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  1. Astral Abyss

    New driver pins windows and taskbar to individual monitors in NVSurround? Whaaaat???

    This might be the best unmentioned feature of my upgrade to 680s... This new driver locks the taskbar to only one monitor instead of spanning all 3 monitors when running NVSurround. Why has no one mentioned this? Also, now when I pin a window to the top of a monitor it only fills that...
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    Front Page links non-functional

    I was clicking around on the front page links to the different review sections and noticed they're all broken (except the forums) and just display "can't open file".
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    If you were going to buy the BEST 1000W+ PSU it would be...

    If you had to choose the BEST 1000W+ power supply, WHAT would it be and WHY? I'm going to upgrade my PSU this Christmas in anticipation of 2 new video cards replacing my gtx460s, and I want to know what you guys think is the best power supply out there. Considerations when making your...
  4. Astral Abyss

    Corsair AX1200 review links broken

    I was looking at your older power supply reviews and noticed that the Corsair AX1200 review can't find most of the webpages. Page 1 loads fine but none of the others load. 404 Error. Tried on my Win7 box running IE9 and also my XP box running IE8. Clearing cookies, temp files, and...
  5. Astral Abyss

    PSP 2000 stolen, thinking of replacing with PSPGo...

    I left my PSP in the rental car after having tucked it under the seat. When I realized this and went back to get it, it had mysteriously vanished. Oh well, I only have myself to blame for that as anything valuable you leave in a rental is never going to be seen again... But anyway, the only...
  6. Astral Abyss

    Life expectancy of 360 refurb?

    I'm sending my 360 Pro in for repair tomorrow. It was a Christmas gift and lasted about 7 months. It wasn't purchased with an in-store warranty, but as I said, it was a gift so I can't complain. My question is, how long do the refurbs usually last?
  7. Astral Abyss

    The Dark Spire, new dungeon crawler for DS from Atlus I stumbled across this new dungeon crawler RPG while looking at a random Gamestop ad. I like the art style of it. If it's anything like the Etrian Odyssey series it'll be a very limited release, but great fun for us hard core, old-school RPG lovers. I like...
  8. Astral Abyss

    Western Digital doesn't support 64bit OS

    I really expect more from a technology company like Western Digital that has been making hard drives and related equipment for decades. They need to hire some people that actually know what they're doing. When recently attempting to submit an RMA for my Raptor X hard drive, I found that the...
  9. Astral Abyss

    VelociRaptor 300GB available at Newegg! It really exists. $300 as expected.
  10. Astral Abyss

    E8400, my OC results seem a bit... gimp

    I've got the system listed in my sig running my new E8400. I replaced a Q6600 G0 that ran at 3.2GHz hoping for much higher clock speeds since most of my time is spent playing games that only utilize 2 cores max. The E8400 is currently running at 3.8GHz (9x423) on my Abit IP35 Pro...
  11. Astral Abyss

    Pink heatspreaders?

    Yes... pink. My girlfriend and I are building a computer for her. Her favorite color is... wait for it... pink. She loves pink in a way I don't think is healthy. She's bought herself a nice black Silverstone TJ08 case with a custom window on the side (thank god they don't make any quality...
  12. Astral Abyss

    Wii disc read errors

    I just picked up a Wii at Best Buy a couple days ago. I'm having a lot of fun with it, but there's a problem. About 1/3 of the time I try to load a game, the Wii disc reader starts clicking and then the Wii goes to a black screen with white lettering telling me theres a disc read error and to...
  13. Astral Abyss

    4x1GB G.Skill F2-6400CL4D-2GBHK on EVGA 650i Ultra (successful!)

    In light of all the issues people are reporting with running 4 sticks of RAM, I just wanted to post that I'm having 0 problems with my EVGA 650i Ultra and 4 sticks of G.Skill F2-6400CL4D-2GBHK (800MHz). (See my sig for full system specs) I'm currently running my 4300 @ 350MHz x 9 =...
  14. Astral Abyss

    Strange 158.19 driver issue in XP

    For some reason when I install the 158.19 drivers in XP SP2 my Manage 3D settings in the Nvidia Control Panel is giving me SLI options when it shouldn't be... I don't have SLI. Now, I'd be willing to just ignore it, but when playing World of Warcraft, it hitches and studders horribly just...
  15. Astral Abyss

    What's a good replacement for the Klipsch ProMedia 5.1s?

