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    Phasmophobia Get some buddies and get your spook on. It's probably the funnest co-op game I've played in a long time. And god damn does it catch you off guard.
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    Anyone else play this? Don't think I can really explain it better than the Steam store page, but this game is pimp as fuck and has all but consumed my last couple weeks of game time. Basic premise almost reminds me a bit of Rogue Legacy, except it utterly outclasses it in nearly every way...
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    VZ S3 bootloader unlocked Well this kind of came out of nowhere... so I guess you won't need to wait several precious seconds any more for the kexec exploit to work its magic, the bootloader is now seemingly unlocked. This will probably help...
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    Crysis 3 tech trailer

    They'll have a higher quality version up later, apparently. Tesselation is obviously more intelligent / put to better use than Crysis 2, this is probably a no brainer considering how DX11 there was blatantly rushed out the door. Control over it is...
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    sys_fan can't handle haf case fan?

    I have 2 of them feeding off one pwr_fan connection ok but my 3rd and final has nowhere else to go but sys_fan. It looks like it's trying to spin but can't quite make it. Should I only expect the sys_fan plug to drive so much? The other connector manages. Guess I'll move it to the psu.
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    4850 fan seems to be dying This motherfucker right here seems to be having trouble. It's all cleaned out, but the fan mysteriously stops working every so often before coming back to life. It's not a software problem as this will happen if it just sits...
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    Do you still need to run driver cleaner on Vista?

    I was pretty sure ATI directly commented that no, you don't really need to do all that shit any more, but I can't seem to find it. Confirm / deny?
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    USB wireless network adapter that plays nice with Windows 7?

    I just built a new computer for my parents and the ancient pile of shit they had has no Vista drivers and is not even supported by the manufacturer any more. If it's not obvious enough, I used Windows 7 (64 bit) for the time being. Needless to say, I need a new adapter so they can get their...
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    Thoughts on this build for my parents?

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Word, web browsing, maybe videos, light gaming such as Sega Genesis emulator, heh. 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? $400~ ideally, not including tax / shipping 3) Where do you live? NJ...
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    Decent Gaming Rig from 1-1.5k?

    Basically trying to put together a gaming rig that 1,000 to 1,500 bucks. Heres what I'm going for so far. Quad 9300 Intel - Newegg link Decent Ram 2 - 2GB stick - Newegg Link Asus P5N-D mobo - Newegg Link Video Card 8800GT with HDMI - newegg link ThermalRight Ultra 120 CPU...
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    x1950xtx doesn't feel like switching clock speeds over when it hits 3d

    or is a windowed 3d app not good enough to force it over? it insists on running 500/1100 instead of 650/2000 when I start a game. the stupid service is running, but it doesn't matter. if i try to kill it and force it to those clocks myself, locks up.
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    SATA to IDE?

    My friend has a terrible motherboard who he got from someone else. He just bought a new HD but the MB doesn't see his new SATA drive at all. His old IDE ones are fine. Shoddy work around, but probably cheaper than a new MB, is there a converter from SATA to IDE?
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    ATI tray tools problem

    This just started happening today when I started the computer. I get Unable to retrieve BIOS information bla bla something. Nothing has changed, I tried reinstalling the program, nothing. x1950xtx on 7.1 drivers. It works if I disable overclocking, but then I can't screw with the fan speeds...
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    Headsets and soundcards...

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    Converter / splitter?

    I'm going to be getting a 8800gtx when the price drops a bit more, and I realised, hey, I dont have 2 6pin pci-e things on my psu, Since the 8800gtx needs 2 power connections, I was looking at this...
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    Random black screens

    Every so often my screen just goes black and the monitor turns off, yet everything stays running. Sound dies or loops and all the fans and everything stays on. I just got a replacement video card so thats not the problem, and temps are perfectly fine. x1900xt, under 70c at all times. Power...
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    Audigy 2 does not show up in device manager

    No PCI Audio Devices or anything show up and despite reseating it, it does not come up as new hardware found or anything. It's simply as it doesn't exist. I've tried a repair install of windows. Nothing. Here's the kicker, it worked fine until I swapped out my x1900xt for a replacement...
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    Audigy 2 problems, it "vanished"

    So I finally got a video card after my x1900xt died, throw it in, all is well. Wiped, cleaned, and reinstalled ATI drivers. I go and get my headset and plug it in. But alas, there is no sound. I decided I might as well wipe the audigy drivers while I was at it and reinstall, but it claims it...
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    A slight scare, x1900xt oh geez

