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    AMD's best Big Navi GPU may only be a match for Nvidia Ampere's second tier

    No need to worry. We will get 3070Ti/16GB and 3080Ti/20GB soon enough, to fill out the gaps in the lineup. $599 and $899. 3070Ti with slightly higher clocks, 3080Ti with more cores.
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    Morgan: IBM Creates First Movie Trailer By AI

    Part of this "created by AI" is probably bullshit, but... Damn that was one of the best trailers I've ever seen. Not too long, didn't give too much info. Made me REALLY want to see the movie. And then they decide to ruin it by showing more, and my excitement just instantly deflates. Why does...
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    High-Tech Holiday Present Protection System

    Is it just me or does he look like he's excitedly trying to abduct some kids in the thumbnail?
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    Windows 10 Usage Climbing As Windows 7 Share Drops Sharply

    It appears Windows 7 lose about 1% per month consistently August through November. At this rate, it'll be gone in only about 5 years and 4 months. Impressive showing. People must really love Windows 10. Now even Microsoft has jumped on the constant Star Wars tie-ins... Seriously...
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    Inventor Files “First Run” Movie Patent to Beat Piracy

    This dude is a loon and this patent application will never be granted. In the filing, he repeatedly undermines his claim for an invention with prior art.
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    Apple and Adobe Are Creepy, Tone-Deaf, And Icky?

    This "controversy" paints a pretty clear picture of who is either clickbaiting and/or rabid SJWs and who is rational. Sadly, there seems to be far more of the first group. Well, it's also about Apple and therefore apparently by default worthy of a headline, no matter how asinine.
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    Star Wars Trading Card App Attracts Those With Disposable Income

    So... For $225, you get a GIF-quality instagramified digital image of Han Solo with fake creases and completely artificial scarcity. I understand collecting, but here you might as well collect (free) screenshots people have posted of their cards. What is the difference between having the...
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    Storage ideas

    For the same price as the Dell, you can assemble your own system with additional flexibility. Something like the Antec 300 natively holds 6 hard drives, with room for 3 more in the optical drive bays, if needed. You trade off some size for a huge gain in flexibility.
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    Long Term Storage Solutions

    I totally agree. My anecdote proves nothing. The point I was trying to make was that buying optical media and hoping it will work in ten years is a gamble. One will have to test the discs regularly to check data integrity. If the backup requires 120 BR discs (3TB/25GB) that is (IMO) extremely...
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    RAID with varying Drive Sizes Possible?

    How about lightning strikes, fires, floods, viruses, malware, accidental deletion, evil people or your computer crapping itself taking all drives with it? If you want (real) data security, do backups.
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    Hitachi Shows Off New 4TB Hard Drive

    Hitachi is known for their 5-platter designs... Hmm...
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    RAID with varying Drive Sizes Possible?

    150+160=310 on 250GB drives? Eh? That would be a 500GB partition. It should be doable, if wonky and less than ingenious, but I have to ask what you do that makes you want 0+1 for the OS. The effect of RAID 0 in a desktop environment is near zero. Buy more memory or a SSD instead. Follow the...
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    Long Term Storage Solutions

    I've thought about this subject as well. Years ago, I made a backup to ~100 CDs. Needing the data about a year later, Brand A worked perfectly while Brand B had serious issues with the outer ~20% of the disc. while my archival conditions are hardly perfect, they were stored out of the sun, etc...
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    Some NAS/ZFS questions

    You are correct about the RAID levels. I'd go with one of the 'powerful' ones, but replace the case with a normal ATX case. The Antec 300 is a great case, if not the cheapest. £50 from your chosen store, saving you £36 while accepting 6 hard drives and having 3 ODD slots.
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    Velociraptor or SSD for OS Drive now???

    1) Install Windows 7 2) ??? 3) Profit. Or did I miss something?
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    What sata controllers are you guys using with Open Indiana/Solaris?

    I ordered the SASUC8I and got the equivalent LSI version (forget the name) and it works flawlessly. The good thing about this card is that it by default works like a "dumb" SATA controller, so that the drives are readily available in solaris.
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    The [H]ard Forum Storage Showoff Thread - Post your 10TB+ systems

    IMHO 10TB is still way above and beyond what normal people have and could be a pretty serious system. Maybe turn it up to 15. 8 spindles in the array seems like a good requirement. 9 drives requires a fairly serious case as well, although it can fit in some desktops, and its more than desktop...
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    one large 20TB partition help install Windows

    What's wrong with using the onboard ports for boot drive(s)?
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    Sanity Check this FS Build, please [Supermicro chassis, X8SIL-F, Areca 1880LP]

    #2 will be for backing up #1? That's what I'd do. Just go with RAID6. That's 18TB... Yes. It's perfectly fine. No. Storage drives should only contain the array. Nothing else. Just do a RAID1 of 2.5" drives. You only need to hit the system drive at boot, making its speed nearly irrelevant...
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    Raid 0 Performance 1001FALS

    Speeds look reasonable. What do you feel is wrong with the 4k results?
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    C300 performance down one third

