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    Anyone know the whereabouts of @euskalzabe

    She used to be an active poster in this forum, but no postings for months now. Her profile is "not available."
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    What is your "coping" strategy for the time until you can get a latest-model Nvidia/AMD GPU?

    I just looked at Ebay for 3060 Ti cards and it's obvious the scalpers rule there. So I've had to think how I'm going to cope before prices come down to something normal, whatever that means. And based on news reports, I don't expect to get that 3060 Ti until sometime in 2022. What's your...
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    need to send _email_ to Kyle but can't find his email address on the forum

    Like it says in the title, I need to send Kyle an email about some account issues. I seem to have read that somewhere. Or is it Ok to send a PM to any of the forum administrators.
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    Microcenter gets more GPU shipments than other stores?

    Going by posts in these forums, it seems that Micro Center gets more GPU shipments than other stores. Yes? No? They have inside pull with Nvidia?
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    So tired of this message

    But aside from complaining about the miners, I don't think there is much we can all do.
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    benefit to running Windows pre-releases?

    If you are NOT a corporate IT administrator, but a [H] type home user, is there any real benefit to running these pre-releases?
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    Identify a used GPU card that was used in mining?

    Let's say you want to buy a used GPU card. Any generation. Ebay or maybe Craigslist or maybe the FS/FT forum on this website. If the seller doesn't say that this card was used in mining, on (on Ebay or Craigslist) claims it was not, is there any reliable way for a buyer to detect mining...
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    Will Nvidia be releasing more 3000-series cards?

    Just wondering.
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    Nvidia shortage to last most of 2021

    I already posted this deep down in a long-running thread, where many people could miss this, so I thought I should start a new thread here. This is an official statement from an NVidia VP and CFO. Of course...
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    Nvidia revenue growth in 2020
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    Why the price drop on BB?

    So I just checked the BB site, and of course all the 3060s were sold out. But there was something new, a price drop. Why would BB drop prices when they sell everything they can? And not just a token $10.
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    Figuring out when supply equals demand

    Just wondering again. Is there a way to calculate when supply catches up with demand. Here is what I mean. How many "serious" gamers are out there? I'm defining this as someone who upgrades the GPU often. How many of these serious gamers have already upgraded? What is the total number of...
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    How many tensor cores in current gen vid cards (assuming you could find one)?

    My question is motivated by this except from an Adobe blog post announcing Super Resolution in Photoshop and Adobe Camera RAW: If you’re in the market for a new computer or GPU, look for GPU models optimized for CoreML and Windows ML machine learning technologies. For example, the Neural Engine...
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    Netgear R8000: SmartConnect absolutely destroyed bandwidth

    I used SmartConnect to connect up my 2.4 and both 5.0 bands. I was expecting that at worst, throughput would stay the same as the throughput on one 5.0 band. Instead, it dropped over 80%. Once I modified my router config to turn off SmatConnect, I got back my old throughput. Is this feature...
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    Hidden costs for Xfinity X1

    I don't think I'm a noob, but I can't seem to decipher Comcast's verbiage. I get that there are some benefits, but what are the hidden costs? Can I keep my current ARRIS cable modem? Do I need to replace my current set top boxes? (We have hours and hours of recorded shows to watch, and I...
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    The ultimate price gouge

    The only AMD 6000 card on Newegg that is not out of stock.
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    What do you think of the der8auer custom mounting frame for AMD Ryzen CPUs? I'm thinking about an AIO to cool my Ryzen 3900X, probably an Arctic Freezer model. Does this mounting frame help to lower CPU temps? How much?
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    Net50 much slower to connect than Net24

    I have 2.4 and 5.0 GHz WiFi in my house. For both my laptops and my phones/tablets, they connect to the 2.4 band much faster than the 5.0 band. Sometimes when I select the 5.0 band on my iPhone, it doesn't connect until I repeat the selection several times. Advice?
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    My declaration of independence

    As of just now, I have totally had it with this entire game card situation. I was a real schmuck for not buying an AMD 5600XT or 5700 back last May (at MSRP) when I was buying all the other components of my new build. No, I had to have a new generation Nvidia card. Again, I was a real...
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    how much temp improvement for AMD 3900X using Arctic Freezer II 360 instead of AMD Wraith cooler?

    I'm interested in this Arctic Freezer cooler as a replacement for the AMD Wraith cooler, but before I spend the $$$, I would like to know just how much improvement in temps I can expect with the AIO cooler. Also, are the fans running all the time with the AIO, or are they off at lower temps...
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    What is this "b-die" that I keep reading about in various threads?

