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    disk-to-disk clone excluding partition?

    I have a 250GB wd in my laptop with 2 partitions, C and D. C is 60GB and I would like to clone that onto an 80GB seagate drive and swap drives. I tried Clonezilla, but it only lets me do disk to disk (so 250GB to 80GB) or partition to partition (which wouldn't be bootable?) Basically what...
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    Nook 3G + wifi $99 refurb yoinked from slickdeals. Good deal but not sure if I want to jump on it..
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    HP ZR24W $300 AR

    Surprised to not see this here yet. Stolen from slickdeals
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    Help me figure out my smartphone options.

    I don't know much about cell phone plans or carrier frequencies etc so bear with me. Basically, right now I'm on my family's at&t plan with a regular dumb-phone. I think it only costs my family $9.99/mo for my extra line. Ideally, what I want is an unlocked android smartphone that I could use...
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    Having a horrible time getting router / modem to work

    Hi guys, I've been away from my house for two weeks. I took my laptop/desktop with me, and used it in a different house. I got back today and I spent all day trying to get the router + modem + laptop/desktop working again, never had a problem before. I should also mention I'm not new at all...
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    Low on memory error? But not low on memory...

    While playing borderlands today I kept getting this error popping up: According to task manager, Borderlands was using up about 1.3GB of system RAM. Following it was TeaTimer.exe with 90mb, MsMpEng.exe with 70, and chrome.exe with 60, and so on... Total usage was at 75% using 3.05GB, out of...
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    Looking for software to save IP security camera feed to disk

    I have this security camera: What I was going to do, is install whatever software it came with on my Windows Home Server, and then save all the video...
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    This is why you want TRIM

    This is my OCZ vertex after 6 months with no trim. I've been to the OCZ forums and apparently I've been using the wrong intel drivers this whole time because the intel drivers back form December didn't support trim, or some shit like that. Anyways, now I have to do a firmware update and a...
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    How would you cool this processor...

    I will be using this motherboard/cpu/ram as a server, but first I'm going to move it to a bigger case from the dell it came in. It's a pentium 4. You can see the way it was setup in the dell in the picture. There is a fanless heatsink on the cpu, and one fan on the back of the case...
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    WHS - hard drive capable of hosting WHS not found...?

    THIS is the screen I'm getting. At first I thought it was because I was using this PCI to SATA card, but I took it out and plugged the hard drive directly into the motherboard, and it still didn't work. I then tried a different SATA port. Still nothing. I tried a different sata cable, same...
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    Work friendly colors...?

    I saw in the options to change skin from default to mobile, but I didn't see anything to change default color layout. Is there any way to change the colors so it doesn't look like I'm looking at some evil website while at work...?
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    Noob questions about the security of my executable

    In order to keep track of the gazillion websites and screennames / passwords I use, I wrote a program in C# to keep track of them--mostly because I don't trust any password manager from the internet. Anyways, as things stand, heres how the program executes: 1) Double click on exe 2) Program...
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    Why does my storage drive turn itself off?

    I've got two Samsung 750gb F1 drives in my desktop. One is for windows/programs, the second one for music/videos. When I go to play music or videos for the first time in a couple minutes, I can hear the drive turn on and spin up, and winamp will freeze until the drive is ready. However...
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    Audio Technica ATHM50 opinions??

    They retail for $150+ and they are on sale now for $89 which puts them right in my price range. Any opinions on these? I was considering the AD700's but I can't do open headphones... They don't seem to be very popular I should note I want them for gaming and music (heavy metal)
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    How can I make my WHS setup faster?

    This is what I have setup: Comcast Cable Modem 12mbs down / 2mbs up WRT54G linksys wireless router wired WHS using old Dell Dimension 4700 computer wired xbox 360 3 wireless laptops 1 wireless desktop with wireless belkin adapter Currently, transfering music from desktop to WHS averages at...
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    No audio over hdmi on crt tv?

    I get audio over hdmi with my computer on a new lcd tv, but when I hook it up to my CRT over hdmi it's just video. It says ATI HDMI AUDIO not plugged in: The computer is a GIGABYTE usb3 matx w/ integrated HD4200 , AMD athlon x3 640, x25-V ssd. Any ideas?
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    Some questions about headphones

    I'm currently looking at full sized over the ear CLOSED cans (please no outside noises!). For gaming and music with a flexible budget of $150. And I have a couple questions I can't seem to find definitive answers for. 1) What do people mean when they talk about "bright" and "dark" sounding...
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    How much longer do you think until.....?

    Until I can buy an unlocked android smart phone for $200, use Google Voice for free Voice and Text, and only pay $25/month for data on any carrier I want with no contract? The way Google advertised the N1 made me think it was going to do this.... No way I'm getting suckered into a...
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    Smallest case possible for full ATX mobo?

    I'm looking to downgrade a lot from my Antec 900. I have an Abit IP35 Pro, Thermaltake V1 cooler, gtx 260, corsair psu, 2 hdd, 1 dvd drive I'm trying to fit it into something portable, with no lights/side windows. I'm really not into that anymore. Specifically, I was hoping for a...
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    Refurbished motherboard with thermal grease on socket?

    Some users told me all their refub motherboards from newegg had come in original packiging with all their accessories, and no problems. So despite my gut feeling, I took my chances and I bit for a $60 gigabyte ud2h. It arrived today in a cardboard box, in a plain plastic bag, with plain foam...
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    Anybody else here screw up their hearing?

    I don't understand how it happened, but I hear a high pitched noise constantly. I don't even listen to music all that often, but when I do it's pretty loud I guess, and using cheap earbuds. If I'm in a quiet room, the sound I hear is like thunder. But If I'm playing a game, watching TV, or...
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    Free laptop cooling ball AR $5.99 + free shipping - $1.99 with promo code MLCK207592021533NL1 - $4.00 MIR Don't ask me how it works cause I don't know.
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    Accessing bitlocked drives from within a vm?

    I apparently didn't think this through all the way, but I encrypted all my external hard drives using the nifty windows 7 bitlocker tool. They now ask me for a password when I connect them to my windows 7 machine. But when I try to access them from my Vista VM (VMWare) it just tells me it is...
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    Theoretical vs Actual internet speeds?

    I have Comcast Cable and my internet plan is 12 mbps downloads and 2 mbps uploads. I have a standard Cable modem (provided by Comcast - not sure what it is) and a Linksys WRT54G wireless router. Using and and a wired laptop, after a couple tests I...
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    How do you unlock a core with a ud2h?

    I'm probably going to end up buying the athlon II x3 435 since it saves me $25+ over an x4 and it's not particularly important wether or not I unlock the core. x3 is still good enough for my purposes, but it would be nice. I understand sometimes the 4th core isn't healthy enough to be...
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    Car stereo with ipod dock?

    I have a broken ipod video 5th generation. The jack where the headphones plug in does not work, and I spent a while back in the day trying to find a way to fix it. I even looked for headphones that plugged in through the bottom "dock" of the ipod (no luck). Also, the scroll wheel and center...
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    Looking for a very compact micro ATX case.

    It has to be microATX because I need the onboard HD 4200 and hdmi out. The micro ATX SLIM cases on newegg are still too big for me. I think there is still a lot of wasted space in there since nothing overlaps. My build is going to be a gigabyte micro atx ud2h , athlon II x4 630...