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  1. rpeters83

    Chromecast audio constantly renewing IP?

    I was looking at logging on my (old) Win 2003 R2 DHCP server and noticed one CCA is renewing much more frequently than others. I'm not sure why others are renewing as much as they are, as the lease time is 1 day, but this one stands out. The IP is .1.4 below. What can cause this behavior? Thanks.
  2. rpeters83

    GRC's DNS bench randomly says ""DNS lookup is not offered by this server" when using root hints only?

    I run 2 (quite old) Windows 2003 R2 DNS servers (DNS, and DNS2) and have been for many years. Typically I use forwarders, but am playing around with using just root hints. Randomly when I open up DNS Bench, about 1 out of every 5 or 10 times, it will say "DNS lookup is not offered by this...
  3. rpeters83

    AmazonBasics 400VA UPS OK for basic computer usage?

    Would this model,, be fine for giving me at least a few minutes for a regular PC and single monitor? I don't need special features or a long length of time - just something to get through brown/blackouts. I'm working...
  4. rpeters83

    DNS Bench randomly shows "DNS Lookup is not offered by this server" for one local server using root hints

    DNS Bench will randomly (though rarely) list one of my local DNS servers as "DNS Lookup is not offered by this server". These two servers are Windows DNS servers, without forwarders defined, with 130 as primary and 131 as secondary. I'm not seeing any issues with resolution, they test just...
  5. rpeters83

    What can cause this flickering behavior?

    I fired up an old Acer netbook, noticed this shaking (video below). Pretty sure last time I took it apart I tried to fiddle with the connector but it didn't help. Was going to give this to my son to play on. Thanks. Video:
  6. rpeters83

    How can I see which Hyper-V guest has the most disk activity?

    I have two SSDs that I use to store 12 guests (6 on each) and have noticed one disk has a lot more writes than the other. I'm using Performance Monitor and am able to see the drive is writing more to disk, on average, but can't seem to tell which VM guest is the culprit. I've tried process of...
  7. rpeters83

    Power on hours seems low?

    I have a couple SSDs that have what seems like low power-on-hours. I've had one drive in particular for about 2 months and the hours in crystaldiskinfo is only 468. This SSD is in a server which runs 24/7. 468/24 = 19.5 days, which is obviously far less than 2 months. The other SSD has a total...
  8. rpeters83

    Randomly high ping times across 2 guests on Hyper-V virtual switch?

    I have a small personal Hyper-V server with 12 guests all sharing one virtual switch. I was doing some tests to see why some pings were randomly high and I wrote a script to log/email high ping times. It runs on one of the guests and pings IPs, such as the router and other devices on the LAN...
  9. rpeters83

    New SSDs are showing 98% and 99% in Crystaldiskinfo?

    I run a personal Hyper-V server and recently switched my guest volumes over to two Crucial MX500 1TB SSDs ( I noticed just now that only after a couple hundred hours (355 and 194) they're showing as...
  10. rpeters83

    Upgrade Hyper-V 2012 R2 to 2019 worth it?

    I'm running it for home use with about 12 guests. I'm curious if there's any value in upgrading to 2019 from 2012 R2. Thanks.
  11. rpeters83

    Acceptable packet loss on home LAN?

    I'm trying to figure out why I'm losing packets. I wrote a script that sends 100 pings (one every 500ms) every 5 minutes across a couple PCs (PC1 to PC2 in the attachment) and every so often I get a timeout. I'm ignoring the first ping already. All devices are gigabit and hard-wired. I can't...
  12. rpeters83

    2 1TB SSDs or 1 2TB SSD for Hyper-V guests

    I run a small Hyper-V host (using a desktop PC) and currently have two 1TB WD blacks but want to replace them with SSD storage. Each drive contains about 5-8 guests (about 10-16 total, though 12 on average). I am torn between upgrading to 2 1TB SSDs or 1 2TB SSD. The the former, I don't lose...
  13. rpeters83

    What is causing this blue line on my color laser printout?

    Brother HL-L8350CDW laser color printer. I see this in some color photos. The toner is fairly new. What could cause the blue vertical line? It usually appears in the same spot on different photos. Thanks.
  14. rpeters83

    Plugging router into repeater?

