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    Stream Xbox One Games To Any Windows 10 Device

    ive read they are already planning on using azure to give computing power to games (cloud driven ai, distrubuted real time rendering... that sort of thing). but they want to rule the living room. you need a box to rule the living room. i think the concept of a gaming console still stands...
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    Stream Xbox One Games To Any Windows 10 Device

    the only problem with that is that microsoft has shifted and wants to be a hardware company now. i think they should be. yes, like any other company, they have their problems, but i think they make really good hardware. reports are saying they are possibly working on what youre talking...
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    Hot? Unlocked Amazon Fire Phone $229 today

    thats because fire os is a fork android. no google apps because google doesnt allow its apps on forks of android.
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    plants vs zombies garden warfare pc 18 bucks

    deal seems dead. can someone else verify?
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    Steve Ballmer Officially The New Owner Of The Clippers

    the old owner was the biggest problem the clippers actually did really really well last season and theyve done really really well in previous seasons. but in the past, after a good season the owner would split up, trade off, and sell really good players because he was crazy. the clippers...
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    AT&T Finally Delivers On 1Gbps Promise In Austin

    what kills me is im in anaheim, on one of 2, straight FTTP rollouts they have on teh uverse network and the fastest i can get is 18mb/s they have nothing but excuses for me about getting more speed. The last one was "if we turn it op, it could fry the fiber box"
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    Crysis 3 Lead Producer Mike Read Leaves Crytek

    couple days behind in the news bro. crytek paid all their staff's back wages after securing new funding. link from kotaku
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    NSA Recruiting College Students

    exactly this
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    Tesla Will 'Open-Source' All Its Patents

    i believe tesla's sub 30k car is planned after the model x is rolled out
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    Woman Assaults Man For Taking Pictures With A Drone

    heres a link to her arrest
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    Woman Assaults Man For Taking Pictures With A Drone "CT News reports that Mears was arrested by Environmental Conservation Police on May 12 and charged with third degree assault and second-degree breach of peace."
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    Valve Announces SteamOS

    whoops forgot to add that his publishers said their biggest barrier was that there was not a really good debugger for developer on Linux. so gabe threw some of his developers on fixing that problem based on commitments from his publishing partners. this ones kind of a huge deal. I means valve...
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    Valve Announces SteamOS

    you guys really need to watch gabe giving this keynote last week. it will answer a lot of questions and clear up a lot of misconceptions im reading in this thread. a few i'll clear up. hes been working with his aaa publishers that are already...
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    'World of Warcraft' Patch 5.4 Launches Tuesday

    did you seriously just link a forbes article as your go to for gaming news?
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    Google Co-Founder Affair Raises Ethical Issues

    how the fuck is this news? I could give a shit what someone at some tech company does in the bedroom. make with the cool shit that lights up and draws fast polygons. this isn't tmz and shit jesus
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    Wozniak: Apple Should Learn To Let Go

    nobody implied that but you with that statement right there. quit being inflammatory on purpose.
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    Wozniak: Apple Should Learn To Let Go

    actually he still draws a small paycheck from apple. always has.
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    EA Begins Offering Refunds for Its Digital Game Sales

    It looks like this man is finally starting to have some influence on EA its about fucking time
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    Dell Dumps Standalone XPS 10

    i use rt all the time and i dig it. much happier than i was with an ipad. built all of my powerpoint presentations for my auto sponsorships with it in office. which netted me a free 750 dollar magnaflow catback exhaust and a 400 dollar cold air intake.
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    Microsoft Not Giving Up on Windows RT

    windows RT IS A SEPARATE PRODUCT seriously, i mean seriously. i dont understand whats happened to the userbase here at hard forums at all. man back in the 90's. it was the cutting edge user base. shade tree computer scientists. guys with the mentality of possibly becoming WOZ 2.0...
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    Ubuntu 13.04 Desktop OpenGL Performance Comparison

    those are the most unsightly graphs ive ever seen in my life. theres red, light red, dark red, slightly darker red. makes me feel like im effing color blind
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    Apple Reshuffling Top Brass

