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  1. Spartacus09

    Core i9-10900K hits new highs for Intel with 7.7GHz overclock/world record
  2. Spartacus09

    Advice Request: High quality cans for movies/gaming ($200'ish)

    I had a generic turtle beach wireless headset previously and had to fall back on a pair of earbuds after they crapped out on me. So I'm back to being used to wired again, however I think the earbuds are destroying my ears and giving me severe tinnitus. I game daily but have a blue yeti for mic...
  3. Spartacus09

    Z390 Celeron CPU Compatiblity?

    Looking at getting a temp processor to send off my 9900k for delid, anyone know if a G4920 or other style low end coffee lake would work in a EVGA Z390 FTW motherboard? (it doesn't list anything lower than a i3 for compatibility but logically I expect they're not listed because they didn't test...
  4. Spartacus09

    New Core Hardware Build 9900k (pics inside) ~ Fin

    Will be upgrading my gaming rig core after many years of waiting finally bit the bullet with some extra cash targeting 5.0 on all cores once I get everything installed and stable. I'll post some final shots in the Fractal R5, with the 1070 and H110i GTX I already have after cable managing...
  5. Spartacus09

    8TB WD Easystores all time low $130 at Bestbuy ~ ENDED The cost per TB is better than the 10TB deal for $180 (18$/TB) vs this $16.25/TB. I just picked up the last 4 I needed to fill out my NAS (these are the WD white shuckables). I was...
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    Samsung EVO 860 2.5" 500GB ($82.99) (MZ-76E500E/AM)

    Available at both Amazon (prime) and Newegg (shoprunner) for $82.99 (depending on your state Newegg may be tax free) Newegg: Amazon: I just picked up 2 of...
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    WD 8TB Easystores are 150$ again WDBCKA0080HBK-NESN Obligatory reddit post about them.
  8. Spartacus09

    WD 8TB Easystores are Back for 150$ WDBCKA0080HBK-NESN Obligatory reddit post about them.
  9. Spartacus09

    WD 8TB Easystores are back for 150$ (ended)

    Not the best price seen at Christmas '17 for 139.99, but damn near close. WDBCKA0080HBK-NESN Obligatory reddit post about them. Shuck'em if you got'em
  10. Spartacus09

    3 x 3770 Deliddings (Complete)

    Per my initial test delidding with my 2600k the next plan is to shuck the three 3770s and test the difference it makes. Test equipment: HP Elite 8300 SFF - Win 10 - 8Gb ram - 128Gb SSD I will be inserting each CPU, installing the default cooler with generic dynex thermal paste, and...
  11. Spartacus09

    2600k Delid Process [Success!]

    So I have several 1155 ivy bridge chips I'm wanting to delid (two 3770k and three 3770s) so for that many I picked up a rockitcool88 delidding kit. To get a feel for it I decided to throw !@#$ on the wall and see if it sticks on my old 2600k as a test even thought it's soldered on, here's the...