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    Am I ever going to be able to activate this Win10 (final) that I installed yesterday?

    Did a fresh install as my windows 8.1 finally gave up. It's pestering me to activate but I don't have a key. Can I use any of my Windows 8 pro keys? Some are OEM and some retail. Cheers!
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    Nvidia 344.65 WHQL released - Display port corruption STILL NOT FIXED! Starting to get right on my tits this is now.
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    2 USB 3.0 pins missing from Z87 mobo header, normal?

    I picked up the z87 PRO yesterday and installed it this morning, I noticed my old Z77 sabertooth had one pin missing (bottom right) but this new board also has the top left pin missing. Is this normal? EDIT:- Nevermind i'm a dunce who shouldn't be allowed near a computer, I was looking at it...
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    Could someone help this Numbskull? Problems with Lucid Virtu Z77

    So I bought the Asus Sabertooth Z77 yesterday, I thought I would make use of the integrated DP connection. So monitor is connected directly to the motherboard, my GTX680 is installed normally in PCI express x16. Latest drivers for both video cards installed, latest Lucid Virtu software is also...
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    Modern day version of this card anyone?

    Been tasked to fix up an old machine that is used for some video transfer. I checked it out and this needs to be replaced with something more modern. It also has an S-Video...
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    Zalman VF3000F Dual Fan VGA Cooler - Fit''s on a DirectCUII GTX570?

    Ì bought 2 GTX570 Direct CUII and the gap between them is minimal, therefore the top card gets very hot and very loud, very quick. I though about replacing he top cards cooler with the V3000F, it would have the double effect of creating a better gap between the cards. I guess what I am asking...
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    Gainward GTX580 - GOOD edition, it's quiet apparently.

    No it bloody well aint!! After a few seconds of gaming the fans ramp up to ear splitting level, transporting me back to 2006 and my first Xbox360. At least I can't hear the wifes hairdryer when I have got it on. Is this supposed to be normal? All the reviews bang on about how quiet it is...
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    Gainward GTX580 - GOOD edition, it's quiet apparently.

    Sorry wrong forum.
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    Does the Gainward GTX580 output audio over display port?

    Upgrading from my Ati 5870 and I have found myself in a position of needing audio out over DP. Anyone know if it does? Or do I need to get another ATI card?
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    Data recovery from Windows Home Server disks, anyone got any pointerss?

    Ok basically I was reinstalling the server (after 1 year 24/7) and I got the nice option of reinstallation. Obviously I chose that option and everything proceeded just normal. Right up to the last stage where setup crashed creating volume c: It gave me some error about "error in external...
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    Antec True380SP (20 pin connector) working ok in a 24pin mobo?

    Building a new machine for my stepdaughter (nothing too special) AMD 4350E, Integrated GFX mobo, 1 HD etc. I have this PSU laying around, would be a shame to waste it, do I just ignore the other 4 pins?
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    Just built a core i7 system, and killed it in the same session, Help!!

    I got the Gigabyte EX58-UD5 as a mainboard, anyway due to circumstances beyond my control the power got shut off whilst I was flashing the bios. No problem, the board has dual bios so I can just carry on can't I? Only problem is that I read a lot about how wonderful dual bios is but can't...
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    Ok I'm off to Hong Kong tomorrow - Planning a new CPU (at least)

    What's the best cpu to bring back? I have a Q6600 running at 3.2Ghz right now, thinking of changing to the new 45nm cpu's. Is the E8400 a good choice? Haven't bought a cpu for about 6 months so I'm a little out of it :D Also should I just sell my lot and get a DDR3 based board and memory?
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    Giving away Half Life 2 to the first person who sends me a PM.

    And obviously doesn't have Half Life 2 yet. via a steam download.
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    Just moved into a new house, network is present already but not working.

    Hi, There is a central networking hub with 4 incoming cables and a patch panel. I decided to remove the patch panel and just put normal connectors on the end of the cables and then straight into the switch. So I got to work and I pulled the patch panel off the wall, took a look at the...
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    CPU for a simple file server

    Hi, I'm in the process of building a pc for the closet, it will be housed in an Antec P150 and will have a few 500 gig hard drives. OS is planned to be Windows Server (HOME) when it is available and it will have 2 gigs of Kingston DDR2 667Mhz (got it already cos it was cheap) Motherboard...
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    Ati 2600XT and Zalman VNF100-HP - Happy together? Can't find anything to say they aren't compatible, anyone got these two working together?
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    Stupid question about the 2600XT

    Hi, I am about to order one of these for my HTPC to replace the 7950GT. Just reading the specs and I am confused about this. Integrated HD audio controller with multi-channel (5.1) AC3 support, enabling a plug-and-play cable-less audio solution Does that mean my sound card will be...
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    680i reference board, iffy fan headers?

    Hi, I installed an Inno3d 680i board yesterday to replace my dead BX2 (RIP) Everything seems to be ok in the few hours I have been using it, one fan header seems to be lifeless. The one inbetween the backplate and the cpu (above the northbridge point) nothing happens when I plug a fan into...
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    Intel Bad Axe 2 - Does it control fan RPM well?

