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    Used GPU Market Crash of 2020

    Wow, 1000 and 2000 series prices are going to take a beating! Instead of spamming the FS threads with low ball offers. Let's post the going rate for GPUs here so traders can know what to expect. The top end 2080Ti will set the market for the rest of the cards.
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    AOC 34" CU34G2X 144Hz UW $438 | Amazon

    In stock at even a lower price of $438. Ship & Sold by Amazon. These are hard to find at MSRP. Has Adaptive Sync | ~1ms AOC 34" CU34G2X 144Hz | 3440x1440 | VA Panel | UW $438 Amazon This is a great write up on the monitor:
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    Retired from PC Building? Here's why.

    UPDATE: I'm back. A friend bought my Mac Pro, so I built a new PC. It's a sad state of affairs in PC hardware/software currently. The most important components and games are either overpriced or underwhelming. Intel is stumbling and Nvidia/AMD has reaped the benefits of crypto. There's a shift...
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    Mac Pro 2018

    Exciting times ahead.... Apple is developing the new 2018 Mac Pro, in the classic modular style of the original tower. Source Because of the upcoming new modular designed Mac Pro, Nvidia recommits to developing Mac drivers by releasing Pascal driver later in April 2017, with Titan Xp...
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    Free Suicide Squad Ticket for 8/5 | Tmobile Tuesdays

    Tmobile Tuesday | Suicide Squad Tickets I just redeemed two of them. If you have multiples, you can stack them in the same order through Fandango.
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    Apple Pay Experiences

    Walked into a CVS but I didn't want to hold the line up just incase it didn't work, so I went to the pharmacy. I held my phone over the terminal and from the sleep screen, the phone activated and displayed the cards stored in Passbook. Went to the register and paid in one step. Easy. The same...
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    ASUS Z10PE-D8 WS Dual Xeon LGA 2011-3

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    Lian Li PC-666WRX "The Beast"

    Lian Li PC-D666WRX Video:
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    IN-WIN S-Frame - Fine Art

    Whoops, didn't look down on the cellphone.
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    ASUS ProArt PA328Q 4K Monitor

    via Engadget Source
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    New Caselabs Magnum TH10A

    Magnum TH10A Product Page This an updatre to the Magnum TH10. This version screwed together, the motherboard is now symmetrical to the case horizontally and a few other features that brings it inline with the newer Mercury series of cases.
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    Phanteks Enthoo Mini XL

    Phanteks Enthoo Mini XL Preview Video Very innovative case. It can hold a mATX and ITX PC in the same compartment
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    In Win D-Frame Mini (ITX)

    Via TweakTown Youtube Video:
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    [Newegg] Seasonic SS-760XP2 Platinum 760W PSU $99.99 AC/AR

    $99.99 after code and rebate (on product page). Code: EXLEMC2254 Link: Expies: 4/10/14 at 11:59 PT
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    Facebook to Acquire Oculus Facebook will rebrand Oculus: (Update: They will not rebrand....for now.)
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    Free: $30 OFF Staples Code

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    EVGA GTX 780 6GB and GTX 780 Ti 6GB

    Step-Up Eligible - $549.99 780 Reference in April | 780Ti in May/June
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    Red Harbinger - Dopamine Mining/Extreme PC Case (Crowdfunded)
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    NameCheap: Move Your Domain Day Sale - $3.98 Transfers | 75% off Hosting

    DEAD NameCheap: Move Your Domain Day Sale - $3.98 Transers | 75% off Hosting $3.98 Transfer Code: NCMYDD (.com, .net, .org, .info and .biz) - Free Private Registration 75% Off Hosting Code: HOSTWITHNC I moved over five...
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    Free Humble Origin Bundle Games

    All keys are gone. Enjoy everyone!
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    New Caselabs S8 | Horizontal ATX

    Caselabs S8: Horizontal ATX Release Date: February 17th, Pre-orders are $40 OFF until Feb. 16th. Price: $359 Made in the USA Pre-Order is now live: Use S8PROMO at checkout to receive the $40 off!!! Exterior dimensions:18.74"H x 14.54"W x 19.03"D...
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    Silverstone FT05 | CES 2014

    My guess was just confirmed on SS Facebook Page: Source: Nailed It!
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    Rosewill Legacy MX2 Aluminum Case

    Rosewill Legacy MX2 Aluminum Case The SFF versions are better options IMO:
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    Rosewill Legacy Aluminum Cases - mATX and ITX

    Rosewill Legacy V3 Plus - ITX Cube Rosewill Legacy V4 - m-ATX Cube
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    Introducing The Cooler Master Cosmos SE

    This goes back to the Cosmos simple yet innovative looks. The Cosmos 2 was unfortunately infected by the HAF virus. The Cosmos SE cures it. And it has a window. Official Site Video...
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    Lian Li PC-A04B Case $33AR

    Lian Li PC-A04B $89 - 30% off Coupon - $30 Rebate = $33 w/ Free Shipping Promo: LIANLI30 Exp. 7/3
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    EVGA Z87 Motherboards Hopefully the EVGA got their act together this round. The right angled ports on the Classified has me sold, since my current case needs them for a cleaner look. ASUS standard ports still requires the cables to bend up, so the Maximus VI Formula isn't an...
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    Silverstone SFF T004

    Not sure of the name, you can barely see it in to bottom of the second photo.
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    Corsair Carbide Air 540D Double Wide Case

    Whoa! Corsair has been infected by Caselabs. A good combo IMO. Video: Release Date: Late July 2013 Price: $139 US Product Page...
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    WTB: 3930K

    wrong section.
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    Frame Rating and FCAT Explanation/Discussion with NVIDIA - PC Perspective
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    NZXT H630 Ultra Silent Case

    Not a huge fan of NZXT but I REALLY like this. Perfect workstation case. See more on their product page:
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    Hot: LIAN LI PC-B12B $68 AR/AC Shipped

    LIAN LI PC-B12B $79 AR/AC Shipped 30 Coupon: TECH4LESS17 $30 Rebate:
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    Newegg: MSI Z77A Dragon + Intel i5 3570K Combo - $55 OFF

    Newegg: MSI Z77A Dragon + Intel i5 3570K Combo - $55 OFF $389.98 - $55.00 = $334.98
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    AMD 7990 on April 22nd???
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    Corsair Obisidian 350D mATX

    Release Date: Available Now
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    GK110 Slimmed Down, Possible GTX 780? The rumors before Titan was released pointed to the 780 being a slimmed down GK110. July-August is...
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    TigerDirect: Sapphire HD 7950 3GB $259 AR

    EDIT: Pricing Mistake - Now $279 AR
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    AMD Reloaded giving poor Nvidia Performance?

    SLI in Crysis 3 barely uses the second card. I probably went up two frames using SLI on the WHQL drivers. The new beta drivers doesn't make a difference either. Now Nvidia has annouced poor performance in Tomb Raider. Nv says the game code itself isn't optimized for Nvidia cards, and they will...