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  1. HardUp4HardWare

    Is SLI faster on Zen 2 (3700x, etc) ?

    Hi, I just upgraded to a 3700x and I have a 1070TI. Runs great. But now I am seeing the price of used 1070TI cards getting low enough to where I am wondering if going SLI is a good option. I have read reviews and I know that some games benefit, some don't. However, with the Multi-core power...
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    Best RGB case fans ?

    Looking to put more fans in my Corsair crystal case. I want to control the LEDs via my motherboard rgb headers. I want to control fan speed as well. I don't want to add any more controllers or anything to do this. What is a good, even better reasonably priced RGB fan? TIA
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    AMD free game...Outer Worlds or Borderlands 3?

    So I got a Ryzen and with it the choice of a free game. (Thanks AMD!) What would you pick? Outer Worlds or Borderlands 3?
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    Budget upgrade? 4770K to ryzen 7 2700x?

    Hi all, Currently running I7 4770K, 1070Ti, and wondering if moving to the AMD 2700x would be a worthwhile upgrade. I do have a vive. I have priced out the parts on Microcenter and I think I could get there for around $350 for MB, RAM and CPU which seems very reasonable. Articles I have...
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    Neverwinter PS4 release date 7/19

    Neverwinter Coming to PlayStation®4 on July 19 | Neverwinter Glad to see this is enjoyed the PC version for quite a while.
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    Ubisoft E3 Press conference

    Just kidding I really don't care. But if you do here is a link for you. Watch Ubisoft's E3 press conference right here
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    The unthinkable has happened... (nexus 6p)

    By some incredible stroke of good fortune, Google has agreed to give me a refund on my Nexus 6P. I cannot believe they are doing it, but I shook the right tree and told them the truth about my issues and viola! Or Eureka, now I am going to be phone shopping....
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    Backpack PCs for VR...

    sigh....another product in search of a consumer.... Wearable 'backpack PCs' let you experience high-end VR on the go
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    Wired: Soon You’ll Buy Consoles the Way You Upgrade iPhones

    Interesting article regarding the future of the gaming console market. Soon You’ll Buy Consoles the Way You Upgrade iPhones
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    Clueless gamer plays Overwatch

    Watch Conan O'Brien Play Overwatch Against Two Game Of Thrones Stars | CINEMABLEND
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    Seagate 10 Terabyte Helium Enterprise Hard Drive

    Seagate Ships 10 Terabyte Helium Enterprise Hard Drive In Volume | HotHardware I just looked and these will cost around $600 each. Perfect for home defense!
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    XBOX One sales 18 Million

    I can't resist posting this. So today there is an article about XB1 sales. Seems some guy slipped up and spilled the beans, revealing that there are 18 Million XB1 users. That is about half the amount of PS4 users. Have we just found out how bad Xbox One sales are? Then I see this article...
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    Buy 980 Ti or wait for Pascal?

    The thousand dollar question. I am thinking about getting my rig ready for VR. I want to go Nvidia, I have been on ATI AMD for EVER. Always because it was the cheaper choice. Now I want a big boy card and I don't want to skimp. But I also know that once Pascal comes out the 980 Ti will...
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    Well, it is here Nintendo's masterwork "Miitomo" For a complete waste of time it is pretty funny.
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    Sony closes 'Driveclub' creator Evolution Studios

    Drive club goes from "eat my dust" to "biting dust"....... Sony closes 'Driveclub' creator Evolution Studios
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    What was the best console of all time

    So I was thinking about this thing and then another and it just popped into my head, the best console I have owned is.... The PS3 Slim. As far as hardware and software, usability and quality, noise and reliability I have to say, for me, the PS3 Slim is the cats pajamas. Now I know that some...
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    Uncharted 4 Voice actor drama Apparently, (linked on HardOCP) Steve Valentine has responded to Naughty Dog's insistence that they DID contact him about voicing in UC4. He claims that ND contacted him very early on with a...
  18. HardUp4HardWare

    RIP Playstation TV we hardly knew ye....

    Sony missed an open goal with the PlayStation TV I have had a PSTV for about a year now and am only now starting to appreciate its sublime beauty. Yes, Sony did what they always do. They released great hardware capable of SO MUCH. it could have been an apple tv killer, a roku killer, but it...
  19. HardUp4HardWare

    No Man's sky

    No Man’s Sky finally charts its star path with major gameplay reveal Pretty cool article on this game due out in June. New pictures also which look much cooler than I recall.
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    Nintendo NX will crush XB1 and mame PS4

    Recent NX leaks are compelling. Big N is going to (somehow) get this thing on the market by Christmas. As usual for Nintendo they are not just going to release a console but they are claiming this weird handheld component that I really can't envision. But here is why I think they will...
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    XB May be getting upgraded hardware...IDTS

    It sounds like Xbox One will get hardware upgrades So when the XB1 was released and we were all having a good laugh at the fact that the PS4 was a tad more powerful I speculated that MS would potentially upgrade the hardware of the XB1 and call it "elite" or some such shit. I was called an...
  22. HardUp4HardWare