    Hi, I have become tired of my P5W-DH and it's increasingly lame overclocking, I used to be able to hit 3.6, now I can't go over stock without hangups of some sort. Was thinking of selling it and getting the BX2 but one thing I lika about the P5W is the digital home mode, this basically runs...
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    Xbox360 wired controller and Vista x64 problem

    Hi, I have been using the wired controller for over a year now on my PC with windows XP and no problems. Since upgrading to Vista the controller works for a few minutes, then the ring of light starts flashing and I lose the inputs. Game controller properties in the control panel says everything...
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    Yay! Just got my OEM 64bit Vista!

    Going to install it tonight, almost all of my hardware has 64bit drivers (except TrackIR) Thanks for the OEM deal Microsoft, 190 euro vs 500 euro hmmmmm
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    Seagate NL35 acoustic management?

    Hi, I have the NL35 (400gig) in my HTPC and it's a good drive for this purpose, biggest problem is the seak and reading noise. In the Zalman HD160 case it really echoes and the noise stands out very much. Any programs that can reduce the read/write speed and ease the noise output? I...
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    8800GTX listed in Finland (649 euro)

    That's $820 to you sir!
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    Nero drivespeed (or alternative) for vista?

    My LG DVD is spinning like mad, normal nero drivespeed doesn't work. Any alternatives, or just wait?
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    Ok I give up, can't take this no more!

    Now I am asking for help and hopefully someone can see a link here. My total specs are as follows. WinXP + SP2 + all patches (legal version) ASUS P5W DH Deluxe - 1407 bios Core2Duo E6600 @ 2.4Ghz 2*1024mb G-Skill DDR2 800 HZ series Sapphire Radeon X1600 PRO 256megs + CAT 6.9 <- yeh I know...
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    Zalman HD160 case and audio mobo header - help!

    Hi, I have the aformentioned case and the Intel DG965WH media board (currently being built) I have come a little unstuck regarding the front panel audio support, maybe someone who has more experience than me would care to lend a hand? My board has the following connections available...
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    Errrr am I reading this right?

    This here
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    ok enough, how do i reset my P5B DLX without pulling the jumper?

    My case is so tight, I have dropped the jumper on more than one occasion, also pulled the chassis protection jumper a few times. I heard that it's possible to reset it with a keypress, I can't find it though....
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    Anyone know if it will be possible to buy vista direct from Microsoft?

    Hi, I will need at least 3 licenses (1 ultimate for me, 1 Home premium for HTPC, 1 basic for kids pc) Anyway it seems that the prices in my country (Finland) are extortionate to say the least, Ultimate was priced at 499 euro for full and 330 euro for the upgrade. I don't need or want the...
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    XFX 7950GX2 - 3d lockups all the time

    Hi, Anyone here have any idea what this could be? Just installed this card as an "upgrade" for my X1900XT, anyhow using a ASUS P5B Deluxe (bios 0507) Forceware 91:47 WHQL and if I set the drivers to multi display mode it works fine, if I select multi gpu I get a lockup within seconds...
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    I have been offered to swap this...opinion wanted...

    Hi, A guy wants my X1900XT (flashed to XTX) and some cash ($100) to swap for his XFX GeForce 7950 GX2. Looks like a great deal to me, what you think? Paul.
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    I haven't got a clue how to overclock....

    There I said it! :) I stem from the days when you set the FSB to 100 and got a 300A to 450, that's all I can remember. Now there are ram dividers, and all sorts of stuff that I don't understand. I wouldn't mind getting 3ghz out of my E6600 and P5B deluxe with good G-Skill memory, anyone want...
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    building a new HTPC, what you think of this Intel board?

    I'm going to (maybe) use this board with a Core2duo E6400 (2.13Ghz) and 2 gigs corsair 667. It seems that this board supports Intel VIIV and has S/PDIF output to a new HDMI capable video card (not purchased yet) Any gotchas you...
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    Haha! E6600 in my hands right now!!!!

    My new best friend got some in stock, a bit pricey at 360euro but I wasn't prepared to wait 2 weeks to save 20 euros. Asus P5B deluxe at home - check G-Skill 2x1024 DDR2 800 HZ series - check Thermalright HR-01 + duct - check Ati X1900 XTX - check CONROE!!!!!! Going to be a good...
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    Grrrrr my Conroe pre order pushed back to the 16th

    I will have to get out and enjoy this summer now, Damn!!! :D
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    Disk detection headache...

    Hi, I will crosspost this here in case anyone knows of this issue, I think maybe the ICH8R is a bit too new to have any fixes available. Maybe someone knows? Biostar T-Force P965 Deluxe problem
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    Odd disk detection problem...

    Hi, I have just gotten a new BioStar T-Force 965 chipset board (ICH8R) I'm just trying to get everything ready for Conroe but ran into this rather annoying problem. On a cold start (from power switch) the disks get detected like in the first picture. 2 x WD raptors OK, everything else gets...
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    Socket478 with DDR and PCI Express?

    Such an animal exist? I know Asrock have come up with some funky hybrid boards, I have a S478 3.2gig prescott here doing nothing. Forgot to add that it should be M-ATX (pushing hard here for sure)
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    Ok I am needing some advice..

    I am getting rid of my Core motherboard (Asus N4L-VM DH) and it will leave me with a Core duo T2400 sitting doing nothing until Christmas when it becomes a HTPC cpu. I have 2 gigs of RAM (Corsair DDR2 667) Now I can continue with my plans to build a Conroe system using the DDR2 667 I have...