I quit the game?

    The title basically says my problem. I don't know if it's software or hardware issues. It seems to have done this after I installed the newest patch: Windows Patch 3339. No idea what exactly is going on here (come to think of it, it does the same thing with my Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield...
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    Will my desk be able to hold a bigger CRT monitor?

    I've been eyeing monitors for the longest time. Currently, I have my eyes on the 24" Sony GDM-FW900. The only problem that I may have is desk real estate for this. I have a 17" Compaq CRT (that still works *wonderfully*) however it's time for a good...
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    Hearing the other audio in OGM files

    Basically, I'm listening to the dubbed version of a movie; however, I want to get to the subbed aspect. It's a dual audio DVD rip, and I can watch it in Windows Media Player 10 but no idea how to manipulate it. Can someone help? [edit] Well now I'm using BSPlayer, seems to do subtitles...
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    Friend's getting Korean stuff on computer

    I'll just copy/paste what she said: "Lately instead of receiving the regular..404 like page, or that one that says Not Responding, no, in general, it comes up in..all these symbols. I think it's in Korean.How do I know that because they're just scrambled letters? Well the other day I...
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    USB 2.0 drivers for MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum

    So at first I wondered why my L.I.S VFD isn't working, thinking maybe I connected it wrong, then I tried using my front USB connectors, which go to the front USB connections in the motherboard just like the VFD. I noticed that these didn't work either, and I'm very sure I have my connections...
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    Problems with my VFD display.

    To start off, I can only speak english. I installed the L.I.S2, and there seems to be a problem. Luckily, it's powered, and it recognizes the COM (USB) port if I go to the preferences menu. The problem I have is that it doesn't seem to be showing up in the hardware display. I'm sure I have...
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    Around $25 USB Hub?

    I hate asking a question like this, because usually I go and research things like this myself, but this time it can't really be helped. I'm looking for a USB 2.0 Hub. There really is no size preference as I can see, but I have no idea what would be a reliable brand/type to get. A 4 port one...
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    Getting the sound from my audio tapes to cds

    Keeping the long story short, my parents want to take sound off of your regular audio cassette tape and put it on a CD-R. Ignoring the sound quality, and knowing that we have a cd burner, what other equipment, hardware/software-wise, do we need to accomplish this?
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    So I got my friend banned from a CS server...

    I was playing on his computer, and I got about 3 or 5 consecutive head shots. Then I said, "Holy shit the aimbot really works!." They didn't take the joke too kindly. =0) Needless to say I'm not allowed to touch CS on his computer anymore.
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    Drag n' drop with Firefox

    Back in IE, I used to be able to drag n' drop pictures I'm looking at to the person I'm directly connected to in AIM. In Firefox, I have to save the picture onto my hardrive and send it as as such. Looking in the options menu but can't see a thing. Can this be helped?
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    Photoshop Brush problems

    For some reason, it seems that my brush decided to be small. This is my 19px brush on a 1024x768px canvas: As you can see, it's very small: As soon as I make it big...say near 400px: It does what it's supposed to do...which is get proportionally bigger than the 19px...
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    Giving my FX-53 (939) heatsink to someone getting the 3000+ (939)

    Just wanted to doublecheck on something. I've kept the cooler AMD supplied me for my FX-53 (939) in pristine condition (still has the cover on it and everything). My friend is getting the Athlon 64 3000+ (939). To make things cheaper, I proposed that he gets the OEM and he can use my cooler...
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    Free programs that formats a hardrive?

    Trying to find a program that kind of acts like this: What it does is that it seems to run at start up. What I'm trying to do is format my old IDE hardrive, then prepare it to use as a PS2 hardrive.
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    Anybody that uses Windowblinds notice this in Firefox?

    Stuck on using IE now for this reason. When I use Windowblinds and Firefox, the browser jitters and shakes. I tried it with other skins, but the same thing keeps happening.
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    Skinning Windows without that .dll?

    I'd like to change something a little more than just the window colors for my Windows XP (Pro). I've heard of that .dll hack (uxtheme?) but finding so many places to download it on Google, I have no idea which one is safe (I tried it once and it just made Windows decide not to start up...
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    What should I line the inside of my case with (and how to do it)?

    I don't like looking at the bottom of my case and at the sides and seeing icky metal. I'm wondering if there's any kind of material out there that I can use to line the bottom (and posssibly side, depending if I feel like taking the guts of the thing out) of the case. I went to an auto-parts...