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    Trying to use laptop as HTPC - Assistance needed :)

    Howdy all, I have recently decided that I want to try to save some money by, instead of buying a new computer as a HTPC, simply use my laptop, a Lenovo T400. The T400 has a VGA out, and of course a headphone jack. The TV I am trying to use is a standard definition TV with an input that...
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    Recommend board to OC PII 940 BE (AM2+)?

    Basically as the title states. Looking to get a nice stable OC on this chip. No intent to do multi-GPU anything. Ideas? Thanks! :)
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    Help overclocking E4500 on a GA-965P-DS3?

    Hey, all. My girlfriend's computer is running the specified hardware, and it is starting to lag behind. I am wondering what exactly I should be going for here. I am guessing I will need to buy a new CPU cooler, but not sure what is the best bang for buck. I am looking to increase speed...
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    Requirements for running 720p video?

    I am trying to make a budget PC that is capable of running 720p video out to my TV which is connected via S-Video. I am considering either AMD or Intel, no real preference either way. The processors in question are: AMD Athlon II X2 240 Regor 2.8GHz -...
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    Need new monitor that supports disabled scaling @ 1280x1024

    Hey, all. As of right now, I am using a Dell 2407WFP AO3. In Windows 7 and Windows Vista, I am unable to play Warcraft 3 @ 1280x1024 with scaling disabled. Whenever I click "apply" for disabling scaling, it will simply default back to allowing my monitor to handle that. However, when I go...
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    Anyone running a 4xxx card on Win 7 7100?

    Just wondering if people are having many issues. I was thinking about installing it tonight on my home PC.
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    Help overclocking a X3 720 please? :)

    Hey everyone, I finally got my X3 720 today, and I am anxious to OC. I have the big ole fatty Xigamatek cooler. As of right now, I have the bus at 200, stock. The multiplier is at 17.5 The voltage is at 1.400 Should my voltage go any higher? I want to make sure that this OC...
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    Newegg's incredible shipping strikes again!

    So, today I decided to upgrade my Phenom 9750 to a X3 720 black edition. At around 11AM, I order. I check back at 1PM, and its already shipped. I tell you, they gotta be doing something shady and or possess magical powers O_o
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    Need upgrade advice

    Hey, everyone. Got a bit of a hard to decide on choice on my hands. My current system configuration is: Asus M3A78-T Phenom 9750 @ 2.6 ghz (won't go any higher :( ) 2x2GB DDR 800 XFX ATI 4870 512MB. WD6400AAKS Enermax 620w Now, obviously my Phenom is quite the bottleneck in a lot...
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    Help OC'ing a Phenom 9950 BE?

    Hey, everyone. I recently made the switch to a quad-core. I have a 9750. I also got a nice beefy cooler on it (The Xigmatek), but I am having trouble getting a good OC. As of right now, all I have tried is to up the bus. I got a slight overclock, but only got it to about 225. I am using...
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    Need help with new HTPC build

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    Need help with new HTPC build

    Hey, everyone. I am hoping to build a new, low cost HTPC. I am not in the loop with just about anything HTPC related. The TV that I am hoping to hook this up to is a 30" Flat screen (Not flat panel) CRT TV. It has composite inputs. I believe this makes it not HDTV. I am hoping to keep...
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    Reccomend board for 9850/9950?

    Hey, all. Planning to pick up one of these two, but I really know nothing about AMD boards. I use only 1 video card, so SLI/crossfire are not needed. I am looking to spend as little as possible while still having a top notch chipset!
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    How long will an OC'ed Q6600 last me?

    Hey, all. I am considering an upgrade to a Q6600. That being said, I do not upgrade often. I want this to be an upgrade where I can keep the processor around for a while. I know the the 9550 is a lot more expensive, but is it justified? My only concern is to not be CPU bottlenecked in...
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    8800GT WoW bottleneck?

    Running on the setup in my sig, is my 8800 GT the bottleneck? Or is it maybe the CPU that is bottlenecking? I run WoW @ 1920x1200. I noticed in task manager that WoW uses around 600+MB of RAM. Does it doing that maybe mean that I need a 1GB video card?
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    Current best ~$50 sound card?

    Hey, all. I am currently running a Audigy 2 ZS. I have been told by many that it just may be time to upgrade that. What should I get? I only use a 2.1 speaker system and headphones. I do gaming and listen to music. Nothing too fancy needed really. Just looking for a worthwhile upgrade...
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    Need receipt to RMA EVGA Video cards?

    Bought video card from someone, need to RMA. I have the retail box, but do I need the receipt? Thanks :)
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    Asus P5B OC weirdness, help?

    Hello, all. I finally decided to give overclocking a try, and boy is this stuff weird. First of all: Asus P5B E6600 2x2GB DDR 800 I took the Bus speed up to 329. THis should result in about 3.0ghz. Now, when I go into CPU-Z to check on that, it says my multiplier is now 6...
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    How does the 30% cash back ebay thing work?

    I'm planning out my next big video card purchase, and I am trying to be as efficient as possible. A dollar saved is a dollar earned! Help?
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    Any reason to buy GTX 260 OC instead of stock?

    Would I not be able to just buy the stock setting GTX 260, go into ntune, and OC it myself for the same benefit? Would that void warranty? Looking to get a GTX 260 216, but not sure which to get :/
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    Is getting factory OC'ed GTX 260 worth it over stock?

