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    [USED] Ultimate File Server - 24 Bay SuperMicro Opteron Servers w/24 Port RAID $299+

    I'm having a rough time installing windows home server 2011- taking over 8 hours and then it locks up. This motherboard it real picky on some setting have to load fail safe setting just to boot to install disk. Tried several times and can not get a clean install.
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    [USED] Ultimate File Server - 24 Bay SuperMicro Opteron Servers w/24 Port RAID $299+

    Is any one having a problem installing a OS- i sure take quite a long time to install windows home server 2011. How do you get the hard drive power activity LED's to work on the hard drive caddies?
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    [USED] Ultimate File Server - 24 Bay SuperMicro Opteron Servers w/24 Port RAID $299+

    Just got one of these-what a beast!! Wondering were everyone is buying tapered hard drive screws?
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    HP SAS Expander Owner's Thread

    looking for someone to update my firmware .
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    power requirements

    Thanks for the info!
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    power requirements

    What are the power requirements to run 14 hard drives 910 are green drives and the rest are 7200rpm)on a low powered LE 1640 system with no cd drive and using built-in video 6150 chipset. I have a old Corsair HX 620 that I was planning on using.
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    WHS Perc 5i

    Rebuilding my home server and would like to know if I should use my perc 5i with a 6 disk seagate 2tb 5900rpm raid 5 array or just use them has 6 single drives? I already have 5 1.5tb in the pool.
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    OTA in Phoenix and recording it.

    The reason rabbit ears are receiving a stronger signal is when the digital switch over started-several of the TV stations switched from UHF to broadcasting in VHF.
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    VBox Cat's Eye 150 & Vista

    I have a Cat Eye 150 on my HTPC and it installed without any problems!
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    Video card

    I was just wondering if I should upgrade my present video card to something newer-the card I have now is a PNY 8600GT 256mb.
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    Video in Vista Media Center

    I just installed the K-lite x64 codec pack and got my mkv to work in mce!
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    HOT?? E2180 Boxed + ECS 945GCT-M/1333 @ Frys for $78.99

    Got one the other day! E2200 and noticed that there are no is no way to OC in the bios! So I did the bsel mod and slapped her in and booted right up 2926mhz@266mhz-p95 for 24hrs no errors! Vcore runs from 1.1v-1.25. Speedstep is pretty neat-idle @ 1500mhz and then jumps up to full speed when you...
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    Logitech DiNovo Keyboard

    Anyone willing to sell me one for $75shipped!
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    Home network

    Thanks ! Was using the WAN and not the lan to set-up. All is well!
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    Home network

    I've just added a wireless network to my home network. I have a DL-604 router and I have the DL-624 wireless plugged into the DL-604 lan port. I changed the IP of the DL-624 to and left the DL-604 @ The problem I'm having is getting port forward to work on the wireless...
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    Beyond TV

    You need to tell me what your computer spec are-could be cpu related.
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    Beyond TV

    It depends on your system hardware! What cpu/memory and video card are you using? I'm using the same verizon and only use about 25-30% CPU and thats with recording several programs. But I have a pretty powerful system. AMD 4400 X2 AM2 oc@ 2.7ghz running 2gb DDR2.running on Vista Ultimate.
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    Was wondering how the new 8600GTS compares to the 7950GT 512mb? Mainly use for a HTPC and some gaming. I already have the 7950GT!!
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    Well build a new system and so far.. NO GOOD

    Did you check your DVI cable- I had the same problem with my AMD set-up and it was a bent pin on the DVI cable. I used a old PCI video card to see if the computer was booting up and it was-but no video thru DVI. I checked everything -swapped parts and finally decided to check the cable and there...
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    HSF recommendations for Socket AM2?

    That almost looks like the Silverstone NT06!
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    HSF recommendations for Socket AM2?

    I use a Artic Cooler Freezer 64 Pro which is quiet and a pretty inexpensive when on sale-got my for about $21 shipped- you just have to worry about the height to see if it fits in your case. Best bang for the buck!
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    A8N32-SLI Deluxe-no video!

    I;m having a problem with my Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe- I installed a second 7600gs to run SLI and now i GET no video-computer powers up fans run heard the HD running; just no video-no beeps! Now no video with one or two videocard-tried both slots- tried min set-up. Tried a different videocard-XFX...
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    Should I upgrade!

