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    I bought a used LenovoEMC PX4-400D, what should I do with it? I was looking to buy a NAS and saw one of these pop up on eBay for $100. It's EOL, and unsupported, but even though it's a little old (2014) the hardware is pretty solid- apparently it's just...
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    5820k upgrade - is it time?

    5820k @ 4.3GHz w/2080Ti setup, gaming @ 4k/60Hz. I plan on upgrading my GPU and display when the newer cards are easier to get a hold of. Is it time to upgrade my CPU as well? Im not sure if I should just wait it out for Zen 4 or something Intel, or just bite the bullet. There are some decent...
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    Which manufacturers have transferable warranties?

    I usually stick with EVGA on the Nvidia side because the transferable warranty makes the cards easier to sell (still 16mos left on my 2080Ti Black). I think MSI also has a transferable warranty? Any others? What about AMD?
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    Adata XPG SX8200 Pro 1TB smokes

    Just picked this up for $120 and grabbed a $5 PCIE 4x controller for it for my old X99 board. This drive is pretty fast for the money. It kills my old 960 Evo 500GB drive- must be at least 20-30% faster. It's amazing how much technology improves in just a few years- I think I paid about the...
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    Why isn’t a NVME PCI-E controller board working on my MSI X99A Plus? It should work. My setup consists of a 5820k and 2080Ti (in slot 1) and a 960 EVO in the built in M.2 slot. Want to add a 2nd NVME Drive. Even with 28 lanes, according to...
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    When will I be bottlenecked? (Give me a reason to upgrade my 5820k)

    I've had a 5820k @ 4.3GHz on air for ~5yrs. 16GB, 2080Ti gaming 4k/60Hz. I've been wanting to upgrade my system for a while but I still don't see a reason to. Every benchmark I've seen still shows games are (for the most part) GPU bottlenecked at 4k/60 with my CPU. Is there any GPU/processor...
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    Need help chosing the best NAS software for my needs

    I have an old Mediasonic H82-SU3S2 8 bay drive enclosure. I could never quite get it to work correctly with USB 3.0 so on an old mini-PC I built based around a ASRock N3700-ITX embeded motherboard I installed a JMicron PCI-E SATA card and use it with that. Through this controller it's the only...
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    Any NAS software that allows single pre-written drives?

    I have an old mini htpc sitting around and a 8bay drive dock. I already have a few single drives in it with some Blu-ray rips, but I bought a Shield so I’d like to use it as a dedicated NAS. I don’t care about backups because I already own the physical media- all I want to do is to be able to...
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    DX12 mGPU games?

    I recently bought a 2080ti and I have a spare 1080ti lying around. I'm trying to sell it but before I do I'd like to try out some of the mGPU games I own. Does anyone know where to find a list of games that supports mpgu? Also, do I need to bridge the 2 cards like SLI (don't see how) or would...
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    One handed keyboards good for FPS?

    I have some neuropathy and tendonitis in my hands. Bought a MS Natural KB 4000 but it's not very good for gaming. Have an old Logitech G13 in my closet which I never used. Wondering how good these are for FPS and gaming in general? I see the one handed KBs are gaining in popularity.
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    Time to upgrade 5820k?

    5820k @ 4.3ghz on air. Setup consists of basically a 1080Ti but I'm gaming at 4k so I feel like I'm pretty much pushing it on the newer games. Everything else is good- plenty of ram, 960 Evo M2, etc, etc. Use it basically for gaming and every day use. The 5820k have life left in it?
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    Do I need a tri-band router?

    Currently I'm using an Asus AC68 and would like to upgrade because for some things I find it too slow. I have a Linksys wrt3200acm in the closet because the wifi sucks. I have over 20 devices on wifi, various things like set top boxes, Google assistant devices, ecobee, shield, pc, etc. Usually...
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    I picked up a Soundblaster X Katana soundbar

    It was on sale at Creative's site for $220 so I grabbed one (yes I know it's been $20 cheaper at times but I could never manage to get it). I'm pretty impressed by it. Definitely sounds much better than my cheapie $40 2.1 setup. My main issue with it though is that it has no headphone switch-...
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    I bought a Mikrotik wireless wire set So this thing is pretty neat. I moved into a 130yr old condo with a strange floorplan which made it difficult to wire properly. The closet with my FIOS ONT was across the room (~20ft) from my media center, and I couldn't really get a decent signal to...
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    Big screen freesync/HDR 4k or smaller g-sync display?

