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  1. GOD'SlittleSERVANT

    Guys, why does my ethernet disconnect while gaming?

    My ethernet disconnects while gaming. It has happens in both Fallout 76 and Warzone, constantly. I switch over to my wifi and it doesn't disconnect, but it's laggy as hell in game. So, it seems to be a bandwidth issue? Never disconnects while browsing. I found something online called "net...
  2. GOD'SlittleSERVANT

    What OC tool do you use for your 2080 TI FTW3?

    I originally used Evga Precision X, which was awesome until I found out that was the cause of my keyboard lag in certain games. I read MSI Afterburner doesn't recognize 2 fans on the FTW3? Anything else you guys use for your FTW3's?
  3. GOD'SlittleSERVANT

    System crashes after installing 2nd vega 56 when running XMR Stak

    Guys, I can't for the life of me figure this out. I've been running a Saphhire Pulse vega 56 with the index 0 config shown below. No issues, at all. I picked up an Xfx vega 56, got her running and set with the index 1 config shown below. If I run both, my system crashes. if I delete the index...
  4. GOD'SlittleSERVANT

    Taskbar not working after logging into Windows 10.

    Hey guys, my task bar doesn't work when first logging into Windows. The start button doesn't work and my sound icon has a red X on it. I have to ctrl alt dlt, sign out, sign back in, in order to get it to work. It's not a major issue, just a bit of an annoyance. I've ran some power shell...
  5. GOD'SlittleSERVANT

    Best 4k monitor for under $500?

    I've been searching high and low for a "good" 4k monitor that's under $500. Can you guys tell me what 4k monitors you have and the pros and cons? Thanks!
  6. GOD'SlittleSERVANT

    ENB .279 causing Skyrim to crash

    Hey guys, I'm sure this has been discussed before, but I'm unable to find the thread. After installing the .279 ENB, my Skyrim crashes whenever I try to continue, load or start a new game. It crashes with SKSE and the regular Skyrim launcher. I was able to find what was causing the crash, but I...
  7. GOD'SlittleSERVANT

    The Culling - Multiplayer survival game

    Save 10% on The Culling on Steam Anyone picking this up? I'm currently installing it now. It's a Battle Royal type survival game. Reviews were pretty damn good. Only $13.50 on Steam.
  8. GOD'SlittleSERVANT

    Best router for a Motorola SB6120 modem?

    Hey guys, which routers do you guys have for your SB6120 modem? It seems like any router I get, I have issues. I'm starting to think it's my modem, but everything is perfect when hooked directly into my PC. I get range issues on wifi with a few Asus routers in a 1500 sqft home.
  9. GOD'SlittleSERVANT

    Gears of War: Ultimate Edition

    Anyone picking this up tonight/tomorrow? Thinking about picking it up but would like some people to play multiplayer with.
  10. GOD'SlittleSERVANT

    No sound out of Logitech z506 speakers after upgrade to WIndows 10

    I upgraded to windows 10 and noticed my speakers weren't working after. Sound does come from my headphones when plugged in via USB, though. I have uninstalled all realtek drivers and installed the correct ones for my mobo, but still no go. Anyone else having/had issues with their z506 speakers...
  11. GOD'SlittleSERVANT

    Can't add devices on Windows 7 Pro

    I can't add Xbox one as a device on my Windows 7 PC. When I click on "add device", I get "searching for devices... Make sure your device is discoverable". And it just sits there. I let it go for a couple of hours and it still didn't find anything. I had my xbox one on wireless, so I decided...
  12. GOD'SlittleSERVANT

    Can't add Xbox One as a device on WIndows 7 machine

    I can't add Xbox one as a device on my Windows 7 PC. When I click on "add device", I get "searching for devices... Make sure your device is discoverable". And it just sits there. I let it go for a couple of hours and it still didn't find anything. I had my xbox one on wireless, so I decided...
  13. GOD'SlittleSERVANT

    High GPU idle temp with dual monitors

    Does anyone know how to fix this issue? With only one monitor plugged in, i get idle temps of 33. With 2 monitors plugged in, i get idle temps of 48. I tried messing with the power settings and nothing seemed to help...
  14. GOD'SlittleSERVANT

    SLI noob, need help.

    Metro Last Light runs a hell of a lot worse while running SLI. SLI is enabled, but how do I know it's working in a game? I have 320.49 drivers
  15. GOD'SlittleSERVANT

    Anyone run SLI on their MSI P67A G43?

    I'm thinking about picking up another 670 and noticed this mobo may or may not support SLI. Anyone have this board and run SLI with it?
  16. GOD'SlittleSERVANT

    Is it worth to upgrade from a single 670 to SLI?

    I currently have a EVGA 670 Vanilla. Would it be worth the upgrade to purchase a EVGA 670 FTW for SLI? Would I see an increase in FPS?
  17. GOD'SlittleSERVANT

    Dumb question! How do I change my Hardness Supreme title?

    How do I change my Hardness Supreme title? I could have sworn I heard after I get to 5,000 posts, I'm allowed to change my title?
  18. GOD'SlittleSERVANT

    Another "is my 3dmark score up to par" thread?

    P8163 Specs in sig. Anyone else have similar specs with a similar score? Just got my 670 a couple of weeks ago and just now starting to test her out. Been noticing frame drops in WoW (been reading that's normal), but run everything maxed out on BF3 with no problems.
  19. GOD'SlittleSERVANT

    What program can I run to work my GTX 670 hard?

    I'm going to run 3dmark just to see what bench marks I get, but Is there a program that will work my card hard and tell me what the highest temp and core clock it gets? When I'm running BF3 on everything set to ultra, i do a quick tab/alt and the highest temp I've seen so far is 67. is that...
  20. GOD'SlittleSERVANT

    XFX 6870 1gig to HIS 6950 2gig, a significant upgrade?