    So the other day, I decide after a rousing session of oblivion (cut short by a crash :rolleyes: ) that it is COD2 time. After a quick romp there, I quit to join another server through xfire. The second the game starts, monitor goes black and it does its little sizzle like you just clicked it...
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    FarCry HDR doesnt work

    Everything is maxed out, all settings very high, 1280x1024, runs great, but HDR refuses to turn on. It's running on the SM3 path. Patched to 1.33 Any ideas? I have a x1900xt.
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    Audigy2 feels like not being detected

    After my latest reformat, my Audigy 2 decided to go invisible and start not getting detected. The drivers for it said they cant find any creative stuff, and closed itself. Doesnt show up in the device manager. Worked perfect before this format... any ideas?
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    Cant connect to internet

    Just reformated. On my last install, all I did was put in the motherboard disc, click network drivers and everything worked fine from there. Now, the menu is empty. I cant connect to the internet, network connections is empty, if I try to follow its stupid connection guide, it says it should...
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    Changing color saturation

    How do you acomplish this on an ATi card? I have a x1900xt. I want an effect similar to that of nvidias digital vibrance.
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    No picture - x1900xt

    Just finished putting together new PC, everything works, fans go, everything is dandy, but I dont get a picture. The card is working since the fan is trucking along. Any ideasss? [edit] card is a x1900xt, im also using an old shitty dell monitor, so I had to use a vga to dvi adaptor, if that...
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    Videocard slot question

    does it matter what pci-e slot i use? 2 pci slots next to the pci-e slot, one which my audigy needs to use. my x1900xt takes up the pci-e slot and a pci slot next to it, leaving one slot left for the sound card, both cards will be very close and the x1900xt wont have much room to breathe. would...
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    Safe mode insanity -- please help quickly

    On the quest to update drivers, something awful happened apparently. Everythings going acording to plan, boot into safemode to run driver cleaner... then my computer reboots. Now it restarts every time I get to the login screen. No worries, repair install! I cant fucking get it out of safe mode...
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    Opteron 170 or 175?

    I want to atempt 2.6 ghz, because that would basicly end up a FX-60 correct? Im going to do it on air, so I need some suggestions and advice. Whats my chances of doing so? What do I have a better chance with? Any recommendations for cooler? I was going to pickup the Thermaltake Big Typhoon but...
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    My Senwhatever PC-150 = dead, whats a good replacement

    I'll go upto 80$ and if its fucking awesome, i'll go higher. Im willing to get the same ones, but is there anything better, im on a shitty radio shack one now and its killing me, every half an hour I have to plunge my ears to get the blood out.
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    2gb ram, 2x1gb sticks or 4x512

    Probably going to build a new comp within the next few weeks and probably going with 2 gigs of ram. My first thought was to get 2, 1gb sticks, then i read stuff about some people using 4 512 sticks. Is there any advantage with 4 512 sticks? Thx for your input socK
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    Audigy 2 problem

    Seems simple enough, but the white plug (on my old card), how do I get that out? It seems to be clipped in and doesnt want to budge? Im retarded. :[
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    I just scared myself...

    I picked up a cheap-o 9600xt for BF2 (which does a fantastic job, 50+ fps with most stuff on medium, good enough for me) and I was messing around with overdrive and looking at how it would increase my fps by a few. I've dicked around with my GF4 a bit and figured I knew enough. So I got...
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    What would be the better card? I need something cheap.

    Ok so im on a budget here and need a card that does not require psu connection. It's an epic battle between FX5700 or 9600xt or anything else somebody knows of. I...
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    Headsets and soundcards...

    Probually a dumb question but, my USB Logitech (I swear, their hardware is less reliable than a sandcastle in a tsunami) crapped out and I get all static unless I hold the wire a certain way anyway blah blah. I ordered a nice new headset, one that isnt USB. I'm fine with that, but I just wanted...
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    Dell PSU?

    Right now im stuck with a dell and well... I would really like a new video card for it. I checked and I apparently have a 140 right now, which wont be enough for a new card. Is there anyway to get around this, does dell even sell PSU's and is there an adapter of some sort as I heard they wire...
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    Building first PC...

    Well, this is going to be my first time building a computer. I've asked people and they say its not hard, so, im going to give it a go soon. Right now im waiting for the prices to go down, since I want to keep under 1000$. Heres what im aiming for right now... RAIDMAX Silver 10-bay Case w/...
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    Nvidia- how to uninstall drivers?

    Over some time i've installed quite a few sets of drivers. This can cause some preformance problems after a while right? Probualy the dumbest question asked but, how do you unistall them so you can put on new ones? Plus it would work like this, right? 1) Uninstall 2) Reboot 3) Drivers would...