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    Initial RTX performance...

    Hmm so what do we think of THIS... I think dumpster fire is accurate, but I honestly wanna know is the community gonna accept this level of performance loss? and is it gonna kill more cards?
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    Intel posting false 9900k performance numbers

    Intel commissioned Principled Technologies to independently bench the 9900k against the 2700k. Benches looked a little fishy, so a few have started looking into it... Cherry picking happens everywhere, but blatant misleading benches 11 days before anyone else is allowed to post actual...
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    Battlefield 1 DX12 Benches: Nvidia still king, AMD gaining

    Hey all, Just thought id put THIS UP for discussion, Not wanting to start any shit. But there is a definite trend developing in the jump from DX11 to DX12, Nvidia is regressing and AMD progressing in relative terms. 390X beating the 980Ti in all but 4K Ultra! Loving my Hawaii (Bonaire) based...
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    RX460 Bios Mod?

    Hey all, So I just picked up an RX460 for my HTPC, wanted it for its connectivity (HDMI 2.0b, DP 1.4, HDR etc...) to hook up to my 4K TV and stream Steam games from my gaming rig. But thinking of it, I wonder if its possible to unlock these little chips to the full Polaris 11 chip from 14 CU's...
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    Zen and HBM potential?

    Hey guys, so seeing the benches surrounding the Fiji GPU about to drop and with HBM on board with 512GB/s links the upcoming ZEN architecture and DX12 could really open AMD up a lead in certain operations im thinking. Anyone else think so?
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    Worth upgrading to Tri-Fire?

    Hey all, So im thinking of adding a third card to up my 4K performance to a consistent 60fps, rig is as it sits below, anybody have experience with tri-fire scaling and stability? Crossfire thus far has been great, and looking at benches, 3 x 290X's will match 2x TitanX and possibly 2x Fury's...
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    Mixing RAM Density on HP Z420 workstation

    Hey Guys, Ive been doing a lot of heavy processing at work on large datasets, I have to upgrade a spare tower we have with more RAM. Its an E5-1620 with quad channel memory and 8 slots total. It currently only have 4x2GB ECC RAM installed, and I want to either double it to 16GB with another...
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    Post up your Firestrike Ultra scores

    Hey, just wondering what people are getting for scores in the new 4K test? I got 5505 on my first run.... Just wondering how the cards are scaling at this res
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    Critique My Proposed setup

    Hey Guys, Ok so after a few revisions, I think Im setting on a design. Trying to balance cooling performance and budget here. So im trying to cool the rig in my sig, Buying an H240X once they hit the shelves and another 140 thick rad they are outlined in blue in the pic. The green loop is my...
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    MCW82 on 290X

    Hey guys, Just wondering I have an AIO on my one 290X and want to add my second 290X to my new H220X loop. Im thinking of just using the universal MCW82, cant find that many reviews, anybody use one? will it cool the 290X core efficiently enough? Yes I will be adding another rad to compensate...
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    H220X on order, want to expand system questions

    Hey Guys, So ive been running an H100/H100i for a couple years now, looking to step-up the cooling to the new swiftech unit. I have my 4930K overclocked and the GPU's as well. One is running on a Dwood/Antec620 AIO, the other is currently air cooled (GB windforce) Im looking to add to the H220X...
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    Anyone deal in binned chips?

    Im not sure if this goes here, but im looking for a decent clocking 4930K, does anyone know of a place selling such things?
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    X79 Still worth investing in?

    Hey guys, Just picked up a brand new RIVBE for $350, what do you guys think? should keep it or return it? and sell off my current setup for X99 when it drops? any benches of Haswell-E yet?
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    G3258 Steam In-home Streaming

    Hey Guys, Looked around but havent gotten a solid answer. Will I be able to stream games from my Main rig below to my new HTPC build with a PentiumAE and Asrock H97M Pro4? Im going to overclock the Pentium and will be running 2x4GB RAM. Just wasnt sure if the client needed more than two...
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    Fujipoly...your VRM's deserve it