    I currently have an XFX 6870 1gig Black Edition and found an HIS 6950 2gig (unlocked to 6970) for a good price. If money wasn't an option, would this be a significant upgrade?
  21. GOD'SlittleSERVANT

    What is Rift and why aren't many people playing it?

    I've been wanting to get into an MMO until Guild Wars 2 comes out and not really looking to get back into WoW. Played Star Wars for 2 months and got bored with that. I've been reading up and found "Rift". I googled it and it actually looks pretty cool, but how come not many people talk about it...
  22. GOD'SlittleSERVANT

    Purchase another XFX Radeon 6870 for Crossfire, or save up?

    I currently have an XFX Radeon 6870 and I just ordered a full size Phantom case off new egg because I'm eventually wanting to go Crossfire. Should I pick up another XFX 6870, or save up for 2 better cards? I've been looking at the specs and 6870 seems to still be hanging in there, but for how long?
  23. GOD'SlittleSERVANT

    Problem overclockng my i5 2500k on an MSI P67A G43

    I followed this guide to the T... And when I boot into windows I turn on PC Winzard and my CPU voltage shoots to 1.35, my idling temp jumps from 29-32 C to 40-42 C then after my PC settles a bit, everything drops back to normal...
  24. GOD'SlittleSERVANT

    Gun Bro's for droid?

    Anyone have Gun Bro's for droid? I need to add people to my brotherhood, but I don't know how to do so. Help me out! I need them perks!
  25. GOD'SlittleSERVANT

    Another.. "Best card I can get for $150" thread.

    Currently don't have the card in my sig. Looking for the best card I can get for $150 or less. I want ATI more so than nvidia, but if there is a smoking deal on a nvidia, I'll go with that.
  26. GOD'SlittleSERVANT

    What is your XFX 5870 overclocked @?

    I just boosted the core speed up to 440 and Memory speed up to 1280 and it actually dropped my 3d mark score by almost 2k. What am I doing wrong? I'm using ATI Tray Tools. Does anyone have any similar experiences with this program?
  27. GOD'SlittleSERVANT

    Maybe a dumb question about a XFX 5870?

    I'm replacing my 4890 with a 5870 this week and was just curious if everything in my rig was good(?) for that type of card? (rig in sig) This will be my first extremely powerful card I've owned, so any tips, pointers, etc, would be much appreciated!
  28. GOD'SlittleSERVANT

    Will this motherboard be good for my Intel 8400 chip?

    I just bought an 8400 chip off my buddy and now need a mobo to support it and don't want to spend a lot of money. Would this be good? i don't plan on overclocking.
  29. GOD'SlittleSERVANT

    Which card will perform better? or Pretend both are the same price. thx
  30. GOD'SlittleSERVANT

    Why are most of my games running like crap?

    Whenever I play Dragon Origins, the game runs smooth for awhile but when I get into battle sometimes or just randomly it drops to 1 fps for a bit then starts to run normal again. My machine is listed below. My buddy runs it on 5 gigs of ram with a 9550 phenom and a 3870 ATI @ 50 fps. Why...
  31. GOD'SlittleSERVANT

    Installed Windows 7, but having permission errors.

    I just installed windows 7 on my 80gb drive and left my tb drive alone. I installed fine, but when I'm trying to access my tb drive, I get permission errors. I can't open any movies or pictures on the tb drive. It says, "You don't currently have permission to access this folder". So I hit...
  32. GOD'SlittleSERVANT

    Need help picking a new video card.

    Hey guys, I've been out of the loop for awhile when it comes to video cards. I remember the good ol' Voodoo days... Anyways, currently I have this Now, which would be my best option? This for $214.99...
  33. GOD'SlittleSERVANT

    Weird white background with big black letters in XP?

    I received this email from a user I sent a laptop to a couple of weeks ago. "God'slittleservant, there is something a bit odd on my laptop. Several times a day the screen will flash very quickly, just long enough for me to see some large black letters on a white background (except for the...
  34. GOD'SlittleSERVANT

    Mass Effect bugs?

    Yeah yeah yeah, I decided to stay on the MAss Effect bandwagon and swing from it's nice like tarzan on roids, so what? It's been great so far (after the first planet), but now I have to use the galaxy map to go to different planets and when I go to the galaxy map it says "widow" on the top left...
  35. GOD'SlittleSERVANT

    Weird printer user.

    I'm trying to add local printers to a users machine here at work. I go to add printer, "local Printer attached to this compter" option, then when I go to creat a new port, the local port option is not there. Now, he has over 800 printers on his PC because they print docs to users accross the...
  36. GOD'SlittleSERVANT

    Why is everyone swinging from Mass Effect's nuts?

    It seems like everyone is swinging from Mass Effect's nuts like Tarzan on roids. Why? I'm only on the second mission, but it still seems whack. Am I missing something? Do you get more weapons later?
  37. GOD'SlittleSERVANT

    Why does it show that I'm not connected to the net, but I still am?

    I can browse and play games online, but it shows I'm not connected. So I can't RDP into my PC while I'm at work. Also, it's not showing my "vista" score anymore. I went to the ECS page to find drivers for my nic card, but I'm not finding naything. any help would be appreciated.
  38. GOD'SlittleSERVANT

    ATTN: LOTRO Players

    I have this game, but really didn't get into it when I first bought it. What are the pros and cons of this game? After getting a new rig, I might try it out again. Give me some feedback, please!
  39. GOD'SlittleSERVANT

    My 9600 Phenom

    I don't have the black edition, but is there a way to over clock this? Or should I even try? Is there a way to make games read two-four cores instead of the one?