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    Steam Hardware Survey - September 2009

    Folks, New survey from Steam is online at: For those who believe that Nvidia is going down, there are some pretty interesting results to see...
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    Asus P5K-Deluxe and E6750 Overclock

    Hi, I just build the system on my signature but I'm facing some troble to pass the 3 GHz barrier. Today, the system is running at 8x380 with volts and other parameters on auto. On CPU-z, the core volt is already at the teoretical limit of 1,35v. What should I do to get better results? Pass...
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    Comp re-start when playing DVDs

    I'm facing a problem with my machine that puzzles me. Whenever I try to watch a DVD on Windows Media Player, with nVidia's Pure DVD installed, the computer plays for a few seconds and re-starts. The problem does not happen when using PowerDVD, only Media Player. I already did a clean install...
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    Need help - How much heat is too much?

    Folks, I read a lot in the forum about heat problems, no stock cooling solutions, etc but I have a question: on nvidia's Forceware drivers, the temperature that trigers the alarm is 125ºC. On the threads, it is usual to read that temps above 80 will demage your card. So what is right? This...