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  1. Zedicus

    AMD 5600 CPU on sale an actual good deal. today only.
  2. Zedicus

    'good' price 6600 from newegg on ebay
  3. Zedicus

    'good' price 2060 from newegg on ebay
  4. Zedicus

    Adding the NVME boot module to the UEFI of an old AM3 board.

    Because boredom. Ive got a FX8300 floating around somewhere to stick in it also. Going to build a retro themed windows 10 semi-gaming rig in a 20 year old HP case. Just for giggles. If anyone wants to nvme boot an asrock extreme3 970, iether original, or R2.0, i can share the modified uefi...
  5. Zedicus

    i designed a small custom bracket and need it printed.

    i have .stl and .glb ready to go. it is about 3" by .5" by .5" i need 2 of them printed and mailed to me. i will pay for your time and shipping.
  6. Zedicus

    R9 285 blower pretty uncomon. not mine parts repair auction original AMD card
  7. Zedicus

    maybe these will be in stock I want one
  8. Zedicus

    windows 10 doing wierd things on a small drive, shows full, usage is not.

    80gb drive. no hyber or sleep file. even explorer only shows 38gb used if using drive properties. windows continually shows the drive is 100% utilized in the gui.
  9. Zedicus

    gtx 980 8gb low hash rate

    so i picked up some data-center tesla cards that are the equivalent of a gtx 980 8gb, i have the newest driver and it lights up and mines but reports almost exactly 2.5MH in ether. i have the driver set to compute mode and i made sure it is running in P0. but nothing i do changes the hashrate...
  10. Zedicus

    Microsoft and what a "domain" really is.

    got in to a... discussion, at work. i started drawing on a whiteboard and came up with this. i think it is fairly accurate.
  11. Zedicus

    help with ETC

    not sure if this counts as a 'for sale' so feel free to move it. i have 50 ETC that is no longer supported on my exchange and i would like to do something with it. trade, buy, sell, other crypto, hardware, you name it. i know it can be used on coinbase but i can not bring myself to build up...
  12. Zedicus

    building a page for lazy people (me and my friends)

    the page will be local restaurants with address and phone number. and a picture of the menus that i want to add. the thing i can not do is that. add the upload section for the menu. (the current images of my progress are attached, it is an open source MySQL form that i edited into its current...
  13. Zedicus

    sim racing rusty build...

    cut down bed frame with a car seat sitting on it. lining up pedal location firewall, pedals, and top. made the top out of an old desk my kids used. cleared over all the writing and stuff they left on it. load cell brake, pedals from a toyota, seat from a mitsubishi. frame, floorboard...
  14. Zedicus

    IOP over this...

    ive got a ZFS array with 4 s3700 400gb drives (Z1) and it runs my VM environment. web servers, databases, OSX VMs, you name it. it is nearly full so i need to upgrade for size with out loosing IOPS. should i just move up to the 800gb s3700 or s3710 (these are like 8 years old now) or is there...
  15. Zedicus

    local vs iscsi

    so i have a NAS that has lots of space for user files and stuff already. my VM host server has some hardware that is slowly failing. i am going to be picking up an Epyc 1u system and i am trying to decide rather i want to just save the hassle and add some local disk to it for the VMs OSs, or...
  16. Zedicus

    buidling a WORKING Debian AD DC

    NOTE: cleaned up some things, 4/3/18 my original debian AD DC is based on Debian 6 and it has been upgraded a couple times but is starting to show wierd errors, time to just build a new one. problem is none of the ubuntu guides work out of the box on debian. so this is my alterations to build...
  17. Zedicus

    can someone interpret this smartctl log?

    does not show any errors or things i would be concerned about but always failed in segment 3. i am not getting any trash data or anything from the drive either. thoughts?
  18. Zedicus


    is RDX still relevant? what is it still being used for in production environments?
  19. Zedicus

    sonic wall wierdness

    i recently got a sonic wall dumped on me and it has been a couple years since i was truly a fire wall admin. all the pictures (and my memory) said there should be a 'configuration' button on this screen or a section for trusted domains even. but i see neither. did that stuff get moved in a...
  20. Zedicus

    free windows admin app we are developing.

    thanks to help from some valued [H] members this project is quite useful, and evolving daily. so i thought i would share it here too as it is ready for use on any domain based windows network. give it a go and report feature/usage requests and bugs. thanks...
  21. Zedicus

    my C sharp is dull

    i can not get my ouptup box to show multiple line responses. this should show all installed software by name in the textbox but i only get 1 output line showing up. ConnectionOptions connProd = new ConnectionOptions(); //connection.Username =...
  22. Zedicus

    ZFS send....

    so i have been using RSYNC for my files and folders and ZFS send | receive for snapshots. but it would seem to me that ZFS send could move a files and folders (a snapshot is basically that, no?) but all the docs and the oracle page only show ZFS send as pertaining to snapshots. IE: # zfs send...
  23. Zedicus

    zfs trying to replace drive

    ive got a 6 drive raidz2 that was seagate based and some of the drives started acting up. ive got a few of them replaced and figured i would just work through replacing them all when this started happening. 1 drive (da3) gives an error when i try to detach it "disk offline failed - no valid...
  24. Zedicus

    a NEW all-in-one storage and vm host option

    so i got ran off of the freenas board for trying to share my experience so i will log some of my results here. this build is running and has been in production for over 6 months. it was not a simple initial config due to the lack of any one really using a similar platform but i would say i...
  25. Zedicus

    ZFS build newbie

    hardware 2x amd 6128HE all of the vt-d and virtual stuff is enabled and working 48gb triple channel ddr3 i think it is 1333 speed host has a adaptec 5405 with 2x10000rpm drives for host os (proxmox, overkill) and 2x500gb seagates for VM OS's) all intel nics, i have 3 and only have 2 in use, 1...
  26. Zedicus

    random build info

    the DELL H310's that are currently on ebay have native passthrough support for drives WITH OUT needing a special IT firmware flashed. this saves time for most, and at 90$ each they are a great deal. i happened to have a very low cost ECS IC870M-A2 AM3 board and it fully supports pci-e HBA/SAS...
  27. Zedicus

    is ZFShe board does support ECC unbuffered ram so i could go to 16gb ecc for me?

    i have no idea what happened to the thread title... so i am finally in need of adding some space to a SOHO server. it does more then just serve files though. i have not found comparable software in any form of solaris. options seem to be: stick with hardware controllers and linux. ext4...
  28. Zedicus

    moving an array, hp p410 question

    so i have 8 1tb drives on my p410 and i finally about to use up all of the space. i would like to put an expander between the current array and the p410 with out changing the array or loosing any data. can i just power it down, unplug the drives, plug the epander in, plug the drives into the...
  29. Zedicus

    New member, couple of rigs.

    i know 3ish TB is tiny to most of you but it is fitting my needs fine. i had grand plans to move into a SC846E2-R900B but it ended up not working out for me. the HP P410 didnt like the supermicro expanders. and i didnt like the LSI card i ended up buying to use with that case. anyway here is...