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    question: ips panel with 120hz refresh rate and 1920x1200 or higher resolution?

    You mean I should not have given away my 34 inch 16 x 9 multiple HDMI in 1080i 160 pound 2004 (I think – last year Toshiba fabricated its own CRTs) Toshiba CRT? It was in my bedroom 5 feet off the ground on a corner mount desk/furniture combo. The only thing, if I watched it and turned it...
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    Please Don't Laugh at This Question

    I am trying to trade up. Poor resolution is really noticeable when text is very small. On the other hand, I use some browser extensions and OS settings to avoid both small text and my computer spectacles – reading glasses for about 2 feet distances. This input lag stuff sounds ominous. I'll...
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    Please Don't Laugh at This Question Well, about the only thing I got out of that was a finally understand what a comb filter is. Well, at least what it is supposed to accomplish. I may have to rely on a generous return policy and just try one out. Thanks for your input...
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    Please Don't Laugh at This Question

    Alas, other. Lots of text.
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    Please Don't Laugh at This Question

    Okay, I have a 28" "class" (27.5") monitor that is going out. I would like to get a 28" or even a 30" IPS panel monitor. Prices have come down for 27" budget IPS panels – $307 at Dell. It is hard to find 30 inch HDTV's now, but 32" are plentiful. Both the monitor and an HDTV have HDMI in and my...
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    China Getting Remote Control Cars

    I like the dashboard display indicating which way the steering wheel was moving. That way, in case you didn't notice the front wheels turning or even the whole freaking car moving left to right you can always look at the display. If you're in the car. But hey, remote-control cars are cool. You...