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  1. Axman

    Steam Deck Tips & Tricks

    In this thread we ask and answer questions about how to use the Steam Deck, as well as point out things we've discovered, like friends we met this entire time. I would like to know how to delete controller layout templates from my Deck. I've saved the same config three times with the same...
  2. Axman

    Gift ideas for wife Gameboy/Gameboy Advance

    My wife found the Gameboy Advance SP I gave her forever ago, and her birthday's coming up, so I thought I'd get her some games to play with. Can be original or Advance, since it plays both. My memory's all kinds of fuzzy about that generation of games and I only every played JRPGs back then...
  3. Axman

    Update: Aya Neo Pro handheld gaming PC with Ryzen 5 4800U slated for September

    Update: AYA Neo Pro handheld gaming PC with Ryzen 7 4800U coming in September The AYA Neo is a handheld gaming computer featuring a 7 inch touchscreen display, built-in game controllers...
  4. Axman

    Tiger handheld game systems coming this fall for $15 Man I must have had 20 or 30 of these back in the day. My dad played them as much as I did...on the one hand, these will have horribly dated gameplay and no one will ever really play them long enough...
  5. Axman

    Half Ram, PCI-E slots missing--Need CPU to test mobo

    A little background. I have an older desktop that's had its first hiccup in about five years. I just bought a new laptop so it will be a couple of months before I can build a new desktop and I'd rather just get it, old as it is, back up and running in the meanwhile. A couple days ago I turned...
  6. Axman

    Bad CPU? Three motherboards, three sets of RAM, problems still

    I bought an MSI FM2-A75IA-E53 for an HTCP/file server earlier this year and it wouldn't boot, POST, or beep. I sent it back to Newegg, and the replacement mobo was the same. I got frustrated, thinking that somehow it was not compatible with the AMD A6-5400K APU, so I went out and bought an...
  7. Axman

    AMD A6-6400K Stock Fan Size

    I'm building an HTPC around the AMD A6-6400K and I've got about 70mm of heatsink clearance with this particular case. I've seen the factory AMD heatsink and it looks like it's probably a 90 or 92mm fan (assuming it's the fan in this photo), but I was hoping someone could confirm or deny that...
  8. Axman

    FPS tracking software

    I'd like to try out a utility that follows FPS, but really don't know where to start. I'd rather not have to buy the stuff just yet, so trials and freeware are good. With those as my restrictions, has anyone got suggestions?
  9. Axman

    4 sticks still 2T with 939 Opterons?

    Tried to make the title as precise and adequate as possible there, but here are my deeper concerns made explicit: I feel it's about time to go to two gigs of RAM. While I can very easily buy a two gig kit and hang on to my Mushkin Black for an HTPC down the road, another pair of the stuff is...
  10. Axman

    Cisco PIX Stealth Problem

    I'm having some real problems getting my Cisco PIX 506e to stealth ports without blocking them. After about five hours going over manuals written in Ciscoese I figured I should just ask for help. So how on earth do I begin stealthing ports?
  11. Axman

    nForce 430 Southbridge IDE RAID5?

    Just one simple question, really; does the RAID5 capability of the nForce 430 southbridge extend to the PATA controller, or is it SATA only? I have a stack of 120gb Maxtors from a salvage claim from a wrecked shipment of TiVos and I'd like to put them to use; a 360gb RAID5 would be nice...
  12. Axman

    BDC, Exchange and IIS Re-install

    I've had some issues with our web and email server eating dicks like Japanese mouth spirit in a Hayao Miyazake flick, like these, and I'd like to explore our options about a clean install. Cbeyond still has to deal with the occasional bout of spam from this machine (can't realistically be...
  13. Axman

    Dust II: The Deuce

    Has anyone tried making an air filter for a computer? Is it just silly? I'd like to try something along these lines, even if it's crazy, unless someone else out there has and found that it's just a failiure waiting to be dremelled. Axman
  14. Axman

    Can't Pin Down a Zombie

    I've got a machine on our network that's got a spam-factory on it. Unfortunately, it's the mail/ web server. To boot, it's got a possibly separate flaw on it that prevents Active X from running. Windiz update aside, I can't run utilities like Housecall on it. And we've got delays getting our...
  15. Axman

    Aopen XCube EX761 + AMD Turion -- Will it work?

