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    loud dv9000 fan

    I purchased a HP dv9205 from staples this afternoon, It's a gorgeous laptop with a fantastic build, way better than my dell or ibm and much better than any acer I've seen. I was originally having a tough time deciding between this one and a Toshiba A100, I eventually opted for the HP as its...
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    trouble playing dvds

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    Critique and choose my new computer

    I am getting really tired with my computer constantly rebooting every time I try to play a game for more than 30 minutes, or when I am watching a video or whatever. I've tried troubleshooting but it's just so hard as it is erratic. It could be overheating (~60c) but I don't have a lot of options...
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    SFF motherboard into MATX / ATX ?? is a question.... I know that matx boards are can always fit into an atx case. I also realize that shuttle/ideq/Aopen/Asus whatever makes Small Form Factor computers. While I realize those motherboards do not conform to any "standard" has anyone ever tried/had luck with placing...
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    Another "help me upgrade" thread.

    Okay, It seems every so often I go through this fidgetty "gotta to spend money I don't have on stuff I don't need" phase. (I think some of you know this) The thing is I am relatively out of the loop with a lot of computer stuff, I haven't been actively [H] in well over a year. I've been...
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    Pro vs Con for SFF vs Laptop

    This originally wasn't going to be a post but I was making notes for myself and thought I would share some of my conclusions, feel free to comment if you think I've missed anything: Expandability - Laptops lack nearly all forms of expandability as far as adding MORE components. I could add...
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    hmmm water + powersupply = ka boom?

    Alright, So I replaced a powersupply recently on my main computer. About a month later the computer went POP and doesnt turn on...led on motherboard still lights up though... Only reason I replaced the powersupply was due to a noisy fan and didnt want to be bothered with opening it up...
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    shortest dvd burner?

    Happy Friday all, I hope you enjoy your weekend! What I need from you is advice, I wasn't quite sure where to post this, mods can feel free to move. While the question is about dvdburners I figured the SFF section would be able to help the most. I am currently building/modifying a...
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    wanted: powersupply

    Bonjour! I have an older ideq 200n sitting around, I started it up the other day and the powersupply was sounding really loud (I think the fan is loose). I'm contemplating opening it up and snooping around, might give it a day or two to discharge though as it was plugged in (but not on)...
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    wireless hard drive?

    kay, I am looking at setting up a wireless storage device that would be accessed by 2-3 computers, ideally it would be a print server as well. Now...I am having trouble finding options for this, the devices I have found are really expensive or I just can't find them... I am willing to...
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    Someone recommend me a tablet PC

    ALLLOOO all, I am going to be purchasing a tablet PC this weekend and was hoping to get some advice. It will be for med school, taking notes n shit. Normally I would try reading a couple of hundred reviews but don't really have time. weight is important, less than 2kg or so. Screen size...
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    bypass admin password ?

    I got a macintosh problem. I have an ibook. I rather enjoy my ibook, it has Mac OS X. I bought this ibook used, mind you, it had only been "used" for 2-4 days before I purchased it. As such I have all original packaging, documentation, CD's, etc. The problem I am encountering is that...
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    How many laptop user's use a full size keyboard?

    Saluations! I have recently moved quite a bit aware from the traditional computer systems to using nearly primarily my laptops. Now here is the question I put forth; How many of you still find it useful to connect a full size keyboard to your laptop while at home or stationary? I...
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    what is the BEST keyboard right now.

    Hellllo000 all. I am sick and tired of all my Microsoft wireless keyboards. My typing speed I can tell is lowered when I use this, I am much more likely to miss characters while typing on one. I currenly own THREE MS wireless keyboards btw and experience this problem on all of them. I...
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    trouble playing dvds

    So I got a hp 300i 4 speed + burner (nec 1100a) I got a problem that seems to have developed recently though. It can burn dvds and cds fine and at good speeds. It can play cds fine, it can read from dvds and I havent encountered a problem (though never really moved ALL the data anywhere...
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    what kind of ram do you have in your dell inspiron?

    its an 1100 model if its matters. Looking to buy a 256mb stick, kingston or corsair probably. Just want to buy one that is compatible. If someone can point me to page on dell that lists that great, their page kinda sucks imo.
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    I cant believe i spent 40 minutes troubleshooting a mouse.....

    Man, Am I ever frustrated. I spent the last 40 minutes troubleshooting a new microsoft intellimouse with the tilty wheel thing. initially I didnt install the software and teh keyboard worked fine (it was a combo) So I knew it wasnt the wireless base..I reset everything then restart...
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    first post from new laptop =)

    It aint the faster or sleekest but its exactly what I want! Inspiron 1100 celeron 2.4 256mb ram dvdrom 14inch screen wireless card (surfing right now!) For $550usd pics:
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    Credit Cards are the worst invention evar....

    mobile 2500 barton on its way to me. Do I need it? NO Do I want it? YES! Do I even have a system to utilize it? probably not! oh well, guess its time for me to build another computer!!! AXMH2500FQQ4C
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    how does this BT thing work? keyboards n stuff

    ok, here is what I will shortly have: two computers, both with a bluetooth adapter. problem I am forseeing: I will have a bluetooth keyboard and mouse, now...if I setup one device to use that bluetooth mouse or do I "tell" the other computer to assume control of...
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    12 inch laptop decision Averatec vs ibook!!!

    ok, I am in the market for a 12 inch laptop, this will be a secondary machine so a large harddrive or gaming are not super important. It will mostly be used for programming and web design stuff (ie presentations) OPTION #1 Averatec 3150H AMD Mobile Athlon XP-M 1600+ Processor 256MB...
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    I hate the lack of ergonamic keyboards ergonamic keyboard just died last night... wont type or nothing...have no idea whats wrong. So im looking around for a new one and have to say.....there is NO selection on these things. stupid. /rant
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    All hail the new king of mice! ...or is that mouses? MX900 !!

    Got my mx900 in the mail today! w00t! So far its doing nice but Ive only used it maybe for 5 minutes and will update if I encounter problems. The mx900 was a good upgrade for me from the mx700 because I needed the bluetooth hub. If you got the mx700 though you may not want to upgrade. I...
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    bluetooth printer

    I want a bluetooth printer. Any recommendations for one? Do any have built in bluetooth? or wireless 802.11???
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    first post using wireless

    first post surfing wireless w00t :) feel free to ignore this thread
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    My samsung 193s has massive trails n ghosting :(

    Anyway around this? The monitor looks great on the desktop (it pains me to look at my crt) and it actually plays flawlessly in most games. (unreal, nfs, cod, etc) However I play rtcw:et most and the lcd just blows in it. You know how in "call of duty" when you get hit by a mortar and...
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    A big giant blurry picture of my new dual monitor setup

    I warned you... man I got to learn how to use my camera...
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    I want an ergonamic bluetooth keyboard

    Does such a thing exist? btw: ergonamic = curved NOT STRAIGHT keyboard