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    wmp had decided to not play any of my songs, v. annoying.

    hey all since last week wmp 9 has decided it doesnt like playing most of my 20gb+ music collection. It gives a message "sending request for codec" and then says it cant locate the codec "55" or something similar. reinstalling wmp seems to help for a few hours, then it does the same thing...
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    My monitor its SHAKING~!

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    Two XP's ??????

    So im assuming you can no longer access your other partition that used to have a windows xp install on it? go to control panel> admin tools> computer management (have to change to classic veiw in control panel) Go to "disk management" under the storage tab, and it will give you a graphic...
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    Aquarium side panel, think it would be possable?

    If you want to have fish in there for any length of time, not just flaoting corpses :eek: the top of the "tank" needs to be open to the atmosphere to allow gases to exchange with the water- ie the fish need oxygen to live and the oxygen in the water is absorbed from the atmosphere. just my 2c. :)
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    project: smallest case using standard size parts

    Well heres my new project for the summer break from uni, time to put those "design" skills from my degree to good use . . . The basic idea of this project is to find a new home for the xp1700 system i aquired a few months back, as the case i got it in was appalling. The horrible plastic...
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    Fan Controllers?

    Ive got a sunbeam rheobus that works well. 20 watts per channel and a nice silk-screened facia available in black or silver.
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    Digital camera (Canon A75) as a webcam?

    if youve got a tv out on the camera you can use a tv tuner card like the leadtek tv2000 series to use the camera as a webcam, just select the tuner card as the input device when you set up the webcam software. Works fine with my olympus C4000. Obviously you would need a separate microfone...
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    Planning a case, Fragmaster - The Case on Treads!

    hehe yeah i watched that a while back, thats an awesome bit of RC engineering. Respect is due :D But for a novice at this type of project an RC would be a good stepping stone- taking on too big a project can soon lead to being bored if you dont really know what you are doing. I worked in an RC...
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    Planning a case, Fragmaster - The Case on Treads!

    Are you sure you have the knowlegde to carry out a project like this? As a 20 year old design engineering student with a background in RC racing cars, i can tell you this project is not going to be as easy as it sounds, if you want a do a good job that is. Maybe its the perfectionist in me, but...
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    need a cheapo card with tv out?

    yep i speak from experience- this card was bought to upgrade a dell with no agp slot, that didnt quite work out so it ended up in the family computer, a 2ghz dell p4, to replace the rage 128 it came with. Ive just put an agp radeon 7000 64mb in that which is miles better than teh mx440. bf1942...
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    need a cheapo card with tv out?

    hi im looking for a cheap card (ie less than £40) to put in my HTPC that im building at the mo, gonna build a nice custom case for it. Problem is the only gfx cards ive got at the mo are a pci gf4 mx440 and a agp rage 128pro. The gf4 could be used as it has a video out on it, but the rage 128...
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    Blown Capacitors

    sorry missed that bit. ooops ;)
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    Blown Capacitors

    It wouldnt happen to be a gainward card would it? they had a bunch of dodgy caps supplied to them that mainly ended up on ti4200 cards. Ive got one of them. I did manage to replace the capacitors by canibalising an old mobo and a control board out of an old washing machine. Are they the 5 caps...
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    B1942 w/ Desert Combat vs. Vietnam...

    I like the atmosphere of BFV- im a massive fan of veitnam type films and love the music- the graphics are definatly better in bfv (theyve done some dx9 type stuff like the slight sheen to all the vehicles paintwork which looks cool, as does the foliage/plant stuff theyve put in. Some of its...
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    Pc Specs For "Far Cry"

    lol course it will run fine on that system- if you turn down the eye candy it runs ok on virtually all systems . . . i was playing it fine on the xp1700, 512mb pc133 system in my sig (albeit with a gf4200ti 64mb until that died again- back to the radeon 7000 :() runs ok at 800x600, perfectly...
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    how to stop annoying beep when gaming?

    Nah its defninetly not the sticky keys thing- i made sure they were all turned off ages ago, as they would make the game exit to the desktop if they were still enabled. Cheers for all your replies- i think i just might put a little switch in the speaker wire and hide it behind the bottom of the...
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    SATA / PATA drive booting

    ^ yeah what defakto said :D The DFI bios didnt have a separate option for SATA, it comes under the SCSI option. But best bet would be to read your mobo manual to find the right setting.
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    how to stop annoying beep when gaming?

    hehe thought it might be the keyboard :D its this 5 year old dell one (used to be beige from before they started making things dark grey) but its the most solid keyboard ive ever used due to the 2mm thick steel plate inside it and its been sprayed purple and silver to match my case . . . dont...
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    how to stop annoying beep when gaming?

    Have recently dowloaded and started playing the demo of the new game GTR (which is awesome btw) but every now and then if i press certain key combinations repeatedly while driving (ie braking and changing gear) the pc speaker will beep which puts me off as i keep thinking its the cpu getting too...
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    SATA / PATA drive booting

    I did exactly that on a mates system using a 120gb maxtor SATA drive, a 80gb wd PATA drive and a dfi infinity-so it can definatly be done. just set the first boot drive to SCSI or SATA depending on the mobo and you'll be set.
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    400MHz HTPC?

    one of my mates up until recently when i built him a athlon xp system ran a 400mhz celeron and he played mp3's, watched DVD's and divX movies just fine on it and that was with 128mb ram, you should be fine with 256mb. Not sure how a k6 compares to a celeron, but i would think it would be the...
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    Geil, Mushkin, Crucial, or Corsair Value?

