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    ASR-72405 on X399 Aourus Gaming 7

    Well, per title - I have an ASR-72405 on a Gigabyte Gaming 7 x399. It will not post with the RAID card plugged in - without battery, without being connected to my backplane. What say you? Mobo doesn't like card? Card doesn't like UEFI? Maybe card needs firmware updated? Maybe card is bad. I...
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    Noob help needed - VM within windows or...?

    Ok. So, I need some help. I intended to use VMware for two or three VM's, but the freeware version doesn't allow enough vCPU's for my needs. One VM needs many vCPU's. The other, not so much. Here's what I need to do: single Threadripper hosting stuff using Windows 10 or server. I need another...
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    Nas/SAN/Plex server redesign

    Gents: I've been using a 16-bay supermicro chassis with a 3570k-based hardware. Filled with 4tb drives. I have a 24-bay that I plan to populate with 14tb drives as resources allow. I have been using 2 HBA's for my current usage, and running Plex server from the machine. It transcodes fine. All...
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    Prime Day Deals

    July 15-16. Anyone watching it or have an interest? I'm sure all the Amazon products - echo, Kindle, fire stick, etc heavily discounted.
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    X8DTI-LN4F - any processors worth putting in it?

    Just bought a chassis that has a X8DTI-LN4F Mobo. Anything worth putting in it for use or scrap it? I guess it supports Xeon 5500 and 5600 series processors. Edit: has two E5620 in it.
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    Sophos XG box, downloads fine, slow uploads

    Anyone running a sophos box that has experienced this: download/upload is at parity from the fiber box. Once it passes through the firewall, which has no active filtering of any kind running - I get full download, but only about 10% of upload speed. Any ideas? Changed cables, removed all...
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    ZFS with differing vdev sizes

    I have a pool comprised of a single vdev 16-drives wide in ZFS2. What's the harm (if any) of adding another vdev with a different number of drives? 16x4tb drives = 64tb - 8tb =56tb I had been using a 12-drive chassis as backup, but want to throw it into the mix as well. What would you guys do...
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    FreeNAS/FreeBSD rrdcache error?

    Gents, Let me start by saying, I don't have logs. However, when doing a whole, whole lot of reads and writes to a FreeNAS 11.2 16-drive array in ZFS2, I get an error...where soft shutdown commands won't work, even from the console. I get a rrdcache status 2 error. I'm sure I can replicate it...
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    Windows 10 SMB share max connections?

    Does anyone know what the max limit connections for windows 10 SMB shares are? I don't mean concurrent users. Seems Windows 7 had a limit that could be removed with some editing. Any ideas on windows 10?
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    (targeted)10% eBay bucks from app u til 3/28

    Per title. 10% eBay bucks til 3/28 if using app. Otherwise 8%. Might be targeted, I'm not sure. Edit: I've been informed this is targeted. you feel lucky?
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    Vpn messing with network mapped drives

    Ok. So I added an inexpensive Dell switch (left unmanaged, should just be a dumb hub) to my setup. Setup: Fiber point => sophos box (gateway, DHCP, firewall) => dell 5424 switch => workstation Now, I'm running a VPN on the workstation. It appears to drop my networked drives (volumes on a...
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    Low profile air cooler for 3U case

    Gents, As far as I can tell, there appears to be a max height of 110mm for an air cooler in a 3u case. I've been running a 3570k in an open case, but I'm moving the entire rig into a more hostile environment and need to close it up. What is the best option? Noctua, bequiet! Both have low...
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    ZFS RAM Intensive?