    I do encode dvd's and encode mpeg2 to divx on my HTPC (HD files are way to big). I figure that is would cost me less than $100 to upgrage after selling my old stuff!
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    Should I upgrade!

    I'm running a file server/torrent /HTPC computer using a Intel 3.4ghz NW and with the prices of AM2/DDR2 so cheap- would I benefit buying a AMD X2 3600/MB/DDR2. combo?
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    Sheer frustration with my file server... Looking for options

    What kind of PSU are you using? That was the problem I was having with my file server! i was dropping one of the drives on the same port on my raid 3 array and data corruption. And getting noises from my hard drive that sounded like they were not getting enough power. I swapped out the PSU and...
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    to many HDD's for my psu?

    That's not true; like I said earlier I was using a Antec TruePower 550w PSU and it was not enough to run 7 SATA HD!'s drive my system using
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    to many HDD's for my psu?

    Spend the money and get a good PSU and most of your problems will disappear! Your 300w PSU can barely run all that you need.
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    to many HDD's for my psu?

    I was having a problem running my server w/ 6-seagate 320gb SATA and one IDE 250gb PATA using a Antec 550w PSU 12v@18a-it would just work for a while then I would lose a drive on my raid 3 array and then I would have to rebuild- this happen once a month. And I was getting a error on my nvidia...
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    PSU Server

    Mine is the 12v @24A version-decided to buy a Corsair PSU 620 and hopefully this will solve all of my problems!
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    PSU Server

    I would like to know how big of a PSU I need to run a file server. It will have 7 SATA 320gb HD's / 1-DVD-RW drive/ USB multi-drive/ 6600gtoc AGP/ 4 TV Tuner/2x512mb DDR and a Hardware raid card-5 case fans(120mm) CPU-3.4ghz Northwood S478. I've been using a Antec Truepower 550 watt; but it...
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    I temp running my OS on a 250gb 16mb Seagate PATA with a Raid3 array of 5 HD's( 3-Maxtor 320gb 16mb and 2-WD 320gb 8mb). When I run HD Tach I only get about 59-60mb average read random access of 22.2ms on the ARRAY! What could be wrong? On the PATA I get about 59mb/s random access 15.8ms. Should...
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    Got a SATA2 drive today and image a IDE to it but now can figure out SATA2 speed

    Usually a image from a IDE drive to SATA will not work; because the drivers are not correct- missing the SATA drivers!
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    ATI 9800 Pro w/ HDTV Help (Pics)

    The ATI 9800 only has one DVI and one vga output! So you would have to hook-up your moniter thru the VGA and the HDTV thru the DVI. What are the input on the HDTV? There are several ways to hook up the HDTV. That all depends on the inputs on your TV. If you only have component input-I have a...
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    Any suggestions for building my first file server?

    I 've just set-up a sever with a PNY S-Cure Raid controller card thati got off of Newegg when they were on sale! Cost about $40 Its a Raid3 and it was really easy to setup- no need for drivers. Running 5 maxtor 320gb 16mb Sata -1.2TB. I tested out by dropping out one of the drives and it...
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    Slow system array

    That was probably with the old software/firmware! I download a newer version software and updated the firmware before I set up my array. Everything works fine-its just slow between the ide and sata drive. And I don't think that it should take 3-4 days to rebuild the array! And the one problem...
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    Slow system array

    I just set-up a RAID 3 array on my media center computer using a PNY S-Cure 5 Port Raid controller card with-3 Maxtor 320gb 16mb jumper to SATA 150 and 2-WD 320gb 8mb SATA 150. Currently I have the OS on a Seagate 250gb 16mb IDE drive. The problem is that when I;m doing file transfers from ide...
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    Great News about VISTA upgrades

    I ordered two copies for two different laptops that I purchased BF- did not have any problems with the site and everything went fine-did not ask for a CC and when I checked onsite one show order status: POP/COA validated an the other shows COA validated. It also show USD 0.00-I guess my two...
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    I'm in the process of setting up a media server using about 7-8 hard drrives and was wondering if my current psu is strong enough to operate my system-Antec 550 truepower Abit IC-7 Intel 3.4ghz Northwood 1gb ddr DVD-rw drive BFG 6600gt 5- 500gb SATA WD re drives on a PNY S-Cure Raid...
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    PNY S-Cure Raid3

    Thanks for the info-newegg has a great deal on these cards and I bought two of them; one has a back-up card! $90 for two AR!
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    PNY S-Cure Raid3

    So whats the difference between raid 3/ 5?