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  1. drutman

    Advice on components to purchase for 2080ti with Byliski block

    Scored a MSI RTX 2080 Ti Ventus GP 11GB with a Byliski GPU block what pump[/res combo and rad do you all recommend, my experience is with AIO loops only. Was thinking decent size res so I can plumb in a CPU block at a later date on X99 now. Open air case so no size issues.
  2. drutman

    TT P90 Build

    Just got and transferred my X99 rig to it, great case. Waiting on 6800XT or 3080 to get in stock.
  3. drutman

    Guess my Video Settings

    What I would like to do is try to inject some stress relief into the pandemic crisis. I propose that we post video of game play and try to deduce the video settings by looking at the video only, no fps monitoring overlays or software allowed. At the end of your clip please open and record...
  4. drutman

    My Build

    Intel 5820K OC 4.3 MSI krait X99 16 Gig HyperX 2667 XFX 390X 1125/1700 OC NZXT 440 white case 1KW EVGA gold Power supply