    Hey guys, Just thought id report my findings switching my stock thermal pad for my VRM's to Fujipoly Extreme. Before VRM temps were about 10 degrees higher than whatever the core was reading when fully loaded so at 80 core the VRM's would hover around 90 After the quick fix VRM's are...
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    H220X Performance

    Hey Guys, So it looks as though the H220X is finally going to ship in the next week or so as per the thread over on their forum. Any Ideas on performance? its got the New Apogee XL block and a pump just a bit less powerful than the MCP35X. I just about gave up and bought an H220, but I think...
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    4790K ES tested

    Hey guys, PCPer has a Devil's Canyon ES on the bench, good temps but mediocre overclock. Im wondering if these re-spun Haswell chips all require more voltage or if its a function of the Z97 platform. Im hoping for 5GHz, but not so sure. Hope my H100i can get me there!
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    Z97 MB with wifi

    Hey guys, So after some time with my X79/3930K and not using it to its full potential enough, I think im gonna sell it and pick up the new Z97 and 4790K, the chip is already on preorder, but I am now trying to decide on a MB. Ive gone Gigabyte my last two builds and they have been pretty...
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    Gigabyte 290X WF3 - Best overclocking tool?

    Hey all, My new 290X is on its way and just trying to get a handle on which overclocking tool works best with the Gigabyte WF3, its a non-ref design and ive heard grumblings of it being voltage locked :( I know GB has the OC Guru II, I currently use Afterburner. Im looking for the maximum...
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    670 SLI vs 290x @ 1440p Advice

    Hey Guys, So I realize this is a first world problems sort of thing, but im currently running a pair of 670's with 2Gb VRAM. I just came across a smokin deal on a Windforce 290X for $450. Im running at 1440p and play a lot of the modern games BF4 FC3, Crysis3 BI, Metro etc....What would you...
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    AX1200 for 3930k?

    Hey guys, OK first off I know she might be a little overkill... But I just found an AX1200 for 199 here in Canada. I'm currently running a TX750 that has been good, but since upgrading to the 2011 platform and second 670, that I might be stressing er a little. Did one of those online PSU...
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    SB higher clocks offset IB/HW IPC increases?

    Hey guys, Not looking to start a war, but im really interested in this. Im wondering where the threshold is for the Clock speed advantage of Sandy vs. the increased IPC of IvyBridge and further on Haswell? It seems with both of these two newer gen Processors, the OC headroom has been lowered...
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    i73820 / 1.25X BCLK strap settings

    Ive got a 3820 running on a GA-X79S-UP5. Just wondering, anybody else has had trouble with the 1.25x strap with thier 3820's? I've tried dropping the multi, upping voltages, dropping memory speeds. Can't get it to engage. Do the turbo settings need to be enabled or disabled? All power saving...
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    PS4 APU Info

    Hey Guys, Just wondering, ive been out of the AMD side for a long time now, well since my 939 Opteron 170 Rig anyways. Looking at the media release on the PS4 it gives a high level description of whats coming. But just wondering if the AMD folks in here can speak any further to the...
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    2600k to 3820 or 3930k?

    Hey guys, First off ive read a bunch of threads relating to the upgrade/sidegrade, but just wondering what you guys would do in my situation? I got a Gigabyte X79-UP5 board for cheap so i jumped on it. I can still sell it for what i paid no problem, so nothing is set in stone yet. I do a...
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    Running 2600k @ 4.7 w/HT vs 4.9 wo/HT

    Hey guys, Just wondering here, ive got a 2600k that I upgraded from a 2500k awhile back when I built a computer for my parents. Ive left HT on and can hit 4.7 at comfortable volts (1.4) but turning off HT, I can make it up to 4.9 and possibly 5GHz. What do you guys think as far as...
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    H100 Mounting advice

    Hey guys, Just bought an H100 to replace my trusty TRUE120, I mounted it once and was giving me temps up to 80 degrees. And after reading the reviews here it should be closer to 65... So i proceeded to remount and discovered that I had the backplate on sideways, so I corrected that error and...
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    2500k to ???

