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    power requirements

    What are the power requirements to run 14 hard drives 910 are green drives and the rest are 7200rpm)on a low powered LE 1640 system with no cd drive and using built-in video 6150 chipset. I have a old Corsair HX 620 that I was planning on using.
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    WHS Perc 5i

    Rebuilding my home server and would like to know if I should use my perc 5i with a 6 disk seagate 2tb 5900rpm raid 5 array or just use them has 6 single drives? I already have 5 1.5tb in the pool.
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    Video card

    I was just wondering if I should upgrade my present video card to something newer-the card I have now is a PNY 8600GT 256mb.
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    Home network

    I've just added a wireless network to my home network. I have a DL-604 router and I have the DL-624 wireless plugged into the DL-604 lan port. I changed the IP of the DL-624 to and left the DL-604 @ The problem I'm having is getting port forward to work on the wireless...
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    Was wondering how the new 8600GTS compares to the 7950GT 512mb? Mainly use for a HTPC and some gaming. I already have the 7950GT!!
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    A8N32-SLI Deluxe-no video!

    I;m having a problem with my Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe- I installed a second 7600gs to run SLI and now i GET no video-computer powers up fans run heard the HD running; just no video-no beeps! Now no video with one or two videocard-tried both slots- tried min set-up. Tried a different videocard-XFX...
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    Should I upgrade!

    I'm running a file server/torrent /HTPC computer using a Intel 3.4ghz NW and with the prices of AM2/DDR2 so cheap- would I benefit buying a AMD X2 3600/MB/DDR2. combo?
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    PSU Server

    I would like to know how big of a PSU I need to run a file server. It will have 7 SATA 320gb HD's / 1-DVD-RW drive/ USB multi-drive/ 6600gtoc AGP/ 4 TV Tuner/2x512mb DDR and a Hardware raid card-5 case fans(120mm) CPU-3.4ghz Northwood S478. I've been using a Antec Truepower 550 watt; but it...
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    I temp running my OS on a 250gb 16mb Seagate PATA with a Raid3 array of 5 HD's( 3-Maxtor 320gb 16mb and 2-WD 320gb 8mb). When I run HD Tach I only get about 59-60mb average read random access of 22.2ms on the ARRAY! What could be wrong? On the PATA I get about 59mb/s random access 15.8ms. Should...
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    Slow system array

    I just set-up a RAID 3 array on my media center computer using a PNY S-Cure 5 Port Raid controller card with-3 Maxtor 320gb 16mb jumper to SATA 150 and 2-WD 320gb 8mb SATA 150. Currently I have the OS on a Seagate 250gb 16mb IDE drive. The problem is that when I;m doing file transfers from ide...
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    I'm in the process of setting up a media server using about 7-8 hard drrives and was wondering if my current psu is strong enough to operate my system-Antec 550 truepower Abit IC-7 Intel 3.4ghz Northwood 1gb ddr DVD-rw drive BFG 6600gt 5- 500gb SATA WD re drives on a PNY S-Cure Raid...
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    PNY S-Cure Raid3

    PNY SPU5103PPB PCI SATA S-CURE Storage Card RAID 0/1/3 JBODCure anyone use one of these cards in a home media center? What to set-up 5 HDs to increase my media center storage! It states that its a raid 3; but you can hook-up 5 drives?
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    I would like to know if my cpu is powerful enough to record 3 OTA HDTv signals @ the same time using software HDTV cards-(AVerMedia AVerTVHD /Fusion Lite) Running a Intel 3.4ghz Northwood w/1gb ddr and a BFG 6600GTOC-stock but can overclock if needed! Currently I'm using MCE05; but looking into...
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    Sage client and MCE

    I would like to know if you can run Sage Client and MCE05 together? I know that you can't run SageTV and MCE05 on the same machine. I would like to run sage client and mce has a front end on the same comp. and have all of the tuners/hd on a server.
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    Third tuner on MCE05

    Is there any way to get a third analog tuner to work on MCE2005?
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    loss of sound

    I've got a MCE 2005 box that I put together and I'm having a problem with the recordings that I have were I loose sound at the end of the program. Antec case 400w PSU ECS 600kt MB and Sempron 2800+ stock hsf 2x512mb DDR PC-3200 Happ MCE 150 tuner Diamond 550 tuner running 2x300gb Serial...
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    I'm having trouble getting closed caption to work with MCE2005 - running a PVR150MCE and a Diamond 550 TVtuners. Using PowerDVD6 everything works great; but would like to get closed caption to work. I've turned it on within MCE'but nothings changed!
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    OC P4 2.4ghz

    I got a problem with my vid when I OC my P4 2.4ghz C - when I'm gaming My video will start to flicker really bad- have to drop the mem to 228 to stop the flickering. Using a Abit IS-7 MB w 2x512mb Hyper -X PC4000 and ATI AIW 9800Pro- otherwise I have no problem