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    Need help. Work queue is full & can't connect to Work Server

    So why are my work queues full? Shouldn't it beable to send my completed WUs at some point? This is cutting my points production in half. Here is a screen shot that might help:
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    8 invites

    stop PMing me. I haven't been a member for years and don't have invites.
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    20" as a warranty replacement for a 23" widescreen sound fair?

    @#&% YOU HP!!!! :mad: :mad: I call in with problems with my hp2335 and ~4weeks later they send me a hp2035!?!?! Not only that but it was like pulling teeth to get them to send me the wrong monitor. Let me recap what has happend so far: -I spend 1 hour on the phone with someone that...
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    New 6ms HP 24" LCD LP2465 cheaper then 23" Anyone want to tell my why it's $100 cheaper then the 23"? It's got 2x the brightness, 2x the contrast, much faster response time, bigger, AND cheaper then the L2335 I just bought a few weeks ago :mad...
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    $350+/month power bill = less folding

    I don't feel like getting kicked out of my dad's house so no more 24/7 folding for me. Looks like I wont be making it to the top 200 anytime soon :( Make sure you guys fold extra hard to make up the 500ppd lost
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    72.7 days till [H] is #2?

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    New DFI Expert Bios

    Well it looks like us Expert owners have our first bios update. Date Code 2005/12/07 File Size 424,732 bytes 1.Enhance Memory Support. 2.Support AMD Athlon 64 FX60 CPUs. 3.Add over clocks step by step. anyone try it yet?
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    250mhz shows up as 130mhz?

    So I finally got all my new parts and started having some fun :D I wanted to see if I could get 250mhz at 2.5-3-2-8 with my Redline 2x1gb. Well I think it's stable but for some reason 250mhz is showing up as 130mhz. It's safe to say that I am running at 250mhz with scores like that right...
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    10% off memory at

    Just found a 10% off memory coupon for The coupon code is "memory" :D I got myself the Redline XP4000 2gb kit for $311 shiped/taxed to CA. Should make a nice first step to my planned upgrades.
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    OCZ PC4000 Plat DDR 2x1gb in stock anywhere?

    I've been planning on building an AMD x2 system and the OCZ PC4000 Platinum 2x1gb seemed like the best bet. I'm hoping to run 10x250mhz at the lowest timings possible. But I can't seem to find this stuff anywhere. Anyone have any leads on where I can find some? I see has single...
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    600point WU restarted from scratch 3 times?!?

    "[22:09:06] Preparing to commence simulation [22:09:06] - Ensuring status. Please wait. [22:09:24] - Assembly optimizations manually forced on. [22:09:24] - Not checking prior termination. [22:09:55] - Expanded 2970644 -> 16166417 (decompressed 544.2 percent) [22:09:58] - Checksums don't...
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    Write Error!

    So I have a NU DDW-061 dvd+r burner and RiData 4x dvd+r's. A few weeks/months back I burned a dvd without a problem...well other then accidentally costering one at 6x. Well now that I want to burn a few dvds I get a "Write Error". I have tried using Alcohol120%, roxio, nero, and cloneCD. All...
  13. N pricematch coupons. Polk speakers/sony HU/damping. (should work)

    Dynamat Control Xtreme Door Kit Save $51.00 with coupon code: 9R6WZ $89.95 - $51 = $38.95 Sony CDX-F5700 MP3 HU Save $16.58 with coupon code: GLTB4 $159.95 - $16.58 = $143.37 Polk Audio db Series db675...
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    Polk Audio DB Speakers more then half off !!![H]OT!!!

    XXX DEAD XXX :( has a 105% price match policy. They sell the Polk Audio DB675 7" Speakers for $109.95. Well has a buy one get one half off sale on DB Series speakers(ends 1-10-2005). So I sent a price match request to and instead of giving me a buy...
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    They don't call it a Fire Dragon for nothing!

    Do you smell burning? I pulled this thing out of one of my g/f's dad's work computers. My only guess is that it didn't like the TNT2 that was in it...someone told me the newer boards aren't 100% compatible with older agp cards. I swaped in a "free" motherboard from tigerdirect and it...
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    NV40 = 1 molex. haha

    From a link on the front page...did no one else see this?
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    block Shawn posts?

    Is it possible that the forum can block posts from Shawn? I mean really, think about it, has anything credible ever come from there? no. he is like a noob for life. :D j/k
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    unstable overclocking because no ATX12V?

    I have an MSI K7N2 and a 2500+ and I'm not doing to good running at 3200+ Could it be because my powersupply doesn't support the 4 pin ATX12V? I read the manual and it said the ATX12V provides power for the CPU. So is it worth upgrading my 400W powersupply? If so what should I get? I saw a...
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    9200SE probs.

    My g/f just bought a new system 2500+ a7n8x-x 512mb 9200SE 128mb Windows 2000AS I'm having alot of problems getting the 9200 to work at all. Once the drivers are installed it will not let me into windows2000AS 50% of the time, you type in the password and then it acts like it loading and...
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    ATX vs. ATX12V???

    I have a MSI K7N2 motherboard and it has the normal ATX power in plus a 12V in but my power supply doesn't have a 12V out. Is the extra connector important? I have been running it without it for about a year. The reason I ask is because my girlfriend just got a motherboard without a 12V in but...
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    SOYO P4VGA any good?

    My girlfriend's dad's motherboard burned up...I mean realy burned up. So it my job to put the parts back together. I found on they have a SOYO P4VGA for free after rebate. So what's up with this board? Will my girlfriend's dad hate me for putting a cheap board in? :rolleyes...