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  1. BlueWeasel

    Upgrading from 8700K to 12600K worth it?

    Currently running an overclocked 8700K (4.9ghz) with a 1080Ti mainly used for 1080p gaming. Was thinking of passing the 8700K down to my son, as his system needs an upgrade and this would give me an excuse to upgrade. Would a 12600K provide much of a boost compared to the overclocked 8700K?
  2. BlueWeasel

    4 sticks of DDR4 (4x8GB) vs 2 sticks (2x16GB) on Z370?

    Currently running a moderately overclocked 8700K (4.9ghz) on a Asus Z370 board with 2 sticks of 8GB DDR4 3000. I've been considering upgrading to 32GB since RAM prices are falling back to more reasonable levels. Any issues getting another matching 2x8GB kit and running 4 sticks? I just want to...
  3. BlueWeasel

    Games to keep open on second monitor

    What games do you like to play and "keep open" on your secondary monitor(s)? Sometimes when I'm using the PC for general stuff or work, I like to keep a game running on the second monitor. Generally, it's something with a slower pace like a turn-based game, where the action can be paused, or...
  4. BlueWeasel

    WD Black vs SSD for Gaming

    Currently, I've got a ton of games (Steam, Origin, GOG, Blizzard, etc.) spread across several mechanical HD and smaller SSD drives. Was considering getting a large (4TB or 6TB) WD Black to keep them in one place. (1) Is the WD Black series still considered one of the best spinning drives for...
  5. BlueWeasel

    Used XB1 and PS4 games at Redbox $5 - Doom, Deus Ex, Dark Souls 3, etc. Redbox has several used games for sale for $4.99 where available. This deal has been going for several days so there may not be much to pick from...sorry Doom Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Dark Souls 3 Agents of Mayhem WWE 2K17 NBA 2K17 Madden 2K17 Fallout New Vegas (XB1...
  6. BlueWeasel

    USB sound cards: SB Omni or Xonar U7?

    Looking to upgrade to a better audio setup. My configuration is pretty simple: A 2.1 speaker setup and headphones with a boompro mic. I'm not an audophile, so my headphones are in the $100 range (or less). Currently using the Philips SHP9500 and love it. I'm looking closely at both the SB Omni...
  7. BlueWeasel

    New to HTPCs - is this a good start?

    I'm new to HTPC's. We currently use a Roku 3 to stream everything and we love it. Cut the cord recently and couldn't be happier. There is someone selling a HTPC for $140 with the following specs: Gigabyte GA-H61N-USB3 MB i3-3225 3.3 GHz (Ivy Bridge) 8GB DDR3 64GB SSD boot drive Silverstone...
  8. BlueWeasel

    Foolish to upgrade from 4790K to 7700K for gaming?

    Currently running an overclocked, delidded 4790K (4.7ghz) with a 1080 GPU. I'm getting the itch to upgrade to a z270 board, a 7700k, and DDR4. Will be selling my current CPU, MB, and RAM to offset the upgrade cost. I'd guess the net cost to upgrade would be in the $300 range. The system is...
  9. BlueWeasel

    Tape for slick mouse buttons?

    Any suggestions for grip/texture tape or material that can be applied to slick mouse buttons? I've got a Roccat mouse that is my favorite and is no longer made. The mouse buttons had a slight texture to them but are now smooth and shiny from use. I was thinking of applying small sections of...
  10. BlueWeasel

    Wolfenstein: The Old Blood - how is it?

    I loved Return to Castle Wolfenstein, but never finished The New Order. It was OK, I guess, but I quickly lost interest. Is The Old Blood just more of the same? Some of the reviews I've read claim it's worse than TNO.
  11. BlueWeasel

    Overclocked 2500k (4.6ghz) good enough 1080p gaming with 1060?

    I'm finishing up a build for my son's first gaming PC. It's made of parts from my past builds, but would be considered mid-range I guess. It's a 2500k running at 4.6Ghz with 8GB of DDR3 (might upgrade to 16gb later). Resolution will be at 1080p and turning down some settings on newer AAA titles...
  12. BlueWeasel

    KUL ES-87 mechanical keyboard?