    I love my Klipsch ProMedia 5.1 speakers, but lately I've been having problems with the amp acting up and causing the speakers to squeal. I feel I've gotten my money's worth out of them after 5+ years of heavy use and was going to upgrade, but then, to my horror, I realized Klipsch doesn't make...
  16. Astral Abyss

    Samsung UCCC max voltage?

    2x1GB Crucial Value RAM using Samsung UCCC chips @ 2.8v. (PC3200) I'm wondering if I'm gonna fry them at that voltage. The RAM isn't stable at lower volts at 234MHz (5:6 divider) with my Opteron 170, although it used to be fine at a bit lower volts and 260MHz (1:1) with my Opteron 146...
  17. Astral Abyss

    Newegg has Tuniq Tower 120s in stock

    I just bought one. :p
  18. Astral Abyss

    520W Corsair takes 2 tries to power on?

    I need advice on this issue because I'm not sure if it's the setup I have or the PSU itself. New 520W Corsair PSU powering the following low-end system: ASUS A7N8X-X (20-pin, no 4-pin) 2500+ Barton (1.86GHz) OC to 3200+ (2.2GHz) 1GB of Mushkin L2 PC3200 @ CAS 2-3-2-6 200MHz ATI 9800pro...
  19. Astral Abyss

    Opteron 170 OC questions

    So I got this Opteron 170 from Newegg a week ago with a supposedly good stepping of CCBBE 0610DPMW, and I was hoping for the best. It replaced an Opteron 146 running @ 275x10 for about a year. The new 170 will go to 250x10 no problem. Doesn't even need extra voltage. I started to get...
  20. Astral Abyss

    SLI issue in World of Warcraft (7900GTO's)

    I have a problem getting SLI working smoothly in World of Warcraft. It works fine in every other game I play, but for some reason in WoW the graphics become rather choppy when panning or strafing with my character. For instance, if I strafe right or left, whatever I'm looking at will not move...
  21. Astral Abyss

    20.1" WS LCD... What are the actual screen dimensions?

    Could someone measure their 20.1" Widescreen LCD monitor and give me a length and width measurement of the actual screen size? (don't include the frame/bezel please) I'm trying to figure out how much smaller they are in height than my 19" 4:3 LCD monitor. Much appreciated!
  22. Astral Abyss

    Where to buy? SPDIF connector bracket for Asus A8N-VM

    Could someone please point me to where I might obtain one of the SPDIF connector brackets for the Asus A8N-VM motherboard? I need the coaxial output to my receiver. I'd rather not deal with ebay either if possible. Thanks to anyone who responds.
  23. Astral Abyss

    My PCP&C 410W Silencer died again

    This is the 2nd time it died on me. The first time it died I sent it in for RMA repair and it came back working again. (It was fixed, not replaced). I use it to power a modest system that it should be able to handle with no problem: Epox 9NDA3+ (NF3) 3200+ Winchester @ 2.4GHz 1GB RAM...
  24. Astral Abyss

    My 7900GT is an inferno and a dud OCer

    I have an eVGA 7900GT CO (stock 500/1500). It's a great video card and I'm really happy with my purchace. However, It gets up to 72C when running rthdribl with the stock cooler at stock speed and volts. Idles about 46-49C. No problems though. Won't overclock at all unfortunately. Even...
  25. Astral Abyss

    Will iPod ever play WMAs?