    Sorry, forums being messed up made me double post on accident. Please delete.
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    Which card to get?

    Gaming on a 24" at 1920x1200 E6600, 4GB ram, 8800 GT EVGA GTX 260 216 OC: Gigabyte 4870: Looking to upgrade because I have been running Warhammer Online and...
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    When/What should I upgrade?

    Hey, all. I just bought Warhammer online. Funny story: The town I live in has **NO WHERE** that sells it, so I had to buy it from Direct2Drive. Unfortunately, it is a 10GB installation file, so its gonna be going a while. Anyway, Here is my current rig: Asus P5B E6600 (Stock)...
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    Trying to star my own MIRC server - Help?

    I am trying to set up an MIRC server for Warcraft 3 players across the world for organized 1v1 games. The problem is, I do not know what I am doing at all. This is the objective: Have a IRC chat server where plenty of people can connect and chat with each other. Help? Thanks in advanced :)
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    Strange problem with 8800GT

    Hey, all. In the recent days, I have been experiencing an issue with my 8800GT. Before I dive into it, here are my specs E6600 @ 2.4 Asus P5B 2X2GB Patriot 800mhz EVGA 8800 GT WD6400AAKS Enermax Galaxy 620. Dell 2407WFP Running WoW @ 1920x1200 with all settings cranked. When I...
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    Issue with DD-WRT + WRT54G

    Hey, all. Currently having an issue with my laptop and its wireless. The set up: Router: WRT54G Firmware: DD-WRT WIFI device: Intel 5300 AGN. The issue I am having is sudden complete disconnects from my wireless. In addition to such, I am getting massive lag in World Of...
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    Recommend me a notebook hard drive?

    Greetings! I recently pulled the trigger on one of the new Lenovo T400s :D Though it may not be here yet, I am already trying to plan out how well the 5400RPM hard drive it came with will fare. Originally, I did not want to get a 7200RPM drive due to heat, noise, and power usage. Are any...
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    Does AMD have an answer to Nehalem?

    Was just now reading a thread about Phenoms and realized "Oh hey wait, Intel is going to have some new insanely good procs soon. Haven't heard anything from AMD though, what gives.." So, anyone know?
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    Recommend a drive? - Fast and Quiet

    Hey, everyone. Looking to upgrade my OS drive. As of right now, I have a very old 37GB Raptor with 16MB buffer. It is considerably loud, but loads games noticably faster than my 7200.10 320GB Seagate. Is there in any way an in between? I really do not like having such a loud drive, but it...
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    Nvidia 9800GT - Most pointless release yet?

    Scoring extremely similar to the 8800GT, and selling for about the same, what exactly is the point of the 9800GT?
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    PCI GPU with DVI and (confirmed) vista 64 compatible?

    Looking for something that fits these requirements. Been having a LOT of issues trying to find one. I am beginning to think there simply are not any. Needs to be PCI, and needs to have DVI. Thanks :)
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    Question about Lenovo SL400

    I was about to purchase a Lenovo SL400, but I noticed I am completely unable to customize it. It won't even let me upgrade the battery. Am I doing something wrong? All I see are different configurations, but none of them able to do be done manually. EDIT: I now realized that this only...
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    About to buy a XPS 1330 - Should I wait?

    Hey everyone. It is time for me to buy my laptop for university, and I am really leaning towards the XPS 1330. My main concerns are mobility and battery life. Should I go with the 8400? Will it use much more battery? Or if I am not going to be gaming much, should I just decide to NOT game...
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    Girlfriend's video card dead - 6800 Ultra or x1650 512 DDR2?

    Quick question: Girlfriend's computer recently got a bad video card, so I am replacing it. After looking around craigslist for something nice, I found a 6800 Ultra and a: Which is recommended? Thanks!
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    Buying 4GB of OC'ing RAM - recommendations?

    I've decided to make the switch from 2GB of 667mhz RAM to 4GB of some other, higher clocked RAM. Now I have a few choices.. or 2x of this...
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    recommend 13" laptop?

    Hello. Looking to buy a new 13" laptop. High performance gaming is obviously not my biggest concern. Still hoping for maybe a 8400GS or so. Main concern is battery life. Recommendations? Thanks =)
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    Laptop recomendation help please!

    Hey, [H]. After selling my eee-pc, I have decided to move up to a more powerful laptop. I'm mainly looking for 14" screens that are mobile and light but still has an 8400 or so. Trying to keep it under 1k. Any ideas?
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    Unable to change permissions in Vista 64, wtf?

    I have recently been having an issue where I can not install ANYTHING in my program files (x86) folder. For some programs, this is avoided by just installing to a different directory. But recently, I am getting an error about not having permission to read or write to program files (x86), even...
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    7950GT can disable scaling, then 8800GT can't?

    Hello, [H]! I recently upgraded my 7950 GT to an ever so awesome 8800 GT. The performance is beautiful, and puts a big smile on my face. But what does not put a smile on my face is that when I try to check "Disable scaling" or "scale with fixed aspect ratio"...It simply doesn't. It will...
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    Recommend me a 300 - 500GB HD

    Looking to buy a new storage drive, but know it is in my best interest to consult to gurus at hardforum before making any decision. I've heard great things about the Samsung F1's, but Seagate has done me well. Is there anything new on the horizon? My main concern is low noise, high...