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    Rx480 and 6900xt in same setup?

    Hello, I mine with nicehash occasionally and have been using an rx480 in my garage which helps keep it warm during the winter as I use it as a gym. Being that it is warming up can I put said rx480 in my main setup as a secondary card and mine while I am gaming on the primary card (5900x, b550...
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    5700xt finally as fast as the 2070 super

    Good job AMD. But now youre about to get wrecked by the 3080. GG.
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    Raijintek ophion build

    Hey, Posting my ophion/lan build Ryzen 1600af (rebadge 2600) running at 4.2 1.3.5v, 16GB cheap gskill ram running @ 3200, 1070ti, resleeved and shortened cables on a seasonic 620 sIII, corsair nvme SSD Also made an acrylic window to fit the wraith prism
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    Intel XE thread Just read this and it seems like the most comprehensive list of predictions for intel XE with some really interesting thought experiments I think this may be trouble for AMD, especially with ampere likely launching at a similar...
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    Big Navi is coming What are you guys' thoughts on big navi? According to TPU navi 10 is 35-50% slower than the 2080ti. Navi would have to scale almost perfectly with CUs to hit 2080ti performance going from 40cu to 64cu...
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    Sold 1080ti new owner has black screen

    Hello, I just sold a 1080ti and the new owner is having difficullty. They are getting a black screen, however motherboard is not showing error codes and they say it seems like they are getting into windows. He states he's tried it in two pcs. One PC is a maximus VII hero, board shows code A0...
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    First hard line setup

    Hi. I've done a few watercooling loops in my history, I just started getting into pcs again the past year and a half after a 7 or 8 year hiatus. Specs: Ryzen 1600 MSI B350 Tomahawk Arctic Geil pc3200 MSI Seahawk 1080ti Seasonic 750w PSU lots of thermaltake riing fans HWLabs Nemesis GTS 420mm...
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    Swiftech h140-x upgradeable AIO $62

    Ordered one and arrives tomorrow. Will keep you guys posted.
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    Recent intel 80GB SSD rebate on newegg, can't find HALP

    Saved it and I can't find it Somebody have it? thanks.
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    Need input on ebay

    I just sold a copy of windows 7 on ebay for $200 However, paypal is apparently holding onto the money for 21 days My question is, what if the guy recieves it, and tells paypal he didn't etc or that it was used, I can't leave negative feedback for buyers ?? Should I just tell the guy I...
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    OCZ Vertex Turbo SSD- Low benchmarks?

    Hi, I have just purchased a ocz vertex turbo and it seems my benchmark numbers are low compared to reviews? Did I do something wrong? What's all this talk about alignment etc? Could that be the issue? setup: Phenom II 955 asus m4a78t-e, latest bios 4GB ballistix 60GB vertex turbo...
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    Benq V2400W stuck in hdmi, help

    Hi I have a friend that has a benq v2400w and he can't get it out of hdmi mode any advice?
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    hd4870 squeel

    Hai,my 4870 makes a noise under any load. This could even be loading images on google, almost sounds like an older hd seeking. Should I rma? I don't get any artifacts.
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    Corsair xms ddr2 800 4GB $24.99 AR ($30 MIR) Just picked it up with an open box 790gx. Now I dont feel as bad about losing out on the 4GB ocz deal a couple of days ago.
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    Antec neopower 550 Gigabyte hd4850 $170 ar ($20 rebate) it's the nice gigabyte 4850 with the zalman cooler Pretty good deal considering the psu is quite good. Actually found this a while ago but just got around to posting since I just bought the psu :p
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    matx am2 tforce temp issues with brisbane

    Hi, I have a brisbane 3600+ along with an am2 matx tforce. I'm on water atm and the bios reports 50+ c, however in windows I'm getting 14/22 with coretemp. I've remounted the block like 10 times which has annoyed the hell out of me since I couldnt get good temps in bios, then I decided what the...
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    Anyone play with one yet? here are my results so far: are these inline with everyone else
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    Factor 5: Wii devs are lazy

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    Wii graphics improving?

