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    what happens if power supply is insufficient?

    we all know that current (and upcoming) GPUs can be extremely hungry for power, in some cases exceeding 350 watts under load. same with many higher end CPUs. my question is, how does an insufficient power supply manifest in terms of symptoms during normal use? like say you tried to put a 3080...
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    PC games/apps crashing -> Memtest errors all 4 sticks of RAM?

    so my pc has been crashing (mostly while gaming, but tbf that's mostly all this pc does) frequently enough to start making me scratch my head. i didn't think it might be hardware related for a while as the crashes were 'benign' (no BSODS or hard locks, just the games closing without error...
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    Best current Ultrawide 1440 options?

    I'm looking at finally upgrading my Acer XB271 (27" 165hz IPS) with a curved ultrawide. Needs to have VRR (Gsync preferred but FreeSync should be fine) at least 120hz and VESA mount compatible. 1440 vertical rez is ideal but if there's a higher rez one that ticks all the other boxes that should...
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    Breath of the Wild 2

    I don't think we have a thread for this yet, and it's gonna be a while before we really have that much to talk about, but here's the gameplay trailer revealed today at the Nintendo Direct: Of note is that this *appears* to be running on original Switch hardware if the frame rate, texture...
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    More Playstation exclusives coming to PC?

    So this was in my Twitter feed... Jim Ryan did an interview with GQ and he said they are indeed planning on bringing a bunch more PS exclusives to PC. Which ones? No idea yet, but... there aren't really that many of them, so this is pretty exciting. He also specifically mentions "from the latter...
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    Trouble installing Windows 10 on a 2009 Acer Aspire laptop

    I'm trying to install Windows 10 on this old Acer Aspire laptop and I'm running into problems. First thing I tried was creating a standard bootable USB drive using the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool. When I try to boot from that (using either the laptop's boot options in BIOS or the F12 boot...
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    Nvidia RMA processing

    Anyone know if Nvidia is even processing RMAs right now? I opened a request a while ago through their "live chat" BS but haven't heard back yet, so I tried their telephone number and it's just a recording that they're closed during the pandemic. Just pisses me off if they're not doing RMA at all...
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    Portable software for monitoring GPU performance (temp, FPS, frame time) with overlay

    Looking for a small, portable (i.e. lightweight and does not need to be installed) program that can put an overlay over a game that gives GPU and performance related info like FPS, frame time graph, temps, load, clocks, etc. Any suggestions welcome, googling has not been helpful.
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    FX 9590 stability issues at stock clocks

    I've been trouble shooting a friend's computer for stability issues. At first I thought it was because the RAM was set too high (without other appropriate changes in BIOS) but I discovered WHEA errors even with everything set to stock clocks. So here's some more detailed info: FX 9590 Asus...
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    Using 2400mhz RAM with a 9590

    So a friend of mine has a 9590 CPU, Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z mobo, and 8gb x 2 DDR3 2400mhz G.skill Trident RAM. I'm trying to set it up to run the RAM at 2400 but it freezes up almost instantly after booting into Windows. I guess you have to overclock a bit to run 2400mhz properly, but I've...
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    Installing Windows 7 on modern hardware (from USB 3.0 drive, NVMe, etc)

    So I'm thinking about throwing Windows 7 Pro on a spare drive I have, but last time I tried installing on a relatively modern PC, it was a huge pain in the butt trying to do it. Doing UEFI from a USB drive as well as dealing with AHCI, NVMe SSDs etc, seems like a massive headache. Anyone have...
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    Question about custom fan profiles in MSI Afterburner

    I really like the custom fan profiles option in Afterburner, but I've noticed that even if you have it set to apply settings at login, the custom fan profile doesn't actually work unless Afterburner is running. Is it possible to have that fan profile applied without Afterburner running?
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    Decent software for a simple DVD to ISO ripping?

    Can anyone recommend me a solid, free software for ripping a DVD to ISO? I'm not even talking about like movies and crap, I just have some really old software DVDs I want to backup in ISO format before the disks get scratched or something. Thanks!
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    Older H100 on new Z390/9900k?