    Hey guys, Im running along just fine at 4.6 on my 2500k sitting under my TRUE120. But just saw a deal on the 2600k with a Noctua NH-D14 cooler for $299 combo. I am planning on building a computer for my rents, so I could find a nice home for the 2500k, but had just planned on buying a i3 21xx...
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    Ballistix 1.5v ...Nice clocks!

    Hey Guys, Just wanted to post up my findings on some RAM I picked up on sale a week or so back. Ive always run Crucial Ballistix sticks in my computers, well back as far as DDR anyways! and ive always liked the Ballistix, but at the time of my last build, they were still at 1.65v, not great for...
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    EVGA GTX670 FTW Discussion

    Hey Guys, Just thought Id start a thread for the 670 FTW card, I have only found one review of it so far and thought [H] could use its own! I have one on the way ATM so I cant comment much on its abilities but I am effin pumped thats its coming! Im moving from dual 6870's, anybody else with a...
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    Opteron 170 w/ATI 3850 good enough?

    Hey guys, Just putting together my HTPC and before I lay down any cash for a slick looking case just want to make sure everything I have is up to snuff. CPU: AMD Opteron 170 GPU: ATI 3850 RAM: 2GB DDR Crucial Ballistix Soundcard: Creative X-Fi XtremeMusic Speakers: Klipsch Promedia 5.1 THX...
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    RMAing my RaptorX 150, what will I get back?

    Hey guys, Well I was just cleaning up the computer and now that I have switch over to an SSD I wanted to zero-write my RaptorX, brought up HDTune, checked the SMART data and saw that I had a bad sector, with a few other warnings in there as well. No wonder there were random reboots...
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    Move from 6870 CF to 7950?

    Hey Guys, Just wondering what the internets had to say about making this move? worth it? I run a U2711 and my setup seems to play all games just fine, with the odd hiccup here and there. Or would it be better to go to a 7870/50 CF setup? Just seeing what the options are, and what you guys...
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    Crossfire not maxing 6870's BF3

    Hey guys, Just wondering if it were normal for the second card in a crossfire setup to lag a bit in games? its only in BF3 ive noticed it, but the second card GPU usage will jump between 80-100% in AfterBurner while the primary card is close to pegged. Using 11.12 drivers right now as they...
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    Thinking of retiring the Westy...options?

    Hey Guys, Just wondering about some options, as Im thinking of putting my old Westy 37-W1 out to pasture. Just wondering what people thought on going dual 24" and add a third later? Dell here in Canada has a pretty good deal on the U2412HM's @ $265 each right now Or should I wait for...
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    Cooler Master Silent Pro M850 or Corsair TX750 V2?

    Hey guys kinda hung up between these two PSU's both the same price right now 79.99 here in Canada. The Cooler Master is semi-modular and higher rated, seems generally a decent enough 850w PSU The Corsair got good reviews on here, for its low ripple, and its a Seasonic built unit, Both...
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    5850 to 6950/70 for $100...

    So im trying to decide if its worth it to do the the 5850 as it clocks up to 1000 on the core, but just wondering what you guys thought on making the switch? Ive thought about crossfire but hear the 5 series dont scale as well as the 6 series.
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    Vengeance? Snipers? XMS3? Ripjaws? best 1.5v RAM for SB build...

    Hey guys, ok i put together a comp last month and just jumped on the cheapest RAM option i could find (Patriot Sector 5 1333 CL9) well they wont even do 1333 @ 1.65v so im stuck at 1066 @1.5v right now... Needless to say im RMAing them, but now ive done a little more research into options and...
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    Gigabyte Z68X-UD4-B3 onboard audio or X-Fi?

    Hey guys, So ive got my system up and running and decided to go with the onboard audio at first, but now im wondering if i should put my X-Fi XtremeMusic in instead? its a couple years old compared to this new chip, a realtek ALC889, what do you guys think?
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    Q6600 vs Q9550 vs E8500 Help! :)

    Hey All, its time make a processor swap! Right now I have a E2160 sittin at 3.3 under a TRUE120 and am wondering what way i should go for a rig to last me 2 years or so. I dont do any rendering, but use it mainly for HD playback and Gaming... I have a 8800GTS 512 right now but will be upgrading...