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    SFF Case - CM nr200p Max or NZXT h1 v2

    Hi everyone I am slowly piecing together a SFF build for my home theatre room. Going to be using a 1080ti for now along with a 5600x. I am torn between the CM Nr200p Max or the Nzxt H1 V2 both already comes with the aio and psu so i don't really have piece together those parts. My only worries...
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    Good Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

    Any recommendation on a good wireless mechanical keyboard with media keys. Trying to lose some clutter wires so looking for a good wireless keyboard and eventually a mouse as well.
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    Asus x570 dark hero plastic removal.

    Anyone knows how to remove this plastic piece that's underneath the plastic shroud?
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    Overlord Tempest 27 - Dual Link DVI port - Any way to work on RTX cards?

    Hello all, I just picked up a 2080 rtx card and I just realize the card does not have a DVI-D port. So my monitor is pretty much a old korean OC IPS panel that was binned by a old company called Overlord. The monitor itself have only a DVI connector input and I believe it uses Dual Link as...