    My RAM is Crucial Ballistix CL 3600. Is this b-die or something else?
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    Disk activity light doesn't display when NMVe drive in use

    My new rig includes an ASUS ROG X570 Strix-E with a Sabrent Rocket 1 TB NMVe drive. The rocket has two partitions, including C: with Windows and programs, and D: for my data. I just noticed that when I was loading a program, or accessing a data file, the disk activity light on my case did not...
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    Just shucked my first WD Easystore drive - easy

    8 TB Easystore external drive. Even easier to shuck than I imagined. This video helped. Only disappointment is that I got a WD80EDAZ - 11TA3A0 drive, which is a 5400 RPM drive. But the Black Friday price was right, and it's going to used only for daily backups, which I do last thing in the...
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    What is the "centerpoint" height of this monitor - ASUS?

    I'm considering this 24 monitor for my wife's system. It has great reviews and it fits the budget. Only concern is that the height is fixed, unlike the old Samsung 17" my wife's system has now...
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    New to Overclocking - Ryzen/X570/3900X best guides

    Now that my new rig has been running stable for like 5 months at stock settings, I think it's time to push it a bit for better performance. My rig includes: ASUS ROG X570 Strix-E m'board AMD 3900X CPU 2 x 16 Crucial Ballistix CL 3600 RAM. Recommendations appreciated for best guides.
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    Nvidia 3060? When? What specs?

    What's the latest on announcement date? Features and specs, from reliable sources? Since I'm not a gamer, but a Lightroom and Photoshop user, even a 3070 may be overkill for me.
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    System does not boot up. Fans won't spin. A big-noob mistake

    :confused: OK, so I opened up my system case and futzed around a bit with the PSU switch off. Then I turned that switch on, and the system would not boot. The lighting was on on the ASUS x509 ROG board and the AMD cooler but the fans would not spin. And the board did not go through the...
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    Should I get a heatsink for my Sabrent Rocket 1 TB NMVe drive.

    When my system is idling, temps on the Sabrent Rocket NMVe drive are mid-40s. Under use, of temps go higher, maybe 60 or more. Are these good temps? Should I get the optional Sabrent heatsink for this drive or a third party heatsink? (Any recommendations?) My motherboard is an ASUS ROG...
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    printer head stuck in Canon MP530 - any way to get it out?

    I had to get a no-name replacement printer head for my Canon MP 530 printer. So I put the head into the printer, but only one of five ink cartridges actually printed in a test, even though the printer detected all five cartridges. So I thought I should remove and re-seat the printer head. At...
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    What is JBOD?

    With JBOD does the collection of drives in the JBOD enclosure look like one drive? How does JBOD compare with normal RAID? (I'm not being a troll here. I honestly don't know. :censored: )
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    replacement for Ryzen motherboard CPU mount bracket for AIO coolers - anyone use this? reviews this item Anyone using it? Easy to install? Change in temps?
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    opinions on Drobo for DAS or NAS?

    We don't hear much about Drobo these days? Does anyone still use their products?
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    Do PC to PC LAN connections go through the WiFi Router

    I have always wondered about that situation. If true, then I will get a wired hub for the home office.
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    Ok to use MOCA instead of Ethernet, 3 locations in the house?

    I never gave MOCA much thought, but this thread really showed me what I was missing. Like 30 years ago, we did a big remodel and I put in 10Base5 coax Ethernet in the walls to go between first and second floors. It...
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    News item about Vidia trying to buy ARM This magazine is pretty solid. x509
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    recommended order of drivers for system with AMD 3900X and ROG Strix-E replacing Intel 3930 and ASUS P9 board

    If I want to replace my old Intel board with this new AMD CPU/motherboard, what is the best order to install the new drivers, once Windows has booted upwith the new CPU/board?
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    What does the fan on this AIO cooler do? Is the fan supposed to cool the chipset? Say on the ASUS ROG Strix-E? This AIO got recommended in another thread.
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    Will there be a 3060?

    I do need to upgrade my graphics card, and settled on nVidia because Adobe seems to favor nVidia over AMD for GPU enhancements to Lightroom and Photoshop. That said, i'm not a gamer so FPS isn't an issue for me, and I do have a budget of $400 max for a 3-fan model (for quiet operation.) Can I...
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    What's the latest on AMD's driver issues for the RX 5600 XT and similar models?

    A few months ago, I rebuilt my desktop with an ASUS ROG Strix-E, 3900X CPU, and 32 GB of CL 3600 RAM plus an NMVe SSD. I was planning to also get an RX 5600XT (with three fans for quiet operation), but I was really put off by all the posts about driver issues, black screens, etc. By the way...
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    Any thoughts on the new MalwareBytes VPN?

    So they just announced a VPN. I'm no VPN expert, actually more like a VPN noob. But I already use the Premium version of MalwareBytes and it seems to work well enough.