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    Installing windows 10 to large drive

    So I have been trying multiple times to install windows 10 on a 6 TB drive in one partition. But for some stupid reason windows is absolutely retarded. The typical instructions are from booting up, to shift-f10 and run diskpart - select disk 0 - clean - convert gpt - then continue but windows...
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    "Cleanest" version of W10?

    Will be upgrading shortly from 8.1 Pro to a new AMD system with W10. The "free" upgrade was a bit of a disaster, so this will be clean. I currently use remote desktop and so I figure 10 pro. But... I'd prefer to avoid the bloatware, spyware, and useless features if at all possible. Windows...
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    Pine - out today - open world RPG by Twirlbound

    Cost $22.49 It is an open world RPG with different animal factions (5)... a lot of which do the same things you do. collecting resources, etc. Some pretty good reviews based on much earlier builds. a lot of people like it. The gameworld is reactive. species evolve to counter your attack...
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    Bleak Faith: Forsaken – Dark Souls-Like ARPG

    A two person team, some interesting world concepts. I threw them some bucks. be interesting to see how this turns out
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    Void Bastards

    I saw some favorable reviews on this game, also say I had a % off coupon on steam (I think from owning system shock), went ahead and picked up the game. It is pretty freaking awesome. It is a silly rougelite shooter. Normally I don't care for that style of game, but I just set it to easy and...
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    "Below expectations"

    Some of you may find this interesting, or not. The basic idea is that almost every game put out today regardless of how successful it is will be declared as a failure with sales in the multiple millions being labeled "below expectations" whose expectations exactly? It is somewhat a trend in...
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    Lords of the Fallen 2

    "Defiant Studios, and not the original Deck13 team, will develop Lords of the Fallen 2" I did not really understand the relationship here so I did a bit of digging Apparently CI...
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    I don't see any recent threads about this, coming out next tuesday. What struck me as interesting was the following : Consequences in most games are really "weak". You go around robbing and killing everyone and that is the norm in a lot of games. Other games you just rob them and try not to...
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    keycap replacements

    I have a ducky keyboard and although the mecanical switches are great the keycaps on them are painted garbage. The paint wears off and the tops look blah. Also not impressed with the quality of the keyboard as several leds have gone out (not in a line but random places) but that is another...
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    Hellpoint Kickstarter (another sci-fi darksouls like space game)

    Some of you may be interested in this. Personally I love the darksouls mechanics and wished there were more games like that. They are @ 30k of their 50k CAN goal for funding. Demo is on steam, kickstarter: youtube: Interview with developers...
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    Are there any consumer routers that handle dual connections with automatic failover?

    My cable has gone to shit lately. Outages, most only a few minutes, but creates a big problem on the days I work from home. Not my hardware since I have multiple cable modems that I switch. They either both work or both don't work. So It would be worth it to me to get a DSL/fiber line. Just...
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    Philips SHP9500 Over-Ear Headphone

    $59.99 with $10 rebate card I picked up a set last year based on another recommendation, have been very happy with them. detachable cord, have a big head and they fit very well. pretty good quality build. They get mostly 5 star review, can't really beat them for the price. Philips SHP9500...
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    Windows 10 - This PC, desktop icon problems, etc

    Hey, the file manager functions do not appear to be working right on my just upgraded system. "This PC" only gives a "working on it" message and a bar and nothing else ever happens. The icons will show images if I click on desktop->view->uncheck show icons then recheck show icons, but then they...
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    copying 2TB data drive to 3TB drive

    So I picked up a new drive, but am having problems copying over my data folder. I tried the acronis stuff that comes with seagate, but it failed, I suspect there also would be alignment issues. It also only wants to work with 2 TB partitions and wants to copy all partitions. The drive is...
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    What does oracle (+) operator do?

    Ya, I googled it. Google does not handle parenthesis or + very well. I also can't find anything in looking through SQL Docs context : SELECT DISTINCT C1.X, C1.Y FROM C1, A1, WHERE A1.DN = 'xxx' AND A1.DN = C1.DN(+) ; thanks guys.
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    Copying 50 GB on wifi, 5 hours, connect to lan to speed things up, 16 hours

    WTF? This is windows 8 to windows 7. How is this still a problem? Does anyone know a solution?
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    Early Access

    Play games when they incomplete and have many bugs. Be long finished with them by the time the game is actually released. Not sure what to think of the process. I suppose it is good in some ways, not so much in other ways. And yes, I know I don't need to participate. I like the kickstarter...
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    W7 - Sharing drives with virtual pc

    The built in app, anybody know what I am doing wrong? It used to work
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    Any advantage to using display port?

    I picked up an auria 27'' monitor. I thought I required display port, but that turned out not to be the case because I got the wrong type of cable. They included a 24 pin dual link dvi cable. It supports the high resolution. does display port give any other advantages? thanks!
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    Warm? Windows 8 Pro 69.99 OfficeMax More expensive than the upgrade, but its not bad. I think the lowest I have seen for the full version
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    Warm? Windows 8 Pro 69.99 OfficeMax

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    Lukewarm: 20% off FarCry3 @ 1GFT1112

    This goes for regular & deluxe. Its not all that great, but its safer than the key sites. The euro sites can't sell unless you do a proxy, which might make for activation risks.
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    time to upgrade

    system has been crashing, typically once a day, so looking to upgrade. I have not been in touch with the latest, I believe Ivy bridge is the latest? Is triple channel recommended? What speed memory channel? thanks! 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming, browsing 2) What's your...
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    DVD Rom SATA power connector caught fire - should I be concerned?

    So I was gaming and noticed a light from the inside of my case. It was fire. The wonderful smell of burnt plastic for the next hour. I turned the system off, disconnected the DVD Rom and pulled it out. The rest of the system works fine. I did not use a sata power cable but a 4 pin adapter. Is it...
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    Mass Effect 3 Digital Deluxe Amazon (origin) $20

    ya, everyone hates the ending, still may be worth picking up this uses origin unfortunately, not steam (not on steam either)
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    SQL expert?

    Need some help building a query. I have a table from another DB with 4.5 million records and I want to copy a representational sample of the data out of it, I think it requires a double select but I can't quite make it work ie: i1 i2 i3 misc 100 100 19 xxx x x x 100 100 20 x x xxx x x x 100...
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    anyone have any links to a free text to mp3 converter

    Microsoft includes the APIs. I like listening to PDFs on my kindle when driving, would rather have them on a mp3 player. thanks!
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    chaser $1.25 Steam

    Just buy it. 30 solid hours of FPS fun
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    Amazon Darkness 2 - $12.49 for download

    The Darkness 2 is $12.49 for download
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    Visual c++ 6 __missing_type__

    Anybody know how to fix the errors below? I last used VC++ in 95, which unfortunately makes me the expert in my group.... :( Original project machine is gone. I think I have recreated the directory structure. I am hoping this is one of those stupid but obvious errors which anyone familiar with...
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    Painkiller - Recurring Evil - Released TODAY - $7.99$

    5 levels, like the last one, painkiller redemption, also by eggtooth I think these might be converted MP maps but I may be wrong. Each level has 1000+ monsters so this game is going to be more like serious sam. There also appear to be some new guns in...
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    steam pwns other game companies yet again

    They are expanding their trading to include game "gifts" people might have and possibly items from other games. Currently TF2, soon to come will be Portal 2. Pretty cool IMO.
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    Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines $5 / Steam

    Probably one of the best and most atmospheric FPS ever! Peoples that have already played it will feel compelled to click on the link and replay add the latest unofficial patch from: which contains many...
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    Free MP3/Sound editor?

    Ya, I tried audacity. For some reason anything I load or record comes up blank. Google does not really find anything. This is on W7x64. So anything else that works would be great. :)
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    Opinions on kindle?

    anyone use one and can comment on how easy they are to use with different formats, say PDFs with lots of graphics? Do they zoom in/out, or are they mostly for text? Screen seems a little small, is there clipping/scrolling? I'd be looking at the $130 model, DX is a little pricy, wife will...
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    All Gothic series 75% off

    The big stuff to get is the Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods, the version on steam includes a new community patch made by the same team that did it for Gothic 3. $2.50 Also Gothic IV: Arcadia is selling for $12.50. Sweet deals. Gothic 1 is not available except in the pack...
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    Steam screenshots now available

    Get client updates, restart & F12 to snap Cool as hell, I love steam Continued from this thread->
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    Killzone 3 leaked for PC.... er PS3 no doubt though the evil PC gamers must be involved
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    Serious Sam 3: Summer 2011

    Gonna be a good year!!!
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    java, glassfish, soap, esb, ....

    unfortunately behind the learning curve on this. my work is starting in on these other technologies. anyone have any experience on the best way to pick them up? java is not bad, fairly simple enough. originally had jre installed then tried to do the glassfish install. that failed (no error...