    WinXP => No TRIM => Performance goes down the drain after 4 fills. Sandforce-based drives might be a better choice, but I have no experience with them. Get Windows 7, OS X or something. AFAIK there is nothing else you can do.
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    My Intel 510s Arrived

    Yup. Wake Mac from sleep, everything seems fine, but it quickly becomes apparent that something is horribly wrong. Unable to save anything. Cannot reboot, have to force power off. The drive now thinks it is 8MB... (one 160Gig and one 80Gig, both G2s, one in a Mac Pro (early 2008), one in an...
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    My Intel 510s Arrived

    No and no. Although I've had two out of four G2s die in my Macs. I was most likely just unlucky. It seems to me that TRIM is not necessary on OS X. I benchmarked an 80gig G2 and after filling it 10 times with a good mix of data under OS X, I found no slowdown at all. Comparably, under Windows 7...
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    LONGSHOT - Anyone know of a reader for this type of SSD? Page 12 and 13 has the specs for mSATA. 52 pins, so clearly something quite different from Apples 18-pin implementation... :/ Now I feel bad for leading you astray ;)
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    Storage Device Suggestions?

    Sounds like you want to manually manage the moving of files. Just get an external drive and manually move over your files with Windows Explorer. I don't see how backup software will be anything but a hindrance to you, but maybe I am misunderstanding and you want to move all JPGs within a certain...
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    LONGSHOT - Anyone know of a reader for this type of SSD? I believe the above may do the trick. Both Anand and iFixit calls it mSATA. But presumably he will get another MacBook Air, which you could also use to perform...
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    The [H]ard Forum Storage Showoff Thread - Post your 10TB+ systems

    Sir, I believe there are significant differences between our definitions of the word "mess."
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    The [H]ard Forum Storage Showoff Thread - Post your 10TB+ systems

    At the moment I use rsync. Old and proven and I know how to use it, which I can't say about zfs send/receive. It's severely CPU limited, however, so I may look into other options when time allows.
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    OCZ using crappy flash chips?

    I'm not surprised. To me, it has seemed that OCZ has a different approach to SSD manufacturing than I would prefer. This goes back to the indilinx drives and became especially apparent with the usage of pre-production Sandforce chips/firmware. Intel and others have had their fair share of...
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    The [H]ard Forum Storage Showoff Thread - Post your 10TB+ systems

    Amount of total storage: 29.75TB (25.25TB usable) (1k = 1000 bytes) Amount of storage in the following system: 7.25TB (7.25TB usable) Mac Pro (Early 2008) CPU: Dual Quad core Xeon @ 2,8Ghz RAM: 16GB (8x2GB) GPU: Radeon 3870 + nVidia 8800GT Hard Drive: Crucial RealSSD C300, 256GB Hard Drive: 2x...
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    HP ZR30w

    Hmm... 10-bit color. So I need to use a 5800 series card & displayport for the best results? My emphasis. So, I guess it has a scaler?
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    Building your own ZFS fileserver

    For anyone contemplating running OpenSolaris, I recommend the LSI SAS3081E-R (aka Intel SASUC8i) Unlike some other controllers, it is transparent to the OS by default. Other cards often require you to create a RAID0-array for each drive before they are advertised to the OS. BTW., steer clear...
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    Apple 30" Display - Pink Noise Problem?

    In the old days, this would be due to a bad cable or loose VGA connector. If it happens with both DVI ports, I'd be inclined to believe it's the screen or cable. You should test it on another computer like Haste266 says.
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    Intel SSD Wipe

    The issue here is that SSDs may include more storage than is advertised on the box. This helps longevity when re-writing a few files many times on a nearly-full drive. Unfortunately, it also means that you can't be sure it's completely erased after a single pass... But how many passes is...
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    LSI "SSD Guard" - what is it?

    Unfortunately, Google found that SMART is an extremely poor predictor of harddrive failure...
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    Questions about raid, raid controllers, and multiple raid configs

    You want the SSDs. They will be more reliable and faster (except for benchmarketing). 1) Yes. Yes. Yes. 2) Depends on the controller. Yes. No matter. 3) What are you trying to achieve with this build?
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    SATA or SAS?

    SATA is more than enough. Just make sure you don't skimp on RAM, that way the database server chan store a large chunk (or all of it) in memory. (When I say "don't skimp" I mean something like 4GB, no need to go overboard with 8 or 16.)
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    How many USB devices do you have connected all the time?

    1x USB Hub 2x Monitors (USB Hubs) 1x Keyboard 1x Mouse (wireless) 1x TV Tuner 1x Headset 2x iPod Dock 1x FireWire Hub 1x Recording interface 1x Scanner 1x Video camera (yeah, it's not USB, but it might as well be)
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    not very happy with Western Digital at the moment

    Wait... Are you mad at the manufacturer because you got a part that failed prematurely, or are you mad at yourself/your parents for the fact that your are their IT support guy? I understand that you're not very happy, but it doesn't seem like WD's error. Hardware fails, this was going to happen...
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    "standard" drives not recommended for RAID?

    Use wdtler.exe: There's no way to tell other than try to change it, unfortunately. It seems to me that WD started to disable the TLER setting within the last 3 months, maybe 6.