    RAM in my first rig is 2 sticks of crucial 512mb pc2700 c2.5- runs just fine (prime stable) at 394mhz DDR 2-3-3-8 instead of the ddr333 its meant to. Will run at 400mhz ddr at c3, plays games fine but fails prime after 15mins. (have tested cpu and chipset at 213fsb with a mates corsair platinum...
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    New computer for an engineering student

    1) ignore any literature you get sent from your college/uni about buying a computer with specific specs. 2) dont get a laptop unless your sure it has a decent graphics chipset and is cheap- you wont take it to lectures as its easier to take notes by hand and people will take the piss out of...
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    Building my PC, 1 part at a time

    yeah i agree with dark assasin- drop the 265mb 9800pro for a 128mb one and spend the difference on either another 512mb of system ram or a bigger hard drive- something like a maxtor DM9 120gb with a 8mb cache. I thought 120gb would last me forever- but now ive got 2 of them :D The extra 512mb...
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    My college says no Athlons....

    As a design/engineering student at loughborough uni in the UK, i run proEngineer and Unigraphics NX on the first rig in my sig with no problems. The literature i was sent before starting uni again heavily recomended getting a p4 with a 64 mb NVIDIA video card. I have had no problems whatsoever...
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    AGP Aperture BIOS Setting

    i was under the impression that the video card only uses system ram once it runs out of ram on the card itself? so when the textures are too big to fit on the cards (faster) memory, they kind of overflow onto the system memory. So a card with 64mb of ram is more likely to use the system ram than...
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    how much better is ti4200 8x 64meg vs g3

    a ti4200 is a surprizingly capable card for its age; the one in my second rig will play farcry at 800x600 with low/medium settings perfectly well, and bfV at 1024x768 with settings on medium. This is at fully playable framerates, it will handle higher res's but it gets choppy when the action...
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    How much hardware have you fried?

    SO far, only an ancient gigabyte celeron mobo, but that was on purpose, in order to un-fry my ti4200 :D Needed some of the capacitors off it to replace the blown ones on the geforce, so unsoldered them and sacrificed the mobo for the sake of being able to play bf veitnam on my second rig hehe...
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    Does X800 support Dual Head Gaming?

    I run ProEngineer (big 3D CAD program that runs in openGL) really well across 2 monitors on the 9600pro . . . its really useful being able to have 2 separate part files open at the same time while youre modelling. This i using the extended desktop mode in windows xp, and having 2 separate...
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    strange display corruption with ti4200

    finally got this thing working properly . . . after having no luck sourcing the right value capacitors from local electronics stores such as maplins, and finding out that getting the right ones mail order would cost me more in postage than i paid for the card, i went scavenging :D So after...
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    how to save/find internet settings before format?

    Hi guys, The family computer downstairs (dell 4500s) badly needs a reformat after being on the same windows xp installation for over 2 years- no amount of defragging and spyware removal seems to help anymore :rolleyes: so im wanting to wipe it and start again . . . but the only thing stopping...
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    Coolermaster Centurion 1

    In short, its a piece of crap. I built a system for one of my mates, and the intention was to use a centurion case as he liked the look of it. However, although it looks pretty good from a distance, its very flimsy and wouldnt sit squarely on the desk as the whole chassis wsa slightly bent. Its...
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    "Burning" in Speakers?

    I would have to disagree with you there, but it depends on the quality of your speakers. The average set of PC speakers dont really need running in as the quality of the drive units isnt really up to much. However, high end hi-fi speakers with expensive driver units benefit from a few hours of...
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    Powering Led's off firewire?

    Hehe yeah youve got to remember to either get the right voltage LEDs or use the correct value resistor in series with the LED to drop the voltage down to the correct level. So you can work out what resistor you need: First calculate the voltage drop you need (say for a 2.1volt LED)=...
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    Powering Led's off firewire?

    A quick look on google tells me that the max current on a usb port can be 500mA. A typical 5v LED draws around 25mA, so you can run up to 20 LED's off a usb port if you wired them all in parallel. So they would all get 5v and draw 500mA in total. How many LED's did you want to run?
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    Creeping Temperatures

    Have you cleaned out all the accumulated duct from between the heatsink fins and under the fan? this morning i cleaned out my sk-7 and it was full off dust stopping air getting betweent the fins, and its only been in the computer since easter! A fresh application of arctic silver might be a good...
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    New mobo for xp1700 and sdram?

    Hi guys, now ive finished uni for the summer my new project is building a new case for the second rig in my sig, but the mobo in it is the flakiest piece of crap ive ever used- but it was given to me so never mind. Basically i need to replace it as the new machine needs to be nice and reliable-...
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    strange display corruption with ti4200

    After reading the forums on the gainward website it seems that people that are rma ing these cards now are getting gf4 mx440 cards as replacements rather than a ti4200. :rolleyes: So looks like im gonna be getting the soldering iron out :D
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    strange display corruption with ti4200

    dont you need a reciept or the original box or something to rma it? i got it cheap cos it was 2nd (or maybe 3rd) hand- was only £10 so not too worried about it.
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    strange display corruption with ti4200

    hmmm, i tried the drivers on the bf veitnam disks and updated the mobo bios to the latest one, but the problem was still there. When i put the agp setting down to 2x the card lasted a bit longer before it crashed. I have done some digging on google and apparently there was a known issue with...