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    Just had a blue vertial line show up on my monitor then magically go away what could of caused it?

    Panel is toasted, that's what the tech said when he replaced my panel.
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    Warning about Samsung panel types

    They are, had a warranty repair on my ku6300 and the panel become much worse., number wise. Still a VA though .
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    Why isn't AR treated glass more common on monitors?

    Apple drop the laminated thing on new iPad and no one(almost) complained. Hey, people are happy they can get a iPad cheaper.
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    4k 60hz 25' run

    Plain passive 25ft will not work unless they put some magic in it, hard lesson and shipping cost buying them at monoprice. 15ft is the max for passive.
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    Samsung UN40KU6300 40-Inch 4K

    Update, line re appear, got a tech come over and replace the panel. Probably different panel then original one, contrast is like 700 less, max bright is like 30nit less and much more "whiter" (higher CCT). not that I can complain... the tech quote "they give you a new panel, most of time, you...
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    Samsung UN40KU6300 40-Inch 4K

    Look like I got a blue line of death, how is the rma process? For people who did it before? edit: samsung support say move the tv from surge protector to outlet and it seems that it fixed the line, now I am paranoid...
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    Samsung UN40KU6300 40-Inch 4K

    My only gripe is that the tv stand tilts backward... For some unknown reason, more glare, odd ergonomics.
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    Samsung UN40KU6300 40-Inch 4K

    Any chance to have the tv turn on with signal resume? If you use the tv for PC exclusively, the remote is only used for on/off tbh.
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    How to calibrate KU6300?

    If you plug it in with a PC, it would work just like a desktop monitor.
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    Samsung UN40KU6300 40-Inch 4K

    Btw, what would be a fb02 version panel? Google can't seem to find it.
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    Why are companies like Dell, Asus, iiyama and NEC not making 40" 4K monitors

    Personally upgraded from 1440p 27" to 4k 27" to 4k 40". I find that my productivity barely increased if at all. The entertainment aspect improved, but most people would just buy a tv for that.
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    Samsung UN40KU6300 40-Inch 4K

    Some numbers, all from PC mode, dont know how to toggle hdr or hdr+ mode in pc mode so didnt bother. So warm1 seem to be the TV's most native state, calibrated warm 1 seem to fare a little better in term of contrast and tracking compare to warm 2, but not subtle enough to care about. So if you...
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    Samsung UN40KU6300 40-Inch 4K

    Interesting question, though I never thought of using hdr mode daily. I had the TV since thanksgiving but never got to run it though with my calibrators, what else people want to know?
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    10/12-bit output to 8-bit display

    I don't think you are suppose to able to select 12 bit for monitor that does not bit accept 10-12 bit. The panel bit depth have nothing to do with the bit depth it can accept.
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    Feedback or review for the Dell UP3216Q

    Dell oled and eizo 4k with Panasonic panel are sub 6k.
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    taking the fan off of a psu

    It is more about better efficiency so it get less hot, not really about saving electricity.
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    I need a 40" touch screen overlay

    Leap motion?
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    taking the fan off of a psu

    Open frame PSU, not 750w though. You better ask the question on PSU review site(say johnny guru) to see which spot need more cooling. Then monitor what temp you are getting. Ideally platinum or titanium rated for best efficiency. Real passive PSU do exist? So I don't get why you can't find...
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    Liquid Metal TIMs experiences

    Maybe you can try not spreading it. I have a tube of pk3 back I play with laptops since those are all direct die cooling. Now I play with desktop I just grab that huge tube of creamique 2, I don't need to worry using 2 much or getting a bad mount since it is not expensive. If thing go wrong I...
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    Windows 10 dpi scaling quality/algorithm for game/directx?

    I often play game in windows, and there are such game that only support 1080p max, which rely on windows dpi scaling, 150%. Obviously, I can run them at native 1080 but then it will be tad small. These game often are not AAA title, recently for me this is darkest dungeon and romance of three...
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    Which new (color accurate) 30"+ display for Mac Pro 4,1?

    Well, if you can't stand software calibration(w.e faux they are talking about), you are stuck with models that can do hardware calibration. If you can go smaller, eizo have srgb monitors with hardware calibration ability.
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    Is NEC/Eizo died here?

    Profit margain of gaming monitor compare to the pro monitor they sell is a joke though, look up their flag ship medical monitor msrp, and they have almost 0 competition. Consumer line had been where they dump their crap panels.
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    Swiftech Introduces Next Generation Of AIO Liquid Cooling Kits

    Idk, unless the aio have a decoupled pump, cant really call it anything new.
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    Any mods for the Hyper 212?

    Instead of spending money on fans, why dont you just buy a better heatsink?
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    Dell UP3017Q - 4K 120HZ Oled 30"

    Not that tempting unless you must do everything on 1 display imo. For media and gaming, larger is almost always better. Web surfing/ email and word processing dont require a OLED/120hz/wide gamut etc, i think. ofc, if tv never get real 120hz input then its a different story.
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    Did I put too much paste?

    Your motherboard is ocing it. Typically you can get away below 1.25 for 4.4. In general, if a chip do 4.5 at 1.2,it is above average. I had a 4770k that can't do 4.2 at 1.2 though, sad story. Thicker rad really don't help that much, if you like aio cooler, upgrade to 240 or 280. But I would...
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    Strangely high temps with an i7-6700k, what did I do wrong?

    Prime 95 small fft? If large fft or blend, then something is wrong.
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    Did I put too much paste?

    1.3v, pretty high, and result seems typical for a 120 rad. The difference on paste application don't go more than a few degree at most. Drop your vcore and you will see a much bigger temp drop, unless you got real unlucky with the silicon.
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    You have 1200 to spend...what display, right now. Today.

    1080p oled, now you don't even need to upgrade your gpu.
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    Who makes the panel in my monitor (Dell)?

    That's rather impressive, they actaully responded?
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    Chance to get a dell u3011?

    No. Check ebay. It is a energy hog, grainy, the ccfl had aged so the static contrast gonna get a hit if you calibate. Unless you can't stand wled, or gb led. Still 400 ain't that good price.
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    compact aio cooler with alot of potential

    To be honest, with a blower fan, you can make the same design with heatpipe. I highly doubt this will beat say a axp 200 with those 10mm extra as clearance. And this blower is hardly larger than gpu ones, gpu blower is about 70s mm, remember the coolit block is ~60mm length and width.
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    DP -> HDMI 2.0 adapter now available!

    They announced it months ago, not seeing price of anything. Does it even exist ....?
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    Quietest Possible, Fastest Possible, Mini-ITX PC

    Fanless psu. Fury X if you really need to go smallest possible. 10L vs 20L make all the difference in the world today,decide how small you want.
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    Let's make our own AMOLED monitor

    Yup, and a dead pixel in dead center when you fire it up.
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    AIO Closed Loop vs Custom Open loop.. This is as comprehensive as it get. CPU only don't brother unless you cooling...
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    Any good gaming monitors exist? Everything is crap!

    Not sure why you people are complaining as "gaming" w.e had always been a rip off. Gaming motherboard, gaming nic, gaming this, gaming that, the list go on...
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    Perfectron: now that's a [H]ard system

    Rugged but not waterproof? I would take a tough book over that any day.
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    Replacing display speakers

    My new acer 4k use laptop size speaker that are facing back and develop a buzz w.e they are on. I unplug them totally. And for some reason it have a 3.5mm port for audio in not out , what the.....