    If this was addressed by this forum already, sorry, I just did a search and turned up nothin'. Basically, I'd like to hear if anyone has done/ has seen the Aopen XCube model EX761 built with a nice, shiny new Turion; will the BIOS run with it? Will the heatsink accept a CPU without a...
  16. Axman

    Network Email Monitor?

    Somewhere in my building there is a machine that is spamming the fuck out of. . .well, everyone. It's bad to the point that our provider, Cbeyond, is blocking our IP addresses. Anyone know of a decent sniffing utility to help me kill the spammer in me? Axman
  17. Axman

    Cost to watercool--$500 too high?

    Alright, looking at, I put together some things in my head that I should buy if I go liquid. CPU block: $60 ( Video card block: $85 ( HDDs: $65 ( Chipset...
  18. Axman

    Scanner Suggestions for Illustrations

    There's no "I like to doodle" forums here, but photographers might have some experience here that I very much do not. I have a few scans that I would like to get digitized but my old (really old Cannon) scanner is now broken. I've played around with a few other scanners, like the one in my...
  19. Axman

    LDAP Newbie, need Resources

    I've put together a website for my school using Drupal, which is great, if you're looking for a portal it's simply fantastic. Also, with some exceptions, it runs on IIS phenomenally well with an easy, easy install. In fact, it was easier to set up on IIS than Darwin/Apache (hey, you work with...
  20. Axman

    New Steam Won't Install

    Now I've tried steam and the Steam installer, and what happens goes like this: It starts at 29%, loads to 99%, resets to zero, repeats twice, and says server unavailable. Horseshit. Am I alone here? I'd check their forums, but I keep getting hit with SQL syntax errors. Axman
  21. Axman

    OpenGL issues with 6600GT?

    I just installed Windows XP Pro 64 on this machine, and I want to play Chronicles of Riddick: Butcher. . .etc, and I get this error message: I'm using the 78.01 drivers, but it glitches in the same way no matter which drivers I use, old or new. With Half-Life 2 the game gets 5 FPS and has...
  22. Axman

    DNS Newbie Problem

    I've had my company's website dumped in my lap. I don't know how to set up the hosting records. Now I have a copy of O'Reilly's DNS and BIND and am sufficiently whelmed, but for reasons not being the firewall our Exchange server isn't receiving email. I know it's somewhere in the NS/ MX/ A/...
  23. Axman

    IIS Permissions/ Directory Security Headache

    Hello. My employer recently asked me to set up a website for them. I cracked open the books (it's been a while for me, CSS is all new, very fun) and got to work. I am restricted to IIS, which honestly seems to do its job well, except for the fact that I can't grant any kinds of anonymous...
  24. Axman

    Help--Mystery Linux Connection Appears On My Machines

    A while back I had some trouble identifying a connection that showed up on my girlfriend's computer at home. It showed up as: and went away when I updated her Windows XP firewall. I found this out when I'd shut off her computer, turn off my firewall, and let be connected for, oh, three...
  25. Axman

    SLI with 6600gts

    With these new drivers, should I go ahead and add an additional 6600gt to my rig? What I'm wondering about, more specifically, is if the method by which this sampled anti-aliasing works with the downwards end of AA; because my 6600gt renders, say, Counter-Strike Source at 12x10 with 2x AA...
  26. Axman

    Why Overclock a Chipset?

    Hello fellas, thanks for the help so far. I have long read these forums, but I can't find an explicit answer to something that's been nagging at me since it occured to me, after I was looking for a replacement chipset fan. I have an MSI K8N Platinum SLI motherboard, and while completely...