    I'm tired of using my mediocre 2015 48ju6700 Samsung 4k 48" TV with fake HDR as a display. As like everyone else with a Nvidia based card we have to decide either between a larger 4k display with either Freesync or a smaller g-sync display. I don't really like ultrawide, I had an early one too...
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    Are there any large screen VESA desk mounts?

    I have a 48" Samsung TV I'm using as a monitor. It has standard 400x400 spacing. Weighs ~25lbs. Desk is in a place where I can't properly wall mount- I was wondering if there are any large screen VESA desk mounts/stands that I can use? The TV stand takes up way too much space. I've found some...
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    Where are the big screen 4k displays w/HDR and Gsync?

    You'd think there'd be a market for >30" 4k displays with HDR and Gsync but as of now there haven't been any (except for the two 27" $2k ones). Outside of Nvidia's upcoming 65" BFGDs (which will probably cost a mint) there aren't any. What's taking so long and why is the technology so...
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    Linksys wrt3200acm router is junk

    I've had this router for a couple of years and I've had nothing but problems with it. I've tried various builds of DD-WRT and the stock firmware and I still have tons of problems- mostly with the wifi. I just moved a couple of months ago and I need to run the router as the base for a client...
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    Is there still a demand for PCI sound cards?

    Just moved and discovered my various unused PC stuff from over the years. I have a lot of old creative cards, an M-Audio card and more interestingly, a Asus Xonar HDAV 1.3 Slim (HDMI audio). I was wondering if any of these might be worth putting up on eBay of if I should just dump them?
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    Best setup for wifi gigabit

    I posted this on another forum and wasn't getting responses so I thought it was more appropriate to post here: I just moved and unfortunately it's not practical to wire up my whole apartment for Cat6. I want to get FIOS gigabit- I'm trying to at least wire to my PC. Right now I have two...
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    Ethernet Jack directly opposite on each side of wall?

    In my new place FIOS is going to put the ONT in the bedroom closet (either that or it comes into the closet from the outside). Directly opposite in the bedroom closet is the RG6 TV jack. I'd like to replace that with a Cat 6 jack on both sides of wall (one in the closet in the bedroom by the...
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    USB 3.1 gen 2 enclosure doesn't work on USB 3.1 ports

    I purchased a Syba SD-ENC25047 USB 3.1 Gen 2 2.5" enclosure and installed a SSD in it. For some reason it doesn't work at all on my MSI X99A SLI Plus' USB 3.1 ports. Works fine on the standard USB 3.0 ports, maxes out ~380Mbps, which is pretty impressive, but I'd like to get USB 3.1 speeds. USB...
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    Wiring for new construction

    I just purchased a condo which is currently being built and need to decide what (if any) kind of wiring is going to be installed. It is a medium sized apt of approx 740 sq ft. I was thinking of putting a hardwired port in the bedroom and the living room (by the cable TV jacks). What kind of...
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    Are there any legit MicroSD cards on ebay?

    There are literally so many memory cards being sold on ebay for such great prices I don't know if there are any real ones. I'm looking for a MicroSD U3 card, either 256gb or 512gb. I see many listed but when I go to the manufacturer's website I see that most of them don't even exist in that...
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    5820k lifespan?

    I've had my 5820k for a few years now. It's been running happily at 4.3GHz on air and I've had no problems with it. I mostly game and am no longer running an SLI setup, just a single 1080Ti. I will probably upgrade to Volta when it comes out because I game @ 4k/60Hz. How much longer should I...
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    Cheap soundcard for headphones?

    Right now I'm using a pair of Audio-Technicas ATH-AD700 with my MSI X99A's onboard ALC892 chipset. It's just not very loud. Would an Audigy FX be a good choice? They can be had for ~$20 or so on eBay. I have an old X-Fi Xtreme audio PCI-e sitting here. That one doesn't have a headphone amp...
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    How do I get HDR to work in games?

    I have a 1080Ti and a Samsung 4k TV and I'm trying to get HDR mode working on ME Andromeda (free trial). I have the latest drivers: 384.76. I've tried everything I can think of and the TV doesn't switch into HDR mode. Do I need to have HDR mode "On" in the Win10 display settings? In the Nvidia...
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    Should I buy a 2nd 1080 Ti?