    My parents live on a boat with wifi at the pier. They have a repeater in their boat but they are looking to get a couple smart devices, such as echo dots and smart bulbs. I understand these may not work properly if not on a local network. Our thought was to plug a router into the LAN port of the...
  15. rpeters83

    Nvidia 1030 keeps freezing in two PCs?

    I want to rule this out before I try for an exchange. My son has an older C2D PC that I threw a 1030 into. Then I noticed that randomly during Windows boot, it would freeze. Sometimes a couple times before successfully booting to the logon screen. Sometimes it boots up on the first try. After...
  16. rpeters83

    Going from a Core 2 duo to i5 with GT 1030?

    This is for my 8 year old son's computer. I got a free Core 2 Duo a little while ago threw a 1030 into it. It works well enough, but am curious to how much of an impact going to a Core i5 will have in terms of gaming. He's mostly into Fortnite, of course, but any smoother framerates are welcome...
  17. rpeters83

    Why would my unmanaged switch only get full speed after reboot?

    I have an old TP-Link 8-port unamanged switch on my desk, connected to various devices. I'm usually able to copy at full speed, sending and receiving, at 110MB/s. Sometimes, I will notice the upload/send speed fluctuates a lot, between 0 and 100MB/s, going back and forth in between. Read speed...
  18. rpeters83

    Fast download speed across switch, but slow upload?

    I was transferring some video files across my switch (RT-AC68U) and noticed that while my download speeds to my PC from my server were around the usual wired 115 MB/s, uploads to the server were fluctuating between 30 and 70, which is much lower than the usual steady 115 MB/s I also get for...
  19. rpeters83

    Brand name vs cheap wifi plugs?

    Does anyone have experience with these? I see the Wemo for about $30 and then I see cheaper brands on Amazon for half the price. What is the difference between the two and are there any quality "cheap" brands? Thanks.
  20. rpeters83

    “Access Denied” on Hyper-V in workgroup setup after fresh Win 10 install

    I'm attempting to connect to a Win 2012 R2 Hyper-V server on a home network in a WORKGROUP setup using the Hyper-V Manager on my Windows 10 Pro laptop. All machines are local to the network. I had to do a reinstall of the OS on my Windows 10 Pro laptop and this is when the issue started...
  21. rpeters83

    Upgrading laptop N wifi card to AC?

    I have a Intel Advanced-N 6235 card in my laptop and was wondering if upgrading to a AC card would be as simple as dropping in a replacement, or if there is more involved. I appears to be a 2x2 card, so would I be able to use a 2x2 AC replacement? Thanks.
  22. rpeters83

    Getting 110-113 MB/s on desktops, only 85-90ish on laptop?

    I'm just curious as to why this is. I have three PCs, all on the same switch. Two are desktop, one is a laptop. All connected via gigabit. When I transfer a file, it'll go about 110-113MB/s between the desktops, but when it's being sent to the laptop, it caps at around high 80's to low 90 MB/s...
  23. rpeters83

    Time to update DNS servers?

    On my home network, I have two Windows 2003 R2 servers configured for my primary and secondary DNS, with the first handling DHCP and WINS. Is there any benefit to updating the OS to something newer for something as simple as DNS handling? Thanks.
  24. rpeters83

    Transferring Mini DV to digital (PC)? Camera is broken.

    I'm trying to transfer some old Mini DV movies to a digital format on my PC. The camera is broken and want to know if there are other more integrated options out there with the sole purpose of moving these to a digital format. Thanks.
  25. rpeters83

    Can't decide on a storage and back-up solution

    I'll start off by saying I don't have a fancy setup. I'm amateur and run a small personal server (hyper-V with about 10-12 guests doing random things) on a PC I built myself. I'm also currently on CrashPlan Home one a guest VM, which is retiring, so I'm looking at other options. I'm looking for...
  26. rpeters83

    Worth upgrading Hyper-V to 2016 from 2012 R2?

    I run a small home server with Hyper-V 2012 R2. No issues, but was wondering if it's worth upgrading to 2016 since I have the license. I don't use any enterprise features, just running about 10-15 guest VMs. Any improvements in performance going to 2016? Thanks.
  27. rpeters83

    9800 GTX vs GT 730 for older PCs?

    I have two similarly-spec'd C2D or C2 quad computers that my kids use. One already has a 9800 GTX and am thinking about getting the 730 for the other PC, as it only as integrated graphics at the moment. I'm curious as to which two cards (9800 GTX vs GT 730) would perform better in 3D games such...
  28. rpeters83

    Are Seagate drives better these days?