    Nexus 6P the honeymoon is over

    Well, my beloved 6P after just a few months has finally lost its luster. The data connection drops all the time. Cannot use streaming music at all without resetting from airplane mode back to reattach or get a new signal. Sounds like a widespread problem that Google has no intention of...
  23. HardUp4HardWare

    Google Play IceWind Dale Balders Gate & BG2

    Google Play has a few Android Games on sale. Thanks SLICKDEALS Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition $2.14 Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition $3.58 Baldur's Gate II $3.58
  24. HardUp4HardWare

    What is the single coolest app you ever installed

    I mean, what app did you install on your smartphone and say whoa, this is awesome.
  25. HardUp4HardWare

    Oculus Rift Let's face it, we will all get one

    Don't deny it, you want it baby... Finally started reading some about this and the hardware sounds nothing short of epic. Of course there is the GREAT HARDWARE NO SOFTWARE initial release dilemma...
  26. HardUp4HardWare

    What games do you ALWAYS play after upgrading your GPU?

    In past days I always fired up HL2 until that didn't matter anymore, then crysis. I would usually play HL2 for a few days before moving on. But you have to see how much better the eye candy is right? But then which ones compel you to keep playing to experience them anew on your new hardware.
  27. HardUp4HardWare

    Kung Fury Street Rage

    Includes playable Barbarianna. Also reportedly available on PS4.
  28. HardUp4HardWare

    Recommend me a hard drive

    Hi, I boot off SSD, I am looking to get rid of the three random hard drives and put 2 maybe 3TB drives in. I will prolly Mirror (RAID 1) so I will get faster reads and redundancy. That being said, what drives should I consider? I could probably live with 2TB, but I am thinking...
  29. HardUp4HardWare

    Steam Link and Controller what are your thoughts (POLL)

    I am being asked again what I want for Christmas and I thought maybe I want the Steam Link and Steam Controller. I have read, saw , heard all the positives and negatives i think and am still on the fence. It would be great to use Steam Link to "cast" my MASSIVE Steam backlog to my 65"...
  30. HardUp4HardWare

    MMORPG Dilema

    So I have been playing Neverwinter Online for a while and really enjoying it. For a while I ignored innocuous bugs that didn't seem to impact my playing or enjoying the game. Then it happened. I bought some stuff that I grinded hard for to sell on the AH, as soon as I hit "BUY" all of the...
  31. HardUp4HardWare

    Blizzard buys Candy Crush...World gone mad.

    So we hear that Bizz is making a follow up IP to WOW. Titan. We get Overwatch. WOW continues to wither away... Now Blizzard shows their true intent, make money, that is it. They are not interested in making great games anymore, just squeeze every last dollar out of every game...
  32. HardUp4HardWare

    The last game you played that really blew you away

    So, lets face it, I have played a lot of games. Some are good, some bad but very few leave me feeling like I just played something worthwhile. Something groundbreaking or at least gripping. TLOU was probably the last game that really got me. I was sad the finish and glad at the same time...
  33. HardUp4HardWare

    Moto X Pure Edition

    I have been looking at this phone for a while and am close to pulling the trigger. Anyone else have any thoughts or opinions on this?
  34. HardUp4HardWare

    Neverwinter online

    Anyone playing this? Started the other day and so far I really like it.
  35. HardUp4HardWare

    "The Order" Why didn't I listen?

    Why did I buy this? I love eye candy, I admit it. The Order it was said had amazing graphics. I will say they are pretty damn good. But the game? is this a game? Really it is like watching a movie where instead of commercials you play "duck hunt" and repeatedly die. I must say I have...
  36. HardUp4HardWare

    The game that you like that other people like

    I thought I would try to ruin the other two threads by asking the question noone cares to ask. What games do you like that EVERYONE likes? For me it is, ah, er, WOW. But I don't play it. Much. NOTE: I hope that this stupid trolly thread gets more views/posts and stimulating chatter than the...
  37. HardUp4HardWare

    vanilla wow

    Just played on a vanilla wow server and it was pretty amazing. Hard, more immersive, really cool just playing the pure vision.
  38. HardUp4HardWare

    Got Original XBOX... need controller

    I just came across a used old original XBOX at Goodwill but it had no controllers. Just wondering if anybody has an old original xbox controller they don't need. Looking to basically get it for free but will pay shipping. Thanks in advance.
  39. HardUp4HardWare

    Uncharted Remastered coming to PS4

    Could it be? A while ago some of us floated the desire to have updated versions of the PS3 UC games... It appears that there may be a collection of UC remastered games coming to PS4. I doubt they will have the graphical prowess of UC4 but any improvement on these great games is worth a...
  40. HardUp4HardWare

    Formatting a Drive to work with a XBOX 360

    So I see there are a few articles on how to do this, however, I am wondering if anyone has found a better quicker easier way of doing this? Just to clarify. I just got a 4GB E and want to put a new standard hard drive in it.