    I'm using ZFS ala FreeNAS. In ZFS2 (RAID 6 type). Hardware: MSI Z77 Mobo, 3570k, 16(2x8) ripjaws 1600, 2 Dell/lsi HBAs, 16X4tb 7.2k Seagate Constellations. I'm seeing very high wired RAM usage all the time - without any stress on it other than writing data. What's the wisdom here? Need more...
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    Need help - weird hardware problem with HBA's and RAM

    Gents: I've built a new (repurposed) rig for hosting my media server. Looks like this: Z77a G45 MSI Mobo 3570k 2x8gb of ddr3 ripjaws Two h310 RAID cards flashed to HBA's Attempting FreeNAS 11.2 So, here's the bitch of it: Using the vga port, minimum boot with both ram stick populated, it...
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    Least expensive 10gb switch?

    I've been about a 10gb switch for the home network. They are quite expensive, evidently. Anyone away of or use a 10gb switch appropriate for humble, poor people?
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    Cat 6 crimper and terminals

    I've run cat6 all over my house, and now I have to terminate them in plates, and make additional lengths to get from the wall plates to my switching gear. Anyone have a recommendation for a cat6 tool and ends?
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    Hot? $200 ADATA 2 TB SSD (SATA)

    Ratuken: Via slickdeals ADATA Ultimate SU800 3D NAND 2.5" SATA III SSD: 2TB $195.50 w/ AD34...
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    Lenovo ix (2x2tb) max drive support?

    Guys, I have a Lenovo IX that's been sitting around since forever. I'd like to replace the drives and use it as a low energy backup NAS. Any idea what the max supported drives are on these things? It's old, it's crappy, but surely for this low demand use, it'd be ok?
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    Sweet sweet graphics machine from '93 (not a typo!)

    I came across this video and thought it was interesting - it's long, but tabbed. It's a discussion and demo of a Silicon Graphics Onyx RealityEngine.
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    APC battery pack wiring

    Guys, I have these large 48v APC battery packs. They fit 12 cells, but maybe had fewer cells per tray. Someone took all the damn battery packs out and I'm not sure how it's wired. 12v cells. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for this? Can take a picture if that helps.
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    Custom rack?

    Guys, I think I'm going to build a rack to store my home server and ups. I see some guys that build them out of 2x4s and etc, but I'm kind of thinking that filtered air has benefits. Any of you guys built a filtered cabinet?
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    Lukewarm: Steam Winter Sale [H]as started

    Steam winter sale is on. Nothing amazing thus far, however.
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    Request: dimensions of Corsair 570x front panel

    Guys- My 570x front panel arrived smashed into approximately 8,000 pieces. I have decided that I have an idea for a custom front and top panel - I have the top panel to make a template, but I do not have the front. Would someone be kind enough to measure their front panel and let me know the...
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    Rift 2 Cancelled

    Evidently, we aren't getting a PC-powered Rift 2. Sucks.
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    Powerline adapater recommendation?

    Gents, I've bought cat6 cable to run through my house, but I was thinking a powerline adapter may be the better overall solution. Currently I'm running a firewall gateway, wired to an Asus 66r, bridged to an Asus 68r. The wifi stability on the farther AP is crap. I can, with some measure of...
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    Asus ROG Strix x399 e-atx $260 @amazon (now $299)

    This is a pretty good deal on a first gen threadripper board. $260
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    I humbly approach for FreeNAS problem

    Gents, My understanding of networking issues is less than basic. Please be patient with me, I'm trying to claw my way up the learning curve. I have a FreeNAS box running in a supermicro rig. I set it up and mapped drive s: to the directory I am using to organize my media content (it's a Plex...
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    Advice on media streaming server needed

    Guys, I'm a noob in need of direction. I have some spare gear: a10-7700k/8gb ram/unlimited rx580 GPU's materials to work with. I am receiving a few enterprise hdds and I'd like to set up a media streaming server in my humble dwelling. I was hoping to make a freeNAS-based rig. I'd like to stream...
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    For Sale Forum Post Permissions

    Gents, I have the 100 post limit needed to PM (and thereby purchase things via the FS/FT fourm, but I lack sufficient permissions to post or reply in it. I must not see it, but what is the post limit or other process to be able to post to that section? Not a scammer, here. Just trying to...