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    Paypal Changes?

    This is tech news because, well its paypal. Secondly I think it goes here because of how many of us at the site use this tech to pay each other etc... Mods if this dont belong please move it however I have no idea where else this would go. What in the hell does this even mean? Now that many of...
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    Starlink avail now for RVs

    Now avail for RVs I dont own an RV but I might get one since im moving West of Savannah, GA in the deep sticks next month. We want to get an RV so why the hell not. 600+ dollars for the dish
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    i3-10100 idle power is stupid low haha

    Here is a pic of my I3-10100 with IGP, not the F sku. Here is idle. System is 8GB 3200 cas 16 Chip and itx board No discreet GPU, using IGP @ 144hz for smooth 2d windows usage This is my Amateur Radio dedicated PC I use to interface my software defined radios as well as my LogBook software...
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    just ordered Starlink

    Just sharing, no questions or anything. So I just ordered starlink. I like Elon and I absolutely cant stand Comcast at all. 1000% hatred for this monopolistic shit bucket operation called Comcast. Yes im willing to shed my 1gbps cable for Starlink. I live at the very end of thier high speed...
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    How to spot a horrible review from a top YT'r

    So I now own a 6900xt and I am impressed. Having been a power GPU owner for quite some time from quad r290x to hd6990 dual gpu cards, to sli 1080tis and sli 2080tis. Even own a 3090 as well, I have quite a bit of direct experience in architectural differences and how they perform. I finally...
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    Just for fun - Lets post our very first Heatware sale item that we did

    It kind of brings back memories of old hardware. In fact I absolutely do NOT remember this piece of hardware back then it has been so long, 9 years ago lol wow Here is my very first Heatware item I sold:
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    Cyberpunk is Available - Lets share how your GPU/CPU is performing

    I just purchased Cyberpunk on Steam about 10 mins ago. I am going to start getting all Punked out and Cyber'y in a little while on the RTX 3070. Lets share how the game is running on your particular GPU. I am also going to see how it fares on my 5600xt later as well. Only reason I posted...
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    Huge availability coming in mid December and January - Source: GamerMeld

    DISCLAIMER: I am NOT making this claim. I am sharing GamerMeld's According to GamerMeld we are going to see big batches of CPUs and GPUs arriving later this month. Video:
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    Which 6800/xt AIB Card Do you want? Poll with pics

    So there are many compiled lists of all AIB Cards that will probably (not) be available next week and the week after. Which one do you like best? I am sure there are some I am missing but for the fun of the thread and to share each others interest lets find out. I have attached a poll so you...
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    10% more performance on Zen 3 with 4 sticks of ram?! - G Nexus

    So it appears that Gamers Nexus discovered that 4 sticks of ram perform up to 10% better on Zen 3 than just 2 sticks Enjoy:
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    AMD Working on their version of DLSS

    According to reports AMD is working on a DLSS Alternative to use on their GPUs. Source: Verge Link: AMD’s new Radeon RX 6800 XT promises to go head to head with Nvidia’s RTX 3080 Excerpt: While AMD is promising to go head to head with Nvidia in 4K gaming and more, the one big missing...
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    Sweden Bans Hauwei from 5g Networks nationally

    Here is the link: Sweden Bans Hauwei
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    Who is buying a 3090?

    Here is what "I" know and probably the bulk of "us" know. 10 % better on avg gaming I have no idea about productivity because nVidia is being a total BITCH and not releasing benches until the friggin day of sale? Oh gee you worried Jensen that your $1499 card is a total fraud? 2.14x the price...
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    Super Trolling 3080 Scalpers on Ebay (YT Video)

    Here we have super trolling the trolls (scalpers) on ebay that are ruining the market for all of us legit users. Enjoy: edit: Here I went and checked the latest prices LMAO this is hilarious
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    microcenter in Marietta had 12 cards sold like vapor

    Went down to do my usual early morning launch day run on Microcenter. I edited this as info has changed. 12 3080s were sold at M.Cent The people that got them camped out on the sidewalk since last night at 6pm. Lets hope 3090 isnt this way, im betting its worse. So if it took camping on...
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    New MalwareBytes Privacy (VPN) is very very fast!

    I am posting a very ultra low calorie review. I have been using Express VPN for a long time and I already sub to Malwarebytes for virus/malware etc... I just installed the Malwarebytes VPN and it is very fast. It is using the newer WireGuard Protocol instead of older IPSEC and I have tested...
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    EVGA Announces their Ampere cards

    Who thinks this is actually a really nice looking card? I think this is the one I am going to get. I have always liked EVGA. Thoughts? link: EVGA RTX 30 series announced
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    What causes this?

    transfer is from a Sata SSD (Kingston 1TB Enterprise Dc400) to 1tb Nvme (Phison based e12 - blazing fast nvme) Curious what is causing this sharktooth kind of transfer
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    1usmus does it again! This time WST 1.0K - check this out

    1usmus who is known for his Ryzen Ram Calculator, which you can get here: Ryzen Ram Calculator Check out this new software-
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    when is 4700g actually going to retail?