    I saw some previews on ign and I see that the wii graphics are improving, by ALOT. Hopefully this will be the trend of wii games to come.
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    Best system ever

    Please choose
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    Best system ever

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    wii's sunday toysrus

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    Wii preorders today

    Check your local toysrus. It's pretty unannounced and stores were supposed to deny all knowledge of it until today, I went today @ 6.30 am and I was the only person there. Got mine and a tp preorder :cool:
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    What will you be getting this holiday season

    I myself plan on picking up a wii with twilight princess and metroid. I'll probably pick up rayman and red steel too.
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    x1900aiw $215, warm to hot deal I just got mine a little while ago for $220. Does 615/615 on stock cooler and voltage (1.175v). Very fast card for the money and excellent features. Will be getting a v1 soon and Ill let you know how it clocks w/ better cooling...
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    Custom case

    Did it with a dremel, acrylic, and an antec lanboy. Lemme know what you think, don't be too harsh :( Im gonna make a bezel for the front
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    cheap wc'ed qpack

    took out the crappy handle in the front
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    New water system just set up, tips? advice?

    Hello :D Just set this up, whitewater, chevette radiator, and a via aqua 1300. Cost me about $60 for everything. The temps are pretty awesome imo, but look higher than other peoples o.O Im running a lidless venice at 2.65GHz with 1.62-1.63v and Im loading at around 42-44c. For coolant it's...
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    evga has sli matx board can't find it for sale anywhere yet, but you can get it in a monarch hornet.
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    DC emulator

    Not sure if we're allowed to talk about this here, if not mod delete. However I own all the games I want to play. Just wondering if there is a DC emulator where I can put in the DC game in the optical drive and just play. Yes? No? Would really like it as I miss my DC alot and it broke a while ago :(
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    x1900xtx on XS! He got 11982 stock clocks in 05 :eek:
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    idk what to call it =P

    Ok, Im getting a new water setup (my first). It's going to be for a custom case Im making at moment. Parts: Chevette Heatercore Via Aqua 1300 $25 DTEK white water $15 Good prices huh? XD And I plan on getting a black ice micro II later on. Here's some pics so you can see what I plan...
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    Need to rivet for a case I'm building, however I don't know how, what tools to use etc. People that are experianced with riveting fill me in please. Thanks.
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    Help with linksys wireless router

    it's a linksys wireless g router. On a freinds laptop I tried to get anything aol to work however it won't. I tried forwared the ports and triggering them but nope The ports I used are 5190-5193. Help? tia.
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    Getting a nintendo DS

    Hey all, I'm getting a nintendo ds. Was thinking about the psp, then I though, don't need the mp3 playback capability, I have a 5GB mp3 player, don't need the movie thing as I usually don't watch movies more than once and browsing the internet gets boring. If the psp had better games I prob...
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    PCI bus speed

    How high can I safely go? Overclocking on a biostar ideq 200p sff, unlocked bus currently at 222 htt, 37MHz pci. Processor at 2GHz vs 1.8 stock. In windows with clockgen I went to 233 fine and pci bus was 38.8, was testing with prime 95 and games, all tested fine, but is 38.8 too high long term...
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    matx psu should I go dual rails or not? It will be powering a 20pin atx mobo, a64 2800+ and x800pro. So basically I just want to know if dual rails is ok or not?
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    sff psu capabilities

    Hey guys. I have an ideq 200p and it's psu is only 200 watts. But from what I understand sff psu's are alot better than atx psu's. I have stably run a 6800, 2 sticks of ram, and a 2800+ a64. However I want to upgrade to a 6600gt, and a 3700+. You think it can do it?
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    My new sff

    :D Well currently it's running a 6800, 2800+ and 768MB cas 2 pc3200. It's an ideq 200p.I had the issue of getting the 6800 to fit with the side panel on though. I had a zalman 7000 mounted to it and a 90mm ghetto rigged on it. As you can imagine, it was much too large. So I found an old alpha...
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    painting a x-qpack

    Do you think I can paint the inside of one? or is the metal treated so I can't paint it? thanks