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    Genshin Impact

    Anyone playing? Turns out the game is awesome and I'm 30ish hours in, still not finished the story and haven't felt the need to spend any money at all. My plan was if I ever got to that point I'd ditch it but so far I'm pleasantly surprised. Real BoTW vibes but the multi character system and...
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    Mixer shutting down, partnering with Facebook Gaming Sudden.
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    The IO operation at logical block address "x" was retried. Cheap HP SSD errors in Event Viewer and poor performance.

    Getting this out of the way: Windows 10 Home 1909 2700x @ Stock Asrock AB350 iTX 16GB DDR4 2080 Super My storage situation is a bit of a mess and I really, really need to consolidate. OS/C: Drive: 500GB Samsung 970 Evo NVMe D: Drive: Very cheap HP S700 Pro 256GB SATA <----- Culprit! E: Drive...
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    Zen 3 confirmed coming to B450 and X470

    **EDIT** I realize this is covered elsewhere and i'm apparently too dumb to figure out how to delete this thread so... yeah. This is a new development, should make some people happy.
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    Horizon: Zero Dawn coming to PC

    Pretty pumped for this! Never owned a PS4 and always thought this game looked good.
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    Going from Intel to AMD without reinstalling Windows 10

    It was incredible how easy and seamless that was. Went from a 4690k system (pushing 5 years old) to a new R7 2700X. I uninstalled anything in Windows with Intel in the name minus my one Intel SSD's software and shut down. Did the swap and booted back up. While it took a little longer and at the...
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    AMD Wraith Prism on Mini-ITX, any experience?

    My current system is feeling a little CPU age and I'm looking to move to something newer. I'm going to be keeping my storage, case (Corsair 250D) and GPU (GTX 1070). Current relevant parts: i5-4690k Asus H97i-Plus Mini-ITX 16GB DDR3 Looking to swap in: B350 or B450 AMD based Mini-ITX board...
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    Halo Online - ElDewrito 0.6 - Anyone playing?

    The big 0.6 release was just a couple hours ago. HUGE improvement from older versions. I'm really enjoying this so far.
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    Why do I need to adjust the bf1.exe thread from "Normal" to "Higher than normal" in Task Manager to

    derp.. pasted the title from my reddit post and it got cut off. The rest should have been " achieve smooth performance?" Worth noting that this is only in MP. SP is fine. Relevant specs are as follows: Windows 10 Home i5-4690k @ stock AND 4.4GHz (no difference for this issue) MSI GTX...
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    Super Micro Gaming line...

    So it seems Super Micro has a pretty full line up of Z270 stuff but you never really hear about them in this consumer space. Are people using these boards? I found this thread from a couple years ago but it didn't really go anywhere...
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    3008WFP owner finally looking to upgrade. PG348Q in my cart. Change my mind?

    I've had my 3008WFP since roughly 2010 when I bought it second hand. To this day it's been my favorite piece of hardware I've ever purchased (at the price I paid for it, it had better be!) It's seen 4 different total PC builds and even more graphics cards in between. Only in the last few years...
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    Historical CPU Usage - NOT perfmon!

    I'm trying to figure out what processes are using CPU once my screen goes off due to inactivity (10 minutes). I've done some googling and everything is telling me to run perfmon, but while that will log historical CPU usage, it won't tell me the actual processes that are using that CPU. The...
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    Need suggestions for Email Management Systems for Call Centers

    I hope you all can help me out and point me in the direction of solutions you may have had experience with. I work for a regional telecom or CLEC if you're familiar with the term. We have an ever growing call center that deals with a ton of different issues ranging from helping old ladies...
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    Cheapest 7" 2.3+ tablet with GPS

    Hey... So I started this thread over on RX-8 Club about wanting to fit a 7" Android tablet inside my OEM Navigation hood. The hood looks like this: Originally I was looking at the first gen Galaxy Tab and the HTC Flyer, but I realized that there are cheaper 7" tablets out there, some by...
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    Looking for technical support personnel for a CLEC in the Phila. area

    I hope you all don't mind, but as of late we're struggling to find competent technicians and I thought [H] might be able to help. If you're interested, PM me or just reply to the address in the ad. The job is billed as an entry level helpdesk position, however being that we're a small...
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    Exchange guru's needed. Working with group mailbox.

    In our Call Center where I work, emails sent to our Support email address go to a shared mailbox that everyone can access and manipulate. Workflow is that if you are dealing with a certain email, you mark it as read. Once its dealt with, the email is moved to its corresponding folder...
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    pfSense: port forward redirect.. am I missing something?

    I feel like this should be quite simple, and it appears I have this setup for what I'm looking to do but its not working. I have two machines on my LAN I want to be able to RDP into from outside.. simple enough. Forward 3389 to one of the machines LAN IP's (which is working fine) and redirect...
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    BF3 crossfire - high framerate but still horrible stutter

    I'm at my wits end here. Am I missing something? I'm about to install 11.11b but I doubt that will fix it. 2x6970's @ 2560x1600 with all settings on high. I would say I average anywhere from 60 to 120FPS but there is SO much stuttering its unbearable. Will we ever see a driver to fix this...
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    pfSense and Squid: caching Windows Updates

    I followed this link to a T and that was over a week ago but I still don't think my pfSense box is caching anything at all. squid.conf: # Do not edit manually ! http_port icp_port 0 pid_filename /var/run/ cache_effective_user proxy cache_effective_group proxy...
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    Dynamips like software for Adtran?

    Does anyone know if it exists? It would be incredibly helpful for training our new employees. The Google is failing me.
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    Microsoft Communicator - Max group chat users?

