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  1. Bullitt

    Phanteks/Seasonic RMA turnaround time

    I purchased a Phanteks AMP PSU for a build recently. I've been out of the basic parts loop for quite some time, having only used or purchased Seasonic, Corsair or EVGA, but in the last 4 months, parts availability at anywhere close to MSRP has been a challenge. So, I had no idea about...
  2. Bullitt

    DAS Pro4 replacement caps options

    What are the options for replacement caps for the DAS Professional 4? I've almost worn off my WASD and L-shift from just over 1 year and 1 week of use. Its just the OCD bugging me, I don't need to see the lettering, but dammitt, this is a premium keyboard (or so I thought).
  3. Bullitt

    System won't load OS when secondary drive is plugged into ASMedia controller.

    I'm at my wits end here. I've had this system for many years, its been extremely rock solid since its system build but I'm running into an issue that I just can't wrap my head around. System: MSI Z77A-GD65 Bios v. (most current) Intel I7-3770K (not overclocked) 32GB Corsair RAM...
  4. Bullitt

    Steam Link $19.99 @ Amazon daily deal

    Amazon has the Steam Link as a daily deal today, for $19.99 Prime Shipping. Caveat: it's expected to ship in 1-3 weeks. Edit: You must select "Other Sellers" and pick "" for the price. Sorry, was trying to remove all excess garbage from my URL.
  5. Bullitt

    Toshiba Core Duo Lappy $549 OTD

    Best Buy has their Toshiba Core Duo Lappy on special for $549 OTD. No rebates this time. Old Deal Current Deal, No rebate this time Same specs as Feb: # The Satellite A35-S2276 notebook includes: 15.4"-diagonal widescreen WXGA (1280 x 800) TruBrite LCD screen # Intel Pentium dual-core...
  6. Bullitt

    USB -> Serial for console port

    I need some advice from the collective.... I need a USB->Serial adapter that will work properly for console access to various cisco devices. Lappy will not have an rs232 port on it. What products work best? I'm out of the loop, but when looking for these things, I thought that some...
  7. Bullitt

    UPS's dying

    Well, I got a question for the electricians here.... Customer site has just had three ups's feeding one device replaced. They're on their fouth one. What is the usual culprit to AC power killing UPS's? What is the identifier to the issue?
  8. Bullitt

    WinXP Search Shortcut direct to "All files and Folders"

    Does anyone know a tweak/commandline shortcut to windows explorer to bypass the "search companion?" I don't mean to turn off the little puppy-dog thing, but I was curious if there was a means to open a search and have it directly pull up the "all files and folders" instead of having to click...
  9. Bullitt

    Remastering knoppix

    So... has anyone attempted a knoppix remaster? I've attempted it half-assed but work kept getting busy at all the wrong moments. I suppose, what I'm looking for is information on what tools you used and best yet, if someone had a list of "the bare essentials needed to get the thing to...
  10. Bullitt

    Best bang for the buck Passivly cooled NV card

    So, what are the options here? I've got a SFF that I want to use for some _moderate_ gaming. I'm speaking of 1024x768 @ low-med settings in games like UT2k4, Quake4, BF2. I'm not looking for triple-digit framerates, but if I could hit average of 30, that'd be a plus. Is the 6200 w/...
  11. Bullitt

    XP Fixboot fixmbr commands

    A few days ago, I was the victim of a borked 'nix install. The daily-build installer couldnt grab some packages because they were broken, blah blah blah, I cancelled the install via the menu. Of course, it had to mess with my MBR and I got the dreaded "cannot load operating system" after a...
  12. Bullitt

    Shuttle SN85g4 Cool'n'Quiet

    Does this thing do "Cool'n'Quiet" or does it rely on the shuttle fan to do the work? Mine is running great, but a throttled proccie would make it even better.
  13. Bullitt

    BenQ 1655 Firmware suggestions

    Guys, I need a suggestion I picked up a BenQ 1655 the other day and am quite pleased with it. Burns are very good quality, almost on par with my plexwriter. However, I am running into some problems burning TY02 media at anything higher than 8x. My plexwriter eats this stuff up @ 12x...
  14. Bullitt