    Jul 21 they launched but when are the new apus actually in stores?
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    B550 Vision - a really clean board

    Here is a really clean board for a change - Thoughts?
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    Here is some Minecraft RTX

    I made this video just to show the game in its current beta state with Ray Tracing. This game needs vast amounts of optimizations. Original resolution is 3440x1440 down converted to 1080p in Davinci Resolve Studio. I didnt spend any time doing fancy post production. Just wanted to share this.
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    MikroTik SFP+ 10gb switch? wow! Thoughts?

    I just ordered a Dream Machine pro from Unifi store direct. I have no idea when they will ship it to me. Maybe in a few weeks who the hell knows. I was just about to pull the trigger on the layer 2 Unifi XG-16 10gb switch on Amazon because I do not need a layer 3 switch since the DMPro can...
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    What GPU for my son's rig?

    Youre gonna laugh and this is not an elitist comment either, but all I know is the ultra high end of GPUs. I try to keep up with the low/mid range through conversation but have no direct experience. All I do is the super high end stuff like 2080ti's I want to build my son a rig Gonna be a 3600...
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    UDM Pro? 10g question

    Hello UDM Pro owners... Can the the 10g WAN port be assigned over to the LAN on this new device? If you own this model and are not sure would you mind checking to see if you can in the UNifi Manager? On the regular USG Pro you can assign the WAN SFP 1Gig port over to LAN and use it there if...
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    Threadripper 3000 with 4 or 8 modules?

    I have a question for you 3rd gen Threadripper owners out there. Is there any reason or benefit to having 8 modules as opposed to 4 installed? To my understanding it makes ram training harder and achieving higher speeds. Is this true? I've never ran more than 4 modules in my personal systems...
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    What is Realtek USB Audio?

    I have a Gigabyte tr40x master and I have never seen this before in any build I have ever done and it has been hundreds of them over the last few decades.. My audio is weird I can't figure out what this is? I have been using my external USB Soundblaster because the onboard sound is so fucked...
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    NEW ! ! Ryzen Ram Calculator 1.7.0 Released

    New version of Ryzen Ram Calculator. (no I do not work for the dev - just sharing with fellow AMD owners) Now fully supports Ryzen 3000 Matisse chips and X570 and below Now fully supports Ryzen Threadripper 3000 Castlepeak chips and TRx40 Link: Ryzen DRAM Calculator 1.7.0
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    3960x and Star Citizen wierdness

    Disregard My question. I edited it out this am. The very first answer I got, and appreciate none the less, was that its an unfinished game. Thats obvious but I dont think anyine who visits this subforun is a true professional game developer working for a AAA studio and could answer specifc...
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    Rumor - RTX 3080

    Ok so here we go ... another 14 minutes of talk talk talk talk talk yap yap yap yap yap But the guy talks, hold on have to drink some water from all the talking, about the RTX 3080 Rumor yup! But posting it to share that nVidia or someone is leaking the next big thang! I dont know ... some...
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    Microcenter Review to win LCD? Real or Misleading?

    Has anyone out there ever actually won a free monitor because you reviewed products on Microcenter? To me it seems like a farce. Like they get you to think you could win but no one actually wins one anywhere because its just a marketing ploy to extract reviews from people. How does one...
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    spotify giving away free Google Home Mini

    Check yer emails gals n guys seems Spotify accounts (paid subs) are getting (1) free Google home mini speaker box thingies. I ordered mine last night shipping and price was both free!
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    cant find app

    There was an app that someone made and I cant find the thread it was in. It tested each core one by one to find the fastest frequency of each. Can anyone link that app to me?
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    6 dimm threadripper config??

    I wanted to add more ram for 4k video work and was wondering if there is quad channel penalty for adding ram as indicated I the photo? This is a tr40x 3960x build Gigabyte Aorus Master
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    I spy with my little eye.. 3960x

    A 3960x in stock at Microcenter Marietta, GA. Get in the car and drive fast if you want it. I got the other one. No motherboards but at least they had two chips. They wont let me buy both or I totally would to sell to other [H] members to help out.
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    oh lookie here!

    Marietta ga
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    Blur used AMD TR ver 3 to make Dark Fate

    Apparently Blur studios that created the CGI for Terminator Dark Fate used Threadripper 3 processors to make the movie. As these are not on sale yet, one must assume that the CPUs were allowed to be used at these studios far in advance of their sales to the general pub. *Mods - if you think...
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    AMD TR40x boards listed on site officially!

    I am posting this information in the general motherboard forum because members of both, Intel and AMD, may be interested. Remember if you want 8 channel ram you need to wait on the TR80X or WRX80 chipsets to be released. TR40x is only quad channel. Here are the boards...
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    Any news on whether Threadripper 3 will support AVX512?

    Since there is nothing legally holding them back from doing so, is there any rumors or hearsay that AMD is going to finally implement AVX 512 into the new series? I could really use it for video work in the HEVC space. Hell I have no idea when the NDA lifts so we will know details. Thanks