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  1. Modred189

    Mesh Wifi with good parental controls: porn blacklisting

    Currently have a gen 1 Google mesh wifi, and really do love it. It provides good coverage for my 3600 sq foot house (2 floors). But my kids are getting to that age where we will begin having "the talk' and I want to get ahead of any curious google searches. Any recommendations? Or is there some...
  2. Modred189

    Need a Bookshelf Speaker Setup

    Moving into a new office in 2 weeks (actually getting the office they promised me 6 months ago when I started), and I'm looking for a nice bookshelf speaker system that can: - Have an Aux input form my computer - Have bluetoooth - Have a remote control - Have reasonable sound at low volume - Be...
  3. Modred189

    Price Check: NIB Intel Pentium 4, 2.4ghz, PGA-478, SL6s9

    Found this while cleaning up. NIB Worth anything?
  4. Modred189

    NiceHash suspends Bitcoin withdrawals to Coinbase That sucks. This was simply the easiest way to extract BTC from NiceHash and exchange to some other currency. Not sure who to blame though. NH hasn't always been a great industry member, and they are laying ALL the blame on...
  5. Modred189

    What happened to HBM Memory?

    When Fury was released, HBM was supposed to be the next gen of VRAM. There were even rumors Nvidia was looking at it. What happened to it? Everything seems to be GDDR6/6x.
  6. Modred189

    Monitor recommendation- Prosumer on a budget.

    Need some help finding a monitor for my father. He wants a larger screen for photo editing. 32" or larger, with reasonably good color reproduction. He's a pretty good photographer with decent hardware (Sony A77 II). However, he doesn't want to spend more than around $500-$600. He IS an...
  7. Modred189

    2060 vs 1660ti what's the catch?

    My 660ti in my HTPC is acting wonky and is on it's way out via obselescence anyway. Being a lame 1080p gamer, I WAS looKing at the RTX2060 (to replace a GTX 970 in my main rig, to be sent to the HTPC), but the [H] review and craptastic RTing performance gave me some pause. Then these leaks...
  8. Modred189

    RTX 2060 Sizes (ATTN 1060 and 1070 mini owners) matter?

    Upgrading from my GTX 970 to (likely) an RTX 2060. However, I am torn between the standard size cards and the mid size ones. For example: and...
  9. Modred189

    Overclocking a 7600K

    I have an Intel 7600k on an Asus Strix Z270i GAMING and THIS ram. The last time I overclocked was my old 2500k, which was pretty much set it and forget it, and a solid OC was attainable with essentially no effort. I have not kept up with the meaning of all the settings in the Z270 chipset bios...
  10. Modred189

    Google keyboard issues - android/chrome

    I thought it was just my old phone, but after upgrading, the issues persist. And hard to describe. Say I'm typing along and I insert a typo. Example: "I love to visir this site." On other sites, I can tap the misspelled word, and get suggestions. Like this: However, when I tap the correct...
  11. Modred189

    The Center Channel Conundrum

    I have a new house. TV mounted over the fireplace (wife mandated). I have a mount that pulls the TV out and down over the fireplace so it's not so high. BUT, what do I do about my center channel? I have a Polk CS10. Other speakers are: R/L: Boston Acoustics CR-8 Rear: Polk bookshelves Sub...
  12. Modred189

    New house, networked. I have questions.

    Just closed on the new house today, and I got to really explore. The good news is that the house is pre-wired for ethernet (huzzah!). The ethernet (and coax) all come into this neat little patch panel in the laundry room: That's a netgear 8 port switch there at the bottom, which appears to...
  13. Modred189

    SteelSeries Stratus XL Will not connect

    I'm stumped. I just picked up a SteelSeries Stratus XL gamepad in Windows 10, but having a devil of a time. In theory, you are supposed to: Put batteries in install Steelseries Engine in Windows Power on controller Connect to bluetooth May have to power off the device and power it back on. I...
  14. Modred189

    This is not ok

    Auto playing video in my mobile forum? F that noise.
  15. Modred189

    Nighthawk x6 issues

    I'm on my second Nighthawk x6, and may need a third unless someone can convince me it's not the hardware: Wired connections work, and the wireless connections show as working, but they barely get any throughput any more. Some devices show a wireless connection, but no internet. Tried rebooting...
  16. Modred189

    Broken: arrow to comment from quote

    So, when you are reading a post containing a quoted previous post, there is a little up arrow that will send you to the quoted post. On my phone, desktop and laptop (all Chrome, newest version) clicking does nothing.
  17. Modred189

    Drobo or Synology or Qnap

    It looks like I am no longer going to be able to do a home-brew local networked backup solution on a PC-PC basis after the death of CrashPlan. Simple NAS systems like a simple networked drive is not going to work because of the volume of data I'm moving and a desire for a little more power. SO...
  18. Modred189

    150gb Velociraptor or 2TB WD Black?

    Pretty simple, I have been using an og 150gb WD Velociraptor (
  19. Modred189

    What does this Android screen mean?