    Will an older Corsair H100 AIO cooler attach to a Z390 mobo? Google tells me the answer is probably yes, but I just want to make sure. Thanks! edit: It's currently on the rig in my sig, so Z77/Ivy Bridge
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    DiRT Rally 2.0

    DiRT Rally 2.0 has been announced. Just like the first game, it features point-to-point rally and FIA RX (rallycross) racing with a simulation focus. Hillclimb looks to be absent for this game. Release date is February 26, 2019 for the standard edition or February 22, 2019 for the deluxe...
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    9590 and Windows 10 'stuttering' issue while gaming

    A while back I built a gaming PC for a friend of mine with the following: AMD 9590 Corsair H110i with a couple of nice Cougar fans Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z (has latest BIOS) G.skill 16gb DDR3 2400 C10 EVGA GTX 1070 FTW 1tb SSD She had been running Windows 7 with no issues since I built it...
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    Tips on selling Retina MBP?

    I've been thinking about selling my 15" rMBP (late 2013 model), but this would be the most expensive single item I've sold aside from cars. Can anyone give me any tips or things to be wary of? I'm thinking of Ebaying it, but beyond that, I just want to be sure a) I'm fully protected from...
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    Need help pinning cause of "internal parity error"

    Alright, so here's the background. I have been running the CPU/mobo in my sig since 2012. When I first built this rig I had it overclocked to 4.8ghz but I eventually ran into some stability issues after a few weeks, so I turned it down to 4.6ghz and never had a problem since. This system has...
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    Glacier white PS4 and EVGA 780 Ti SC

    EVGA Geforce GTX 780 Ti SC Glacier White PS4 with five games including Arkham Knight, Bloodborne, The Last of Us Remastered, CoD Advanced Warfare, and Destiny
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    Good local co-op games on Steam?

    Can anyone make some recommendations on good local co-op games available on Steam? Been years since I did something like that, and we have a 150" projector screen setup that would be lots of fun. Only thing is it needs to be *co-op*, nothing adversarial. Something that works with two...
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    UEFI Windows 7 install from Boot Camp??

    So I wiped my late 2013 MBPr 15" tonight and installed Yosemite on it. That all went fine. Then I wanted to install Windows with Boot Camp. Previously I had been using Windows 8.1 (when I was running Mavericks still) but this time I wanted to run Windows 7. So with Yosemite installed, I run...
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    "Invalid product key entered" for Win7 key I've been using for years

    So I got a new SSD today and went to install Windows 7 home premium on it, using the same key I've been using for literally like 7 years now. When I get to the key entry part, I put in my key and it says "invalid product key." I tried the MS Answer Desk chat thingy and after like 2 hours of...
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    27" (or larger) glossy 1080p sRGB monitor?

    Does anyone know of a really high quality 1080p, 27" or larger display with a glossy panel? This is for my consoles so 60hz is fine. I'm really just looking for deep blacks and really good color reproduction (no 6 bit + FRC dithering!) I was about to buy a Dell S2715H but after some research...
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    What is with the absolute dirge of games for PS4 and Xbox One?

    In all my years of gaming I don't think I've ever seen a complete emptiness of interesting games for Sony and Microsoft consoles. The last ones I can think of are Advanced Warfare, Destiny and GTA V, and GTA barely counts since it's been out for a long time on PS3 and 360. Where the heck are...
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    Use HDMI out for audio only?

    Hey everyone, I have a 780 Ti hooked up to a BenQ XL2720Z which has DP and HDMI connections. The DP is going direct to my PC, and the HDMI goes from my PC to my Pioneer AVR then to the HDMI input on the monitor. The idea is I game on my PC at 144hz goodness, and use my 5.1 setup pumped through...
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    Zone 2 and subwoofer using the same input..

    Hey guys, I'm wondering if my Pioneer 1123-k AVR can handle this situation. Right now I have a regular set of 5 small satellite speakers and a Klipsch sub hooked up to the AVR. It's used for gaming and movies on PS4/Xbox One on a 27" monitor attached to a gaming cockpit (for racing games...
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    Question about VESA mounting

    Hey guys, I ordered a ROG Swift yesterday and I've been thinking about how to mount it with my Obutto cockpit. The problem I think I'm going to run into is that the VESA mount that comes with the Obutto is a flat plate with the three main VESA sizes (75mm, 100mm, 200mm.) Currently I have an LG...
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    Connected Xbox One controller to PC and now it won't sync to my Xbox?