    Windows Firewire interface issue (IP over iee1394)

    I posted this in the "networking section" but it may have been too windows specific. 10 days, no bites. I'm sure a format/reinstall will fix it, but thats a suckers way out. WindowsXP Pro sp2, totally updated. I have a setup where I wish to use my 1394 (firewire) connection over IP to...
  15. Bullitt

    Troubleshooting poor/bad media

    I'm seeking some opinions... I have a spindle of some blank CD's, Memorex 52x that I received as a gift. I'm about 12 cd's into this spindle. I use these for "throwaway" (not because they're gifts, but because they are blank cd's in general) applications. By throwaways, I mean taking my...
  16. Bullitt

    Outpost/Fry's Mushkin 2x1gb PC3200 ddr $120AR Outpost has 2x1GB of mushkin stuff (cas3) to replace their Corsair value kits Price is $150 - $30MIR = $120AR I purchased the corsair kit they had on sale here but apparently they couldnt get the orders filled so they...
  17. Bullitt

    WinXP Pro SP2 ieee1394 problems

    I'm at a loss.. This may be better served in the OS forum, but I'm starting here. I have a setup where I wish to use my 1394 (firewire) connection over IP to connect to a 'nix box for a point-to-point network. 'Nix box is set up properly, and the iee1394 interface runs IP over it like a...
  18. Bullitt

    Microcenter 20% off sale

    Microcenter has a "20% off sale" that includes selected video cards, all AMD64 proccies (including X2 models). Prices and items of note are an EVGA 7800gtx for $439 (cheapest froogle I could find is $460)
  19. Bullitt

    WDS with mixed routers

    Quick question. I have an Asus WL500g router/AP/bridge device that I purchased about 18 months ago. I want to connect a couple devices (ps2, etc) where its not practical to run ethernet. I see with some 3rd party firmware, the Linksys WRT54g can act in WDS mode. Wireless isnt a...
  20. Bullitt

    eth1394 networking

    Has anyone tried this? My only experience was accidental when trying to make a amd64 port work on my rig. The debian installer at the time, would pick up on the firewire interface and attempt to run tcp/ip over ieee1394. Long story short, I want to play around with it b/c my fileserver is...
  21. Bullitt

    AMD s754 3700 + 80GB HDD $205 shipped

    Linkage here I'm not sure what the brand/model of the HDD is but ewiz (current low-price winner) has the same proccie for $175 + ~$9 shipping. Basically, 'egg has a combo for $205 with free shipping versus ewiz's $185 shipped price.
  22. Bullitt

    Seagate 7200.8 ata/100 300GB $130-$50=$80 AR

    (edit due to reporst) screw me, repost..... ignore the crack baby stuck at work...
  23. Bullitt

    (Yet another) Slim DVD/CD drive (thread)

    Does anyone have any feedback about which slim dvd burners are better than others? This SFF mod is tugging at my brain lately and I dont want to purchase a $100 PoS.
  24. Bullitt

    LiteOn 1693 vs NEC 3540

    Quick question for those who have either model: I'm putting together a shuttle and am on a tight budget. I don't _need_ the box, but its sitting there collecting dust and I might as well do _something_ with it. I want a burner but its got to be somewhat quiet. I understand that I could...
  25. Bullitt

    sn85g4 Sempron64 revE?

    Anyone have experience with the sempron64's (rev E'6s in general) on this shuttle? Mine's collecting dust since I bought it and with the sempy's in that magical <$100 price range, I thought about putting it to use. Official Shuttle site says Rev E's are not supported, but they have a BIOS...
  26. Bullitt

    CC - Seagate ATA100 300GB $100 AR

    For those (somewhat) instant gratification people: Circuit City has a Seagate 300GB ATA 100 drive for $100 AR (retail package) Looks like it boils down to $200 - $40 MIR (CC) - $40 MIR (Seagate) -$20 "instant" savings. This is in their circular, looks to be in-store deal. Its not...
  27. Bullitt

    Hitachi 250gb sata refurb $90

    More refurb hitachi Sata drive goodness at the 'egg. Deskstar 7K250 250GB $89 + $1shipping = $90 to your door.
  28. Bullitt