    In my company we've been using Microsoft Communicator 2007 for IM for a few years now. We rely heavily on the Group Chat functionality and recently, we've run into a maximum of 10 people allowed in a chat at any given time. Now, we're being "told" by our IT admin that there is no way around that...
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    Need something small and "pretty", but can still hold a gaming machine.

    I have a female friend who is looking to downsize her current Antec P180 monstrosity with something more manageable and easy to carry to LAN's and such. Currently she has a full ATX motherboard based Core i7 920 system and we're looking at either MicroATX or MiniITX but deciding on a case is...
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    Another "will it suffice" thread. I don't know how to be creative here ;)

    I'm planning on adding a second 6970. Current specs: EVGA X58 LE i7 930 @ 4GHz 6GB DDR3-1600 Radeon HD6970 ASUS Xonar Essence STX CPU only watercooling loop Corsair HX750 I would really love to not have to upgrade the PSU. Can I get away with it? :D
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    Installed new SSD, now random crashes / Event Viewer log

    Hello. I just upgraded my 80GB Intel X-25M to a 120GB OCZ Vertex 3 (latest firmware). Both drives were connected to the same port on my EVGA X58 board (NOT SATAIII) Fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1 with all Windows Updates. The system has since been rebooting on its own for no...
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    Home ZFS Build - Budget!

    You may remember my thread from a few days ago where I was inquiring about a 4-bay NAS to replace my old WHS v1 box. That thread got me researching OpenIndiana, ZFS and napp-it pretty heavily. At the moment I've got OpenIndiana installed in a VM...
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    Looking for a 4-bay NAS. Suggestions?

    Im currently in the market to re-evaluate my home storage/server setup. Currently i have the following: Windows Home Server v1 Q6600 Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L 4GB RAM 2x1TB HDD 2x2TB HDD Intel Gigabit NIC I do a lot on this machine. It runs VMWare Workstation full time with two linux VMs...
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    Finally! Root for 2.3.3 on the Evo 4G

    Get it while its hot! Full S-OFF, I'm installing CM7 as we speak.
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    Shift Scheduling Software

    I've recently moved into a supervisory roll at my job in charge of a call center of about 15 techs. The current web based schedule that they all access has been in use for about 6 years and I can't help but feel it can be more streamlined. Essentially its just a spreadsheet that I have to go in...
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    WHS - This disk usage seem normal?

    My WHS has become quite sluggish recently and it seems like my HDD activity light is constantly on. Does the balance of data on these drives seem normal?
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    Resource Monitor like utility for Server 2003

    In Windows 7/Server 2008R2, the "Resouce Monitor" in invaluable to me to track down disk I/O sluggishness to an individual file being written/read from. I want this level of control on my WHS box as i've been having some issues lately that i've traced to poor disk performance solely based on...
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    This guy needs some build advice ;)

    Front page on reddit. I LOLed then instantly thought of GenHard. The direct image: Danny Bui, you should have everyone submit their requests in this format.
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    Eyefinity group creation.

    I'm about to rage so hard right now. I'm HATE CCC. (10.12a) 20 minutes ago I had a working Eyefinity group and a Profiles setup to switch to that group and back to extended desktop mode. Switching from extended desktop to Eyefinity worked fine but switching back to extended desktop had my 3...
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    Memory clocks dropping and screen flicker when playing GPU accelerated video.

    MSI Radeon HD5850 TwinFrozr II @ STOCK clocks and AMD Overdrive disabled. Catalyst 10.10/11/12 I recently went Eyefinity, and since then, whenever I start a movie, be it Flash or an h264 video in MPC-HC that my GPU will accelerate, my screen flickers and my GPU Memory clocks drop from 1000MHz...
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    Just went Eyefinity, artifacts when OCing? (5850)

    MSI 5850 TwinFrozr II 3x NEC EA231WMi's Tried CCC 10.10/11/12 - Same results each time. If I have OCing enabled and push the core to anything past the stock 725MHz and do something as simple as scroll in Chrome, all the screens go crazy (hard to describe). I ran MSI Kombuster for an hour at...
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    Fresh install on G73JW, what drivers for "special" buttons?

    Like the title states, what driver do I need from Asus' site to enable the Overclocking and display color adjustment buttons on the top left of the keyboard? I've installed pretty much everything I can which is stupid because there are no descriptions for each utility. Can anyone help?
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    Low profile dual monitor capable card?

    My boss is finally letting me upgrade to a dual monitor setup, but I will need to find a way to have to monitors connected. I'm using a slim Dell (the one on the RIGHT in the pic below) and all the low-profile cards i've found so far require you to disconnect the VGA port to hook up the...
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    Qwest sees packet loss

    Had a SHITTY day at work today troubleshooting customers internet connections ( I work at a CLEC north of Philly and we service the TriState area). Little did we know it was a pretty widespread issue today. Anyone else affected today?
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    Torn between push or pull with my top ran in a HAF X.

    (just realized I misspelled the title.) I just installed my CPU only loop in my new HAF X last night. Since the RX240 won't fit between the top of the case and the plastic top panel, I put the fans there (Akasa Apache's) and put the rad inside the case itself. I have the Apache's pushing cool...
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    XSPC Single bay res+pump = noisy! (tried normal fixes)

    The noise this makes is driving me mad! I have tried all the normal ways of bleeding because I keep thinking there is air trapped inside the pump, but I've flipped my PC over in every direction with the pump running and off and there is NO air coming out of it. Thing is, I had my loop setup...