    This morning I tried connecting my Xbox One controller to my PC just to see how well it works (worked fine, btw with the Play n Charge USB cable.) Then I unplugged it and tried to sync it back to my Xbox. All I'm getting is a the flashing home button on the controller. I also tried holding the...
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    Bang for the buck subwoofer recommendations?

    My old Klipsch SW-12 bit the dust so I need to replace it. It doesn't need to be a massive sub (the Klipsch was way overkill actually) as it's in a small room, I would say 10 x 10 or so. Anyone have any recommendations for a cheap-ish powered sub that's good for gaming and movies moreso than...
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    Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked - Free with PS4 Destiny Bundle

    Today I went to my local Best Buy to get a PS4 Destiny bundle and TLOU Remastered. When I was checking out I found out they just started a promotion where when you buy the PS4 bundle (possibly other consoles, but I didn't ask) you get a free membership to their "Gamers Club Unlocked" program...
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    Some of you may remember this game being mentioned all the way back in 2010, when it was basically a very rough tech demo of deformable terrain. Spintires is finally nearing release, set for Friday, June 13th. Basically it's a hardcore off-road...
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    Static discharge / interference issues with my PC

    I've been dealing with this for WAY too long and I'm kind of perplexed so hopefully someone here can help me out. When I built the desktop system in my sig last year, I also bought one of these: ... which is now where I do my gaming. The problem is that (and I'm not sure if this is a case...
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    Best slick but silent mouse pad

    I've been thinking about getting a new mouse pad. I use a Steelseries QCK right now which is comfy but doesn't quite glide the way I want. I want a mouse pad that doesn't have much "standing" friction, in other words, I don't want the mouse to stick at all when first moving it. I had a Razer...
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    5.1 surround via optical on Sabertooth Z77?

    Hi everyone, I recently bought an Onkyo "home theater in a box" system and have been trying to get surround sound working properly. It's connected via optical from my PC to the receiver. Sound works great except surround sound, which either plays rear sounds from the left/right channels...
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    Anyone tried the Gran Turismo 6 demo (GT Academy) on PSN?

    The new physics engine is a colossal step forward for the GT series, and is finally arguably better than Forza in that regard. The engine sounds are still the worst of any racing series ever, though... I seriously don't get how they haven't just scrapped everything in the sound department and...
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    DSL modem and poor SNR from time to time

    Hey everyone, first off, I'm not sure if this is the best forum for this but here goes. I have DSL internet through TDS Metrocom. It's been pretty troublesome off and on since we moved into this house about 15 months ago. The issue is that sometimes we have spurts of connectivity issues where...
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    Sabertooth Z77 suddenly not giving me full turbo multiplier set in BIOS?

    I dunno what's going on here. I noticed my FPS was down a tad in games so I checked CPU-Z and sure enough, it's only hitting a turbo ratio of x38 for 3.8ghz. I verified that it's still set to x46 in BIOS and even tried setting defaults and then manually re-entering my overclock settings, but...
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    Anyone know where to get a 5v USB cable?

    Just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction for a USB cable that has ONLY the red/black wires (for +5v/gnd). I want to splice a cable into my TrackClip Pro which only uses USB for power, so its cable just has the red/black wires. I tried buying a 5v USB charging cable but it...
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    Best 120mm rad fan besides Gentle Typhoon?

    So recently I had to replace the fans that came with my H100 because one of them developed a rattle. I read a lot of good things about the GT AP-15 so I bought two of them. They move good air and are relatively quiet, the problem I have is that they have a faint humming sound at certain RPM...
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    Modding a Corsair 600t for better cooling and less noise?

    I've had this 600t for a while now and I love the case, I do have a couple issues I want to address though, and was wondering what your thoughts might be. First, the H100 radiator mounts to the bottom of the top mesh area, and I have 2 fans on the top side (pretty much the only way you can...