    Hitachi 250gb sata refurb $101

    Hitachi 7k250 250gb refurb hdd $99.99 + $1.00 shipping = $100.99 to your doorstep. Hitachi honors the 3 year warranty with proof of purchase FYI My conversation with Hitachi Customer Support
  29. Bullitt

    Mushkin LII V2 (tccd) 1GB kit $199.00 free shipping

    Title mentions it all. I dont know how [H] readers missed this one.... Definitely the best price on TCCD stuff I've seen. $199 out the door, shipping is "free" Muskin @ Monarch
  30. Bullitt

    Shuttle March Promotions US and Canada

    Shuttle seems to have a rebate sale on some of their older models: Shuttle US promotions $50 MIR on their SB77G5 SB75S ST62K ST62S and SN85G4V3 models. Rebate from 2/25/05 to 4/08/05 Example prices from 'egg: SB77g5 -- $319 -$50 MIR SB75s -- $255 -$50 MIR st62k and st62s -- $219 -...
  31. Bullitt

    Shuttle sn85g4 <unsureversion>

    Heyas, Our gaming group purchased a shuttle sn85g for our game server. At any rate, it sits in a remote location, I dont have physical access to it now (getting someone to check for specific version now). At any rate the fan appears to be going south. I want to get a replacement fan but...
  32. Bullitt

    Aopen N250A-FR opinions

    I'm looking for an inexpensive server-esque board. I'm not looking for a s939 since price is an absolute concern. I figure I can do a s754 and get very good performance for < $300 for mobo ram and proccie. So, Looking across newegg, the one with the most onboard HDD headers led me to this...
  33. Bullitt

    NV Silencer 5 $19.95 @ jab-tech

    Linkage A couple bucks cheaper than a quick froogle search. Shipping is reasonable as well as decent I don't know if its the Revision 2 or not, I just sent off a pre-sales query. If anyone has it cheaper, let me know, about to pull the trigger.
  34. Bullitt

    PCI-e to molex converter?

    (sh@%) Someone posted a thread with the same question, I'm too crosseyed to see it yet. Mods, delete my post.
  35. Bullitt

    Hardware RAID controller card question

    Obviously, I dont have any 64-bit pci slots on my motherboard. But I'd like to set up a RAID5 setup for my system. I want hardware raid since I'm of the opinion that software raid = teh suxxor. I was looking at a somewhat entry-level LSI RAID card, but its meant for a 64-bit/66MHZ pci slot...
  36. Bullitt

    AGP Aperture size and onboard RAM

    I had a quick question about aperture size and RAM. I've tried to read up on as much info I could find, but any reviews about modifying AGP aperture size that I have found were done on 2+ year old hardware and games. Am I understanding correctly that the aperture size _reserves_ system ram...
  37. Bullitt

    6800GT vs 6800U

    I'm sitting here thinking about some my backordered 6800gt from microcenter. They're having that 20% off sale and I bought (which got backordered) a evga 6800gt. Total cost is $342. Not bad, still $50 cheaper than 'egg. They have the 6800Ultras in stock for $439 + tax and shipping, its...
  38. Bullitt

    Hitachi 250G sata @ $133?

    Linkage Part 1 Linkage Part 2 What are the general opinions on this particular model? The 'egg seems to have 2 of the hitachi's, 1 @ $133 and the 2nd @ $140. I'm comfortable buying the brand, but whats the difference (besides $7)? I've checked the hitachi site, but they're real...
  39. Bullitt

    PCP&C 510 bit it??

    After getting this monstrosity from fedex, I installed it in my case of my new build Thursday evening. I installed 1 stick ram, 1 vid-card and processor. Thurs night, I powered it on and all was well, I was concerned with it posting for a new build.... Friday comes and goes, its operational...
  40. Bullitt

    Before my significant other sees the visa bill...

    I've been lurking here and there for a few months and collected some good advice on some of the forum areas that aren't my strong points (Power supplies, thanks Ice Czar). So anyhoooo bought me a mid-range system just now and have to tell someone before I get my ass royally chewed.... :D...