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    *Rare* Black Dreamcast Broadband Adapter

    It would appear so. Apparently my brain decided to mix up two responses... nothing to see here.
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    *Rare* Black Dreamcast Broadband Adapter

    wat? The Sega Sports Dreamcast was definitely available in NA, I had one.
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    Vizio 65" P65-F1 $899 shipped (It's Back) Best Buy

    Do you only watch native 480/720 material? Their 1080 upscaling is fine, it's just lower than that it starts to fall off.
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    Vizio 65" P65-F1 $899 shipped (It's Back) Best Buy

    I've got the 55" and love it. Would definitely recommend at this price and the 55 is also on sale for $650
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    Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen Has Succumbed to Cancer

    I'll just leave this here.
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    3D-Printed Gun Advocate Given Green Light to Distribute Plans to Others

    >Pedo There are so many false statements in your post you should become a politician. The person that he allegedly assaulted falsified their age on a matchmaking site. Also based on reports they're not a child despite being legally a minor. That's exactly what's going on here. He started...
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    GoFundMe Homeless Vet Scammers Get Visit from Johnny Law

    Sounds like something a drug smuggler would say.
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    3D-Printed Gun Advocate Given Green Light to Distribute Plans to Others

    That's literally exactly how it works. It's not illegal to manufacture a firearm for personal use, and it's not illegal to rent CNC time.
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    3D-Printed Gun Advocate Given Green Light to Distribute Plans to Others

    Some have been saying Also, inb4 the timeout.
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    TCL 55" HDR 4K TV for 450 (costco members)

    I have one of the tcl Roku TVs. I personally can't recommend them for the following reasons: Audio problems Network problems F'ing ads in the home screen
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    Brutal Doom 64 Gets a Trailer and a Release Date

    Only because all of the other games from 2016 sucked balls. Okay, that's not entirely true. Doom2016 was pretty good, but GOTY is a stretch. Edit: also SCHWING for Brutal Doom 64, I've played the original Brutal Doom and it's fucking fantastic.
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    Raspberry Pi Zero $1 @ Microcenter (IN STORE PICKUP ONLY)

    Right, and that makes it really cost ineffective to do, because they'd have to perform n transactions instead of 1 or 2 transactions with n components.
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    Raspberry Pi Zero $1 @ Microcenter (IN STORE PICKUP ONLY)

    Yeah, but it also kind of helps put off motherfuckers going in and buying 100 of them and then trying to resell them on ebay/cl/etc.
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    Raspberry Pi Zero $1 @ Microcenter (IN STORE PICKUP ONLY)

    This post is literally underappreciated.
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    64GB OnePlus 2 GSM Unlocked Dual SIM Android Smartphone $240 @ eBay

    I have a One and X, the One is better than the X overall but the X has some nice features. There were a lot of complaints initially about the OP2, but I haven't read much about the 3 yet. fwiw/ymmv/etc.
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    The Witcher 3 On Sale

    Ordered, thanks!
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    Pny gtx 1060 Best Buy at msrp

    Faster* *In very specific cases like 1080 and dx11 only Also I may be wrong, I can't remember what it's actually compared to but the gist is that it's a fast budget card if you're looking for 1080 only.
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    Pny gtx 1060 Best Buy at msrp

    You gotta make sure you get to them after they've outgrown teething.
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    Pny gtx 1060 Best Buy at msrp

    I understand the implication of your statement, but, let's be honest here... there is such thing as a bad blowjob.
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    Kingston 32GB LRDIMM-LV DDR3 1600mhz quad rank - $62.97 or less

    I would be careful, between the v300 issue and personal experience with them mislabeling ram, I refuse to purchase Kingston products.
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    Police Investigate 'First Cyber-Flashing' Case

    Stop victim blaming, you heteronormative cis shitlord /s
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    Monoprice Cable Sale through 8/4/15

    Monoprice's shipping is really crappy these days, fwiw. I'm in an area where they used to offer same day shipping, and just ordered some hdmi couplers on tuesday and they still haven't arrived.
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    LG 34UM65 monitor on sale

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    Warm? Farcry 4 digital download showing $31.37 US

    Single player is good in this game, MP is buggier than all hell though. It was given to me by a friend and it was so bad that I'm pissed I wasted the electricity downloading it.
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    Microcenter tustin CA

    Call them, I can pretty much guarantee they have them in stock.
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    Monoprice - no more Norco shipping to CA? Ouch.

    Monoprice has lost it's luster lately, their prices aren't nearly as competitive anymore.
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    4340 to 4790?

    Cool, I'll track a K down then, thanks!
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    4340 to 4790?

    Would it be worthwhile to upgrade from a 4340 to the 4790? Or should I wait and see if I can grab a 4790K? Is the K that much better than the regular 4790?
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    Acer B286HK (4K 60hz SST DP 1.2) $350 shipped @ newegg (28" TN monitor)

    I have the Zero-G monoprice IPS panel at work, and while it's nice, I like my B286HK quite a bit better. I can't comment on the IPS Pro, though. Also, I like how $400 with a printer and nobody bats an eye, but $350 and all of a sudden it's like newegg is having a fire sale.
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    Acer B286HK $399 w/ Printer

    To be honest, I can't really comment on that. I just ran ufotest and couldn't see anything.
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    Acer B286HK $399 w/ Printer I went over to Fry's and got them to price match on it. I'm fairly satisfied with it. I use it predominantly for development on kubuntu. I tried playing some CS:GO but it seemed like maybe my...
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    PNY Optima 240GB SSD $79.99 AR

    Not to thread crap, but this is pretty much standard price for these. I had reasonable luck with PNY's rebate system with mine. Still a half decent SSD for the price though.
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    Linux Foundation's Free Online Intro to Linux Class Opens Its Doors

    I'm part of the way in to the work and im sure there is something to be learned from it for just about anyone with the exception of veteran Linux users. It's certainly hard to beat for the price.
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    q6600 to g3258?

    There's a MC right by my work and I saw the G3258 bundle they have going on. I was considering picking it up to replace my current cpu/mobo in my secondary desktop which is just running kubuntu with phpstorm 99% of the time. I figured that even though the cpu benches only slightly faster I would...
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    Linux laptop

    I wasn't interested in ordering because I was hoping to be able to track one down in store and make sure it was something I could live with. I hadn't considered asus but the n550 looks promising. Thanks :)
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    Linux laptop

    I'm looking to get a laptop to run potentially either Kubuntu or Fedora on that has enough power to support hosting some vms. My primary requirements are ~15" screen upgradable to 16gb of ram nvidia gpu I've been looking at lenovos, and they have a Z50 that seems to fit my needs pretty...
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    Novaform Queen Mattress $399 Costco

    Where in OC are you? I thought I was only one of a few here that lived in southern Kommiefornia.
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    Novaform Queen Mattress $399 Costco

    I don't consider myself a mattress aficionado, but I've had one of these for a little over half a year and have been happy with mine.Any time I've had issues sleeping it's typically been from other issues such as pain from an injury or being sick.
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    C++ Book?

    The 4th edition was actually the book I ended up throwing on my wish list. Thanks for the help everyone.