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    HP MSL2024 Tape library firmware

    Hey! Just picked up a sweet deal on a HP Tape library. LTO4 Fiberchannel for $5 :) while LTO4 isn't bad, 20TB of backup capacity isn't the best and LTO5 drives are coming down in price the problem is with HP and firmware files, something they used to give away for free now requires a support...
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    Sapphire 6950 Dirt 3 EFI/Bios issue

    Hey So I was given a 6950 about a year ago that was more or less bricked, wouldn't post in anything, I suspect a bad flash. I've managed to put what I believe is the right rom (Sapphire.HD6950.2048.110322.bin) back onto it, and it is posting and being recognized by the drivers correctly in my...
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    Calling All Optiquest Q241WB Owners

    I recently bought a Q241WB, unfortunately it suffers from the Viewsonic EDID plague and the info in mine is corrupt. I'm hoping someone might be able to run MonInfo on their computer, to give me the information to reprogram the edid, as well as...
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    seagates new warranty

    well, we all thought we were screwed over by 1yr warrenty's seagate has changed that 5 year warrenty across the line. wether its a cheapy 40GB or a 200GB sata.,1121,2285,00.html also applys to any drive purchased after June 1st...
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    Monday might be interesting

    alright, this might be rumorville, but come monday, there are going to be some big changes, (i work in retail and 3 different suppliers informed me about this today) amd is discontinuing production of barton, the new core sempron is coming out as a new duron, there will be no barton...
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    serching once a minute?

    "Sorry! The administrator has specified that you can only do one search every 60 seconds." yeah i realise this is to keep the load off the server, but realy, a minute, i mean, if i only get say 2 results i have to change my search string. i hate to see google allow only 1 search a minute
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    windows oldest "flaw"

    in my mind, this is a flaw, when you go to copy files, it just has one bar saying how long for the entire job, and the guessameter that hasnt been improved since 95 anyone have any idea if ms plans to redesign that? personally what i would love to see is: 2 bars, entire job, and that file...
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    dell mobo question (HAHAHA)

    ok, first off id normally never ask a question about dell, but we got one in on trade here at work, and were going to insted of just reselling it, use it as our new shop machine since ours is starting to show its age. its an intel mobo on here, D865VP, google turns up nothing but it looks...
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    holy S**T, he is just ripping up a storm. he seems to be a new member as well.
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    thinkin of goin p4, which mobo

    well, ive narrowed it down between 2 boards i think. both abit. AI7 or the IS7. frankly, i cant see a difference, besides the AI7 being 10$ more. which board would/should i go for?
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    thinkpad bios flash

    ok, well i own 3 different thinkpads here, and i know that you need a fully charged battery to flash it. i just aquired a 770ed with a dead batt. is there anyway to override ibm's safeguard and flash the bios with a dead battery? i understands ibm's want to have a full battery incase the...
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    considering my small farm, it didnt take that long to get here should be 500 wu's "shrugs" and to top it all off, 8 more places and ill be in...
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    opinion on chenbro case

    im considering this case, has a LOT to offer in terms of case design, whats the general consesis on the looks and design of the case? a review: if i got it, it...
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    Baynetworks 350T

    ok, im making this thread quick before i go to bed, im thinking of purchasing that model, mainly becuase of the cheap price im seeing them for. 2 questions. 1. pdf manual? anyone have it? what features does this switch have on the managment side of things? does one go into...
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    WT* is this card?

    ok, ive done plenty of networking, we got some off lease comps in at work, 2 of them had these cards, i have no friggin clue what they are. but i know they are a form of networking, id guess maybe twinax? the goods: (ive made them links cus they're 2048X1536 pics at ~1.3MB each...
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    cisco 2501 and PPP DUN

    thanks for all the help :rolleyes: