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  1. cjcox

    Doom and Doom 2 in Widescreen baby! You know what this means? Yep, Doom in correct aspect ratio running on the Macbook Touch Bar!
  2. cjcox

    To the pinnacle of your "homelab"! Tell your stories

    Think that virtualization really helped make the "homelab". As things moved away from rows of racks in the datacenter to something much more consolidated. I started out with a dual Athon setup, dual P4 Xeon setup, dual Opteron setup and then moved to making a SAN using a 14 drive Nexsan...
  3. cjcox

    Budget madness!

    1. Gaming computer and laptop budget: $3000 USD 2. Desire to start a home lab with multi cluster nodes, managed network with 10Gbit SAN storage budget: $200 USD I'm sorry, spending too much time on r/homelab.... interesting people...
  4. cjcox

    Newegg $120USD ASUS ROG Strix Radeon RX 570 O4G Video Card + 1 Game
  5. cjcox

    It's 2019, what is your distribution choice for servers

    So, in your datacenters, or wherever you have a host that isn't a desktop, what is your preferred Linux distribution?
  6. cjcox

    Intel obliterates new Epyc in "answer" to flawed benchmark According to the article, if you wait a bit, Intel will have something that is as fast and maybe a bit faster for thousands of dollars more. (yawn)
  7. cjcox

    Cooler Master HAF 932

    My old workstation case, Cooler Master HAF 932
  8. cjcox

    ASUS KGPE-D16, Socket G34, EEB Size, 2 x Opteron 6128, I/O Shield, 2xHSF, 32GB

    Parting out my old workstation/server. This unit was NOT on but maybe a few days every month, and then just for a matter of hours. This is just the motherboard + processors + memory + i/o shield. I'm throwing in a hard copy printout of the manual. Very nice and stable board. I will miss this...
  9. cjcox

    XFX 7800 GT OC $69.99

    Made you look! Seriously though. That's exactly what the full page ad in Computer Shopper from zipzoomfly says.
  10. cjcox

    Is there a later review to see if issues resolved...

    A bit of levity with some review goodies... or was that good eats. An oldie but a goodie.
  11. cjcox

    Samsung 170MP and the Samsung 170MP (?)

    I bought one of the first Samsung 170MP (well.. not too early on, but pretty early on). That model has "touch" controls instead of buttons. I liked it so much, I bought several for my church recently. However the 170MP's and even the new 1701MP models all had normal push buttons and their...