    I'm bitter due to having to replace about 5 failing Seagate drives over the past year. The drives werw probably purchased several years ago, if not more. I'm curious if they're better quality these days than I'm years past. Thanks.
  29. rpeters83

    Cyberpower UPS came with these little black pegs?

    In the bag for my UPS CP1500PFCLCD, it came with these two small, black pegs and I have no idea what they're for. Any idea?
  30. rpeters83

    What wattage/VA UPS to get?

    I have a small home server, nothing special, but it runs DNS, email, web, etc - it's just a PC running as a virtual host. It has 8 hard drives and 32GB of RAM with a AMD 6-core CPU. I'm completely new to purchasing a UPS and am not sure how much power I need. According to Newegg's PSU...
  31. rpeters83

    Worth getting a pricier Brother printer, or go cheap?

    Option 1: Brother HL-3170CDW Digital Color Printer with Wireless Networking and Duplex ~ $170 Option 2: Brother HLL8350CDW Wireless Color Laser Printer ~ $287 Does anyone have experience with these printers? I've narrowed it down to these two, but not sure if the extra cost is worth it. At...
  32. rpeters83

    Color laser printer decision: HP or Brother?

    I'm torn between the HP LaserJet Pro 200 M251nw and the Brother HL-3170CDW This will be my first color laser printer and can't decide between the brands. I'm curious about experience with: reliability general issues toner replacement connectivity (wireless or wired) software issues? Thanks!
  33. rpeters83

    Any way to use my server to screen calls from my landline?

    Not sure if this is the best place, but I'm wondering if it's at all possible to somehow screen or view calls that come in via a landline and manage or filter calls. Ideally, it would be great to have something that sits between my phone and the outlet, connects to my network, and have an...
  34. rpeters83

    Swapping HD in old Latitude CPi laptop, getting prompted for HD password?

    I'm trying to fix an old Dell Latitude CPi laptop. The hard drive has failed and I tried putting in a drive from my Compaq laptop. When I turn it on, I'm prompted with: "Hard disk #************-595B, the system Primary HDD, is protected by a password authentication system." The Compaq...
  35. rpeters83

    Whining sound from HP LaserJet 2200

    Here's a video of the sound: At about 8 seconds in, you'll hear it. The problem is, usually after a couple back-to-back print jobs, it tends to whine like this. Sometimes it's a little, sometimes it's a lot. When it's a little, it makes a whine...
  36. rpeters83

    Do I need a special UPS for my two PFC PSUs?

    I'm completely new to UPSs. I have a Corsair TX650 in one machine and a Antec earthwatts 380w. Both are active PFC. I've been looking at the CyberPower models, as they advertise pure sine voltage. Do I in fact need a special UPS like this (such...
  37. rpeters83

    Is a gigabit switch worth it for my network?

    Here is my current setup: I feel like there are too many switches and possibilities of bottlenecks. I do transfer a bit amount of files and have a Plex server. I found a front-facing 16-port gigabit switch for about $75 and am thinking of getting it and adding a couple...
  38. rpeters83

    Completely new to OpenVPN, want to set it up, but running into issues/confusion.

    I'm asking for some help with setting this up. I'm familiar with the basics of VPN, but only have used PPTP. My goal is to run an OpenVPN server from my home and connect to it from work. Nothing fancy - I just want to be able to connect. Here's what I have so far. I have a Ubuntu server...
  39. rpeters83

    Confused about DNS caching servers

    I have a local Windows 2003 server with DNS enabled. It's currently set as the primary zone and using forwarders to resolve external requests. My question is, I'm not sure if I understand the difference between my setup and a "caching only" DNS server, where it doesn't use forwarders, but...
  40. rpeters83

    Temp monitoring for Hyper-V 2012 server?

    I have a Hyper-V 2012 R2 host that I use for development that I built myself. Are there any good DOS-based temperature utilities that I can use to monitor the temperatures of the CPU and HDDs? Thanks. BTW, I think Speedfan may work, but does a portable version exist?