    Samsung Galaxy Tab pro 8.4. Won't boot, and when plugged in the screen shows this
  20. Modred189

    Logitech goes to 11

    So, I'm listening to music on m y wireless headphones and I went into the settings to find... Logitech's software levels go to 11.
  21. Modred189

    Need a new Home Server case: HDD volume

    So I need a new case for my home server. It's a basic computer with a bunch of HDDs and software driving the duties under Win10 (Plex for media serving and CrashPlan for automated local backups). What I need: - not expensive - room for 5 full size HDDs and 1 SSD - don't care about visuals and...
  22. Modred189

    Suggestion: Return to top button

    Some forums and webpages are now including a little floating icon in one corner of the page that follows you down as you scroll. It's sole purpose is to take you back to the top of the page. For the [F]forums, at least, this would be nice.
  23. Modred189

    Pokemon Go

    ANyone else getting it? Launched tonight, but a rolling launch, so keep your eyes out for it. Android: Pokémon GO - Android Apps on Google Play iOS: HERE I liked Ingress for what it was worth, but got in too late. I like the AR angle, and flashbacks to the GBA and the only Pokemon game I ever...
  24. Modred189

    Networking broken on HTPC

    My HTPC has a Gigabyte H87N-WIFI motherboard, Windows 10, 8gb ram and running off an SSD with the onboard AC wireles adapter, and something is happening with the networking. EVERY time I boot up, it's fine, but after about 5 minutes, the internet connection no longer functions. When I hit the...
  25. Modred189

    How do VR systems work?

    So, you have a single scene to show in two slightly different ways in the headset to give a stereoscopic effect. Does the scene have to be rendered twice? Or, is it rendered once, and the game inserts two "cameras," one for each image? Do different setting have to be applied more than once...
  26. Modred189

    New Forum Format Recommendation

    Quick request: There's no link to at the top anymore. [H]Forums are normally my [H]ome page, and then I head over to the main page for news and reviews. Cold we get the link to back? Excellent! The link is back. Thanks! Thanks, and congrats on what has been, so far, a...
  27. Modred189

    $20 off H&R Block Software 2/7/16 Only After Turbo Tax's crap last year, and a great experience switching to H&R Block, this is one of the more solid deals so far. Best Buy $20 off all...
  28. Modred189

    D3100 to D7200 worth it? OR D5500?

    Right now, the D7200 body is on sale for $930 at Newegg. I have a D3100 and am starting to bump up against its physical limitations. Any thoughts re the upgrade? It seems like a no-brainer but I'm worried I'm missing something...
  29. Modred189

    Lenovo Desktop X510 $969 [Warm] for [H] family

    LINK Processor:4th Generation Intel Core i7-4770K Processor (3.50GHz 1600MHz 8MB) Operating system:Windows 8.1 64 Graphics:NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 2GB Memory:16.0GB PC3-12800 DDR3 SDRAM 1600 MHz Pointing device:Optical ScrollPoint Hard Drive:2TB 7200 RPM + 8GB SSHD Optical Drive: DVD Recordable...
  30. Modred189

    Disabling internet access for a Win10 PC

    I have a Win10 PC working as a Plex server and Crashplan backup location. It doesn't need internet access (other than periodic updates). Is there any easy way to keep that computer on the network but disable/toggle internet access?
  31. Modred189

    The return of Battletech Kickstarter Link: But here's the bottom line: Weisman (BT creator) and Gitleman (Mech Commander lead) are creating a game written by Stackpole (the crazy good author of some of the best...
  32. Modred189

    [W]arm-NE- Raidmax MicroATX cube- %55-$15= $40 AR Rebate form: Nice little MicroATX case with plenty of drive space considering the size. A friend of mine has one and uses it as a...
  33. Modred189

    [H] Newegg and Amazon links

    Where are the [H] newegg and amazon referral links? Going to be making some purchases soon and want to chip in.
  34. Modred189

    Camel,Camel,Camel is blocked?

    Why are TheCamelizer urls to camel,camel,camel blocked on [H]?
  35. Modred189

    Suggested metric for future reviews: $/frame

    So, in the cooler reviews done at [H], there are charts that cover dollar per degree comparisons. That is, a number that equals the number of degrees cooled better than stock coolers, divided by the cost of the cooler. I think a dollar per fps would be a good follow up metric, and an easy...
  36. Modred189

    Are my posts disappearing or being moderated?

    I posted here and was post number 23, but it appears to now be gone. Not griping, just want to know if I crossed a line or something so as to avoid it again.
  37. Modred189

    [W]arm- BEst Buy Nvidia GTX970 (stock) $329 (Incl. Arkham Knight) For those of us with rewards points lying around, this is a solid deal. Also, remember that Best Buy covers the...
  38. Modred189

    [W]arm@BestBuy: Tt PoseidonZ Mech Keyboard: $72 Full mechanical keyboard, MX blues. Blue backlight. I have it and use it for work. After about 2 months of it, I have been very happy with it, though tbh, I am no...
  39. Modred189

    [W]arm basic laptop deal-for family-13"/i3/4gb/500gbHDD $330 Hard to get into a Core i3 laptop from a major brand that isn't Acer. At 13" that 1366X768 won't be quite as...
  40. Modred189

    The greatest keyboard of all time "In full sunlight it was still electric awesome." From a clearly paid-for 3-star (didn't get his money's worth) review: "This is the best basic use keyboard I ever used. The "Quite...