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    Overclocking my Xeon E5-1660v3

    Hey everyone, looking for some help. I have a Asus Rampage Extreme V X99 board, a Xeon E5-1660v3 unlocked 8 core CPU , 32GB of Corsair 3200mhz DDR4 ram and a Titan X. My problem is no matter what I do I can't get my ram stable over 2133Mhz. My CPU is now stable at 4.4Ghz 1.3v however this ram...
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    Newegg Gtx 690 Signature in stock.

    Evga GTX 690 Signature in stock. Retail price and as of this min they have 51 in stock.
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    Just got them!!

    Finally got my GTX 690's. Two are for me, however a friend of mine also wanted one so i ordered another one when I saw it in stock late at night. Now he says he cant afford it so the EVGA one is going on EBAY. Can't wait to get them running.
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    Asus Gtx 690 in stock go go go

    Tax for me so I didn't buy it.
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    SR-2 Two Different CPU's

    Hey guys. Can you run the SR-2 with both a L5640 and a E564, both being 6 core CPU's? Also if you can will they both have to run at the same overclock or can both run at their own speed? Thanks, Isaac
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    Got my special L5640 CPU

    Well got my L5640 yesterday and popped it into my Asus P6T with no problems. The best I can do is 3.6 stable but it needs a little over 1.4v. I'm not a great overclocker so im not sure what settings I can use for a better overclock. I don't know if I should keep this or go back to my I7 920 @...
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    Have HD5870 + 8800 GTX 768

    Hey guys. I'm about to setup my Eyefinity setup later this week and my question is I have one ATI HD5870 and a older 8800 GTX 768. Can I use it for Physics? And is it worth it? I also have a brand new EVGA GTX 275 card that I have no use for. Is it overkill to use that for physics? Or just sell...
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    Asus M3N78 PRO MB???

    Hey guys, Does anyone know if there are any revews on this new motherboard? Its the new Nvida 8300 chipset. I am getting ready to build another Media Center PC and want to know how good this is? Thanks.
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    ASUS Maximus Raid 0 set up problem.

    Hey guys I just got my ASUS Maximus Formula SE and am tring to setup raid O with my 2 74GB Raptors. Everytime I select Raid in the bios the system wont pass the IDE detection and just hangs. Can you please help me. Also im using the latest bios. Thanks.
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    2 HD2900 Pro's vs. 1 8800Ultra?

    Hey guys. I just ordered a Evga 8800Ultra from Newegg. My question is should I return it and get 2 HD2900 Pro's with water blocks insted of the Ultra? What would be faster over all? I just saw on Xtremesystems that a guy flashed his 2900 Pro with a XT bios and ran almost 14k in 3dmark06 on stock...
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    1tb drive review!!!
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    Hard Drives on 12v or 5v?

    Does a hard drive pull power from the 12v line or the 5v line? I have a 465w PS with 30a on the 5v line and now I want to upgrade to a 750w PS that has 28a on the 5v. I have 6 300gb hard drives now and im going to get 5 more 500gb very soon. I don't want to make a mistake on the new PS. The PS I...
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    New Koolance Water Block For 7950GX2!!!!

    I just ordered one!!!
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    Newegg E6600 Retail for $369 Instock!!!

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    New water block for 7950 GX2!!!

    It’s the same as EVGA is using for there Black Pearl card. It’s on the website but it will not let me translate it from German. I want one ASAP...
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    Pentium D 805 for HTPC?

    Do you guys think this CPU would be a good choice for my new HTPC? I will be hooking it up to my 50" HDTV Plasma for DVD up conversion and Media center 2005 use. Thanks.
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    EVGA 7800 GTX 512 overclocking?

    I just got my second EVGA 7800 GTX 512 and this new card will not overclock higher than 580 core and 1.75 memory. My other 7800 GTX 512 runs no problem at 620 core and 1.8 memory. The only thing I have noticed is that the new card has a newer bios rev. Do you think that my overclock is fine? Or...
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    254's or 275's ???

    I now have 252" running at the stock 2.6ghz. I am going to upgrade this week. Would you guys go with 254's or 275's dual core? The 254's run at 2.8ghz, that's dual FX57's or the 275's run at 2.2ghz but with 4 cores running at 2.2ghz? I don't know what would be the better cpus to get. :confused:
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    Go from Opteron 252 to Opteron 165?

    Hey guys. I am thinking of selling my Opteron 252 system and going with an Opteron 165 and overclocking it. The problem is that I am not guaranteed that I will hit over 2.6GHz and if I don't then I am going down in speed. I use my system for playing BF2 and the regular stuff download music, go...
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    Dual 3.4GHz Xeons 1m Cache?

    I purchsed a pair of 3.4GHz Xeons to replace my system. I have a ASUS P5DW2, Intel 3.4GHz EE cpu, 2gb Ballistix's DDR2 PC2-6400, 7800GTX, OCZ Powerstream 520W. I was wondering if I should stick with my current system or build the dual Xeon? Also if I did sell the pair of Xeons what price...
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    P4 3.4EE Gallatin Core Socket 775?

    Ok I just got my Asus P5WD2 motherboard, P4 630 Cpu, and 2GB of Ballistixs PC2-6400. I overclocked it to 3.7Ghz 14 X 266. I have a chance to get a 3.4EE Gallatin Core for a really good price. Do you think it would be worth it to upgrade to that chip? I will only want to run it to 3.6 -3.8GHz...
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    What 600 series CPU to get???

    I just got rid of my 4400+ X2 system and I am going back to Intel. I purchased a ASUS P5WD2 Premium motherboard, I needed to get rid of my Crucial Ballistix 2gig PC4000 DDR1 kit for the Crucial Ballistix PC2-6400 DDR2 2Gig kit. I now need to get a 600 series CPU. I was thinking of getting the P4...
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    A8N-SLI Premium Vcore only at 1.47 Help??

    I have an ASUS A8N SLI Premium board. I just got my 4400+ X2 and my Ballistixs 2gb kit. I went back to the 1006 bios after flashing to the newest bata 1007 because it lets you select up to 1.55 Vcore. Everytime I put 1.55 in the bios it only shows 1.44 - 1.47 in the bios, Asus probe and CPUID. I...
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    Best socket 775 overclocking board DDR1???

    I have a ASUS P5GD1 for my P4 550. I want to know what is the best overclocking board out there that uses DDR1. I have the 2GB kit of Crucial Ballistix Tracers that I want to use. Is there a better board? Thanks for everyones help.
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    2Gig Overclocking ram?

    I just purchsed the OCZ 2Gig kit from Newegg and was able to run at 235FSB 3-3-3-8. I want to be able to run to 250FSB or maybe alittle more. What is out there that I can get 2Gigs of? Thanks.
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    P4 @ 4.4+ or AMD???

    I have a P4 775 550 3.4@4.0GHz and I just purchased a P4 561 775 ES running @4.4 on air. I have the new Koolance EXOS-2 and 2Gigs of good ram and a EVGA 7800GTX. I want to see if I can overclock the new P4 I just purchsed more than 4.4GHz on water. What would this = to in a AMD system? I...
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    What 939 CPU Should I Get???

    I have a P4 550 3.4GHz and now I want to go AMD and overclock it. I will get an ASUS SLI motherboard and 2Gigs of ram. What CPU should I get to overclock with, and also what ram should I use? I want to do this till the 3800+ X2 comes out and then I will upgrade. I am also going to water cool...