    I picked up a modified 1080 Ti FE a few weeks ago (went from 3x 980 Ti setup). I game @ 4k, so I'm seriously thinking about getting a 2nd. A single card does OK for the most part @ 4k, but for newer games I can't run higher settings anymore. I'm just wondering if it's actually worth buying a...
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    I purchased the cheapest 1080 Ti I could find

    I took a shot and I purchased an ASUS TURBO-GTX1080TI-11G from Newegg off eBay for $639. I wanted to buy an FE blower model anyways, and although this one is slightly modified, I'm pretty impressed with it. I was hesitant to purchase one because of the mixed reviews it received on Newegg. It...
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    New 960 Evo 500GB - is this good?

    Seems a bit slow compared to other benches I've seen. This is on a MSI X99A SLI Plus, 5820k @ 4.3GHz, 980Ti. Seems like especially the Seq read is too slow. I have the Samsung NVME drivers installed. I migrated Win10 install over from my previous boot drive- should I try a clean install?
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    My drive health is 1%

    I was running two OCZ Arc 100s SSDs in a raid config. One of them just failed, the 2nd one shows health @ 1%. Is the 2nd drive on its way to failure?
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    The Division DX12 patch is out- no multi-GPU support

    On the benchmark (on high @ 4k/60Hz) on my 5820k@4.3GHz, 3x 980Ti setup I'm getting 30fps vs ~42fps with the DX11 renderer. I checked Afterburner and am getting no activity on my 2nd and 3rd GPU with DX12 renderer. Oddly enough there is no improvement on the DX11 renderer whether I use 2 or 3...
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    Poor performance on 3x 980Ti setup

    This might not specifically be a Nvidia problem, so I thought I'd open it up to everyone here. I have a good setup: MSI X99A SLI Plus, 5820k@4.3GHz, 64GB DDR-2400, 3x 980Ti EVGA (@ 200/400). For some reason it just doesn't seem to run as fast as some comparable setups. In fact, it benches...
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    Windows 10 Pro Anniversary always asks me for a password

    I installed Win10 Pro on a tablet I had, and for some reason it always asks me for a password, even after disabling it in netplwiz. I changed the option in settings to "Never" after screen wakeup. I even tried editing the registry to no avail. No matter what, when the screen turns off, or I put...
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    Can't mount drive in external enclosure

    I purchased a 3TB WD Blue hd. The drive shows up just fine connected to internal SATA ports but won't show up on any of my external enclosures (I tried 3 different ones), 2 USB and 1 eSATA. Win10 and Ubuntu. Any ideas? Edit: NM. I got it to mount with a bit of work. I had to properly release...
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    The future of multi-GPU gaming?

    Now that SLI seems to be on its way out, I wonder if the shift will be towards AMD for 4k gaming? You still need more than 2 cards for bleeding edge games @ 4k. Eventually that will change, but right now (and maybe for 1 or 2 more generations) this seems to be the way it is. My 3 way 980Ti/4k...
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    Mobo won't post in dual-channel mode

    I am buidling a 2500k setup for a friend. Old Asrock P67 Extreme4 motherboard with bent CPU socket pins. I couldn't unbend them so I took it to a Jeweler and he was nice enough to unbend them for free. It now posts but only in single-channel (2 sticks of ram in slots 1+2, no other combination...
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    Will upgrading a CPU only in Win10 OEM deactivate key?

    I see all the posts about how upgrading the motherboard or a few components at once will deactivate a Win10 install- I'm just wondering about the CPU alone. I'm building a friend a new PC and have an older CPU lying around- I'm wondering if I should stick with the older CPU or just buy a...
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    Best/economical processor for old P67 motherboard?

    I want to give my friend a decent setup and I have an old P67 Extreme4. Unfortunately the 2600k I had died, so I'd like to replace it with something usable. I thought the motherboard was the problem so I purchased an H67 (that came with a G640) for $25. Just for the hell of it I put the G640 in...
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    Budget gaming motherboard+cpu combo <$150?

    I'm building my friend a budget PC. I have an old Nforce based Q9550 tower but the lack of UEFI/AHCI support makes it more trouble than it's worth. Since I already have the tower, PSU, SSD, etc, what's a decent, budget mobo/cpu combo that I don't have to invest too much money in? I'm thinking...