    I was thinking of getting one but then I found out it has to convert WMAs to AAC, which doesn't sound (pun intended) like a real good idea. I have about 20GB worth of WMAs that would take literally 10 or more hours to rerip to MP3. (although I would die of boredom before then) Is there some...
  26. Astral Abyss

    Opteron Overclocking: 9x vs 10x Multiplier

    Ok, before I tell you the situation, let me just start by saying I'm going to try this tonight myself, and bench it, assuming no one here tells me it's a waste of time. Here's the setup: I have an Opteron 146, DFI Ultra-D, 2GB of OCZ, plus random other bits (see sig). This CPU will run...
  27. Astral Abyss

    New NEC 3550 DVD Burner

    Has anyone heard anything good or bad on this new NEC 3550 DVD drive? It looks like it's just an update to the 3540, but more information would be nice to have. Here's some links:
  28. Astral Abyss

    Stuck pixel on GameBoy Advance SP screen...

    I picked up a GameBoy Advance SP with the new backlit LCD screen yesterday. Took it home, charged it, turned it on and theres this nice bright red stuck pixel at the bottom of the screen. I just can't accept a defect like that in a screen that small where it's so obvious, large, and noticable...
  29. Astral Abyss

    Anyone know details of new Viewsonic VP930b 19" LCD?

    I just saw this new Viewsonic VP930b 19" LCD monitor on their website recently and I see it's available at ZZF for $419. Looks like similar specs to the VP191b, but has a slightly different stand and a slightly higher contrast ratio. Different screen or did they just alter their "ClearMotiv"...
  30. Astral Abyss

    VP912b: Can Input Source text box be turned off?

    Viewsonic VP912b. Is there a way to disable the Input Source box from popping up whenever the monitor is turned on or the resolution changes? It's not too terribly annoying after I got used to it, but if I could get rid of it altogether I'd be very happy. It seems pointless for it to be...
  31. Astral Abyss

    Viewsonic VP201 is noisy. Why?

    What, if anything, can be done about it? I just bought myself a Viewsonic VP201s, and it's a great monitor. However, I'm getting an annoying buzzing sound from it. I read around and it seems this is a problem on some monitors when turning down the brightness. Unfortunately, I don't like...
  32. Astral Abyss

    What's the funniest WoW Bug?

    Like the name suggests, what's the funniest bug in WoW? Please try to keep it light hearted and fun... there's a few good ones that I really have to laugh at when they happen. :p Here's my favorites: 1) When jumping sometimes, your character gets "stuck" in the falling animation and...
  33. Astral Abyss

    How do you sleeve PSU SATA cables?

    I've got a PCP&C 410W Silencer that I recently sleeved and attached black molex connectors to. It was a long painful process, but pretty straightforward, and it looks great now. The only snag I ran into was trying to sleeve the SATA power leads. The middle SATA connectors can pop off, but...
  34. Astral Abyss

    What's the point of unlocked SATA ports?

    Here's the problem: Why do motherboard makers put additional unlocked SATA ports on their boards and then market them to the overclocker community? Take for instance my board, the Epox 9NDA3+. It has 4 SATA ports on it. 2 true native, and the other 2 native, but through the Marvell PHY...
  35. Astral Abyss

    Epox 9NDA3+ Are the Marvell SATA ports locked?

    Does anyone have this motherboard overclocked and have any experience with using SATA ports 3 and 4? I've heard people saying on various forums that they aren't locked and have issues when overclocking. I'm about ready to buy myself a Plextor 16x DL burner, the SATA version, and I would need...
  36. Astral Abyss

    Massive data errors on Epox 9NDA3+ Gb NIC

    Hi folks, Last night I finished building my brothers computer and set about the task of reinstalling XP. Well, I forgot his CD didn't have SP1 on it (it was late and I probably should've just called it a night since this was a dumb oversight) and I tried to install the Nvidia chipset drivers...
  37. Astral Abyss

    My 410W Silencer: Powerful enough?

    I've had a 410W PCP&C Silencer power supply for about a year now. It's been running fine powering my system: A7N8X 2500+ Barton oc'd to 3200+ 1GB RAM 2 WD hard drives (RAID 0) DVD-ROM CD-RW 9800pro Audigy2 5 80mm case fans + 80mm CPU fan I'm about to upgrade to a 3200+ A64 939 and...