    This article gives some good insight as to why Scott was shown the door. he screwed up, more than once. if you screw up big at your job. yeah, you might get fired.
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    Steve Jobs’ High-Tech Yacht Makes Its Debut

    it reminds me a lot of this house
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    Steve Jobs’ High-Tech Yacht Makes Its Debut

    i see a lot of Frank Lloyd Wright influences in the design and layout. a style im really into (my favorite architect). Steve was quite a fan of Frank's work. Frank's work was also quite controversial in its time. He always insisted on using the landscape in ways nobody thought of. But...
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    Feat of Apple after Steve jobs

    i read that he was on the phone with china about the iphone 5 on the day of his death. heres the thing about cook though. hes a supply chain expert. theres an interesting article about the cost of wafers for the a5x vs the a6. also, the a6 is the first apple designed cpu core as well...
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    iPhone Uber-Hacker Comex Is Out At Apple

    oh look everyone. steve hates all things apple and anything even remotely associated with being a hacker. arent we all shocked? in other news, that is one dead horse
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    Two More Microsoft Published Windows 8 Games Released

    risc code is very very very different than cisc code
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    Which Tablet is The Clear Winner?

    i should revise my last statement a bit as i ended up taking the asus back after almost 2 weeks with it. it was a nice tablet, really nice. but even with jelly bean, after you installed a bunch of apps, things still really started to slow down. it got to the point where the input lag became...
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    Two More Microsoft Published Windows 8 Games Released

    actually, the old xbox 1 games were easily portable because the old xbox ran on an x86 processor and codebase, whereas the 360 runs on a powerpc processor and codebase. porting is a lot of work. id highly doubt many of the libraries those titles rely on even exist in directx on x86
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    Jelly Bean just got pushed out to my tf700

    it was pushed back in the usa because there were a few issues with jb and the facebook app, that made asus push it back 1 week.
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    Which Tablet is The Clear Winner?

    i picked up a tf700 a few days ago. at first i was a bit annoyed by the input lag. but todays jb update makes that completely a thing of the past. this thing is a proper netbook hell, even laptop replacement. right now im typing this with a keyboard plugged into usb, didnt need to...
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    Sony Takes on Microsoft Surface with VAIO Duo 11

    exactly. the whole reason microsoft is making the first rt tablet is because most of their partners have been making arm tablets for a few years now, and pretty unsuccessfully at that. so microsoft decided to show them how to do and arm tablet "right". they know everyone knows how to...
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    SF Bay: AMD A8 3870K and nosebleed 9/9 Giants vs Dodgers ticket for $71.25

    good deal if you want to see the giants get mauled by the dodgers :D
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    World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Cinematic Trailer

    warcraft was originally supposed to be a warhammer game. but there were issues obtaining the rights from games workshop. so they adjusted the art assets enough not to get sued, and went with it.
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    World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Cinematic Trailer

    panarens first appeared in warcraft 3 in 2002. kung fu panda first appeared in 2008 you've got it backwards
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    AMD Catalyst™ Application Profiles 12.7 CAP 3

    is terry working on drivers again? AFAIK he hasnt been on the driver team in a couple of years.
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    Carmack Sorry About Performance Of Rage On PC

    i dont understand why people still talk about this guy. tim sweeney has proven himself to be a everything that carmack is, only better.
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    Blizzard Doesn't Like Windows 8 Either

    since i cant edit ill just add this here. seriously, you guys are being little bitches about the whole thing. man up, its just a start menu
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    Blizzard Doesn't Like Windows 8 Either

    although i like windows 8. i hope it is a failure. a failure so big that microsoft goes belly up. then no more windows. everyone will have to buy macs. apple will then do what they always do. "gaming? on a mac? lol" just so i can watch all the haters go "fuck, we should have just...
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    South Korea Passes the 100% Internet Penetration Mark

    our not out. god the edit system on this forum is still stupid after all these years.....