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    Can HDR monitor hurts our eyes?

    HDR monitor will come out 2016. Are your waiting for it?
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    Which one is best on 27'- 4k?

    ViewSonic VP2780-4K ASUS PB279Q Dell P2715Q NEC EA275UHD-BK LG 27MU67-B which one is good for game and design.
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    Help me pick a speaker for ps4 with optical. Thanks

    There are less speakers under $200 with optical input/output. I was find the logitech z906, edifier c2xd and edifier s330d. Have other speaker with optical under $200 in USA? Thanks.
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    Help me to choose gaming monitor in 32 inch and 4k.

    Which one is better? ASUS PA328Q ASUS PQ321Q BenQ BL3201PT Dell UP3214Q Samsung UD970 Samsung UE850 LG 31MU97 Eizo EV3237 Does anyone have other monitor? Or waiting for new monitor? Such as : ASUS PA329Q Dell...
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    Is Samsung UD970 good for games??

    Samsung UD970 color support is 10bit. Response time 8 (GTG)ms, Do not know the input lag. Samsung has a other 32 inch game monitor is U32E850R, 4ms G2G response time. Just support 8 bit color.
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    Can fix the uniformity by software???

    Some monitors have the Uniformity compensation technology but some one has not. Does any software has the technology that can fix the issue?
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    Hi guys should I return the monitor, Help me guys.

    I was bought a samsung monitor S32D850T, I am happy when I receive it, but there has a little issue on the monitor that is a little banding when I test the color on gray. should I return it? Thanks.