    I'm looking to upgrade my keyboard and have pretty much decided on the KUL ES-87 (tenkeyless) over all others. I've researched, read reviews, etc., but would appreciate feedback from H|F users that have used one. For those that own the KUL, would you buy it again or recommend it?
  13. BlueWeasel

    Higher temps after delidding

    My current setup is a 4790K running at 4.7ghz (1.27v) cooled by a Thermalright True Spirit and 2 x 140mm fans (push-pull). With this setup, I was getting temps greater than 80C during Prime95 testing. I delidded the 4790K, reapplied Noctua NH1 between the die and IHS, as well as between the IHS...
  14. BlueWeasel

    OS snapshot or steady state software

    Anyone use snapshot/rollback software like Deep Freeze, Shadow Defender, Rollback RX, etc.? I'm curious about using this type of software in addition to my normal imaging software (Macrium Reflect). For those that use this type of software, how do you implement it?
  15. BlueWeasel

    New 980Ti tripping breaker: PSU problem?

    Current setup: 4790K OC'ed to 4.7ghz 2x8GB DDR3 Zotac 980Ti Extreme (high factory overclock) Corsiar CX750 750W PSU (62A on the 12v rail) I ran a 980 GTX for months and the breaker didn't trip once. Upgraded to the 980Ti a few nights ago and the breaker has tripped several times. It's...
  16. BlueWeasel

    980Ti Overkill for 1080p/60 Gaming?

    Currently I have a a 980 GTX with an overclocked 4790K. I could sell the 980 and upgrade to the Ti for roughly $150. Running at 27" monitor at 1920x1080 and I don't anticipate upgrading to a 1440p or higher Vsync screen soon. I'm considering the upgrade now since the 980 cards are holding...
  17. BlueWeasel

    CM Xornet 2 Thoughts?

    As a claw gripper, I'm a huge fan of the Cooler Master Spawn and Xornet mice. The Xornet 2 just launched....has anyone used it?
  18. BlueWeasel

    Any Zowie FK1/FK2 users?

    I use a claw/fingertip grip and have always preferred small, light mice. I've used a CoolerMaster Spawn for several years but it's starting to bite the dust and is no longer manufacturer. I'm hoping for a refresh but there's been no indication of that yet. Generally, I prefer ambidextrous mice...
  19. BlueWeasel

    Setting booktype on DVD+R media

    Years ago, it was recommended to set the booktype for +R media, so that the reading device would think it was DVD-ROM" media, thus improving compatibility. Even now, I find myself setting the booktype when possible. With current DVD players and drives, is there really any need since the...
  20. BlueWeasel

    Foolish to go with z87 instead of z97?

    Currently running an overclocked 2500k on a Z77. I'm considering upgrading the board and going with a 4790k. I know that the upgrade won't affect gaming much, but multi-threaded performance would be an improvement. The primary reason is I can sell my current CPU + MB and the out of pocket...
  21. BlueWeasel

    Recommendations for replacing Nexus 7 screen?

    I've got 2 Nexus 7 tablets with broken screens thanks to my children. Touch controls don't work at all, even though the screen cracks are small and isolated to a single corner. Are there any online recommendations for replacing the screen? I've called a few local cell phone replacement...
  22. BlueWeasel

    Quad-monitor setup with consumer video cards? Possible?

    We're looking to upgrade a workstation here from a dual monitor setup to a quad-monitor setup running 4 x 22" LCDs. The current system in question is a 939 4200+ (Neo-F Platinum) with a 7300GS running 2x19 LCD monitors. From a CPU/video standpoint, the system is still adequate and the 7300GS...
  23. BlueWeasel

    Removing and reapplying VRAM heatsinks?

    I've currently got an 8800GT with an Accelero S1 and ramsinks mounted to it. My brother is buying the 8800GT and I will take off the Accelero and ramsinks in order to put the stock heatsink back on it. A 4830 has been ordered to replace the 8800GT. I'm no longer a heavy gamer and the net...