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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 4GB GDDR5

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 4GB GDDR5
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    MSI NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 2GB GDDR5

    MSI NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 2GB GDDR5
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    Best <$2k gaming monitor?

    I recently ordered a ROG Swift, but then a day later kind of went off the reservation and ordered a Titan X and am now contemplating adding a 2nd one. I am very happy with the Swift, especially G-Sync. In fact, I think G-Sync may have ruined me. I almost don't think I'll enjoy gaming without it...
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    Advice on a couple of aspects of new build

    The other day while playing Dying Light, I decided that I was tired of screen tearing, so I logged onto Newegg and bought a 27" 1440p G-SYNC monitor. I also threw in a Titan X for good measure. :) Both the monitor and GPU will be arriving tomorrow. I've been thinking that this might be an...
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    STRAFE needs some love!

    Was surprised not to see a thread on this already. Seems like it's right up [H]'s alley. STRAFE Kickstarter Gameplay video Throwback to the Doom/Quake days, but with a few twists like randomly generated levels, oculus rift support, and permanent blood & gibbing. They have a little ways...
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    SSD Raid 0 performance

    I just got 2x512gb SSDs set up in Raid 0, and doing some quick informal benchmarks doesn't seem like the speed I was expecting/hoping for. Perhaps my expectations were unrealistic, but I'm just trying to determine if I'm missing some drivers (Win 7 x64) or made some other rookie mistake...
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    Anyone else ditched SLI for single-GPU?

    Has any one else here switched from an SLI setup to a single-GPU setup? Both Far Cry 4 and Dragon Age: Inquisition have been put on hold due to SLI issues until patches get released. This seems to be a really regular thing nowadays. Buy games on release day, find they have SLI issues. Wait...
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    So, I got an Oculus Rift dev kit...

    Just curious if anyone on the forums has one? I'm kinda bummed to report that my first 3-4 hours with the unit have not just been a letdown, it's been a very uncomfortable experience. The motion tracking works well, and it's pretty uncanny to strap it on for the first time and look around...
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    Opinions on multi-monitor gaming setups?

    Back in 2012, I upgraded my GPU and display to 670 SLI with a 27" 144Hz 1080p display with nVidia's 3D Vision 2 kit. I was also considering a multi-monitor setup and a single, high-res display. I've been very happy with the setup, but have been getting the upgrade itch lately (I can't help it...
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    Tomb Raider Definitive vs. PC Version

    Anyone have this? I absolutely loved playing this on my PC, and I'm wondering if this next-gen console version is somehow noticeably better than playing it on ultra on a high-end PC? If it's like night-and-day, I could see myself forking out for this again.
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    Noobs Guide to Better Aim Came across this on YouTube, and thought I'd share. There are a lot of things mentioned in this video that I hadn't really considered. As someone who's always struggled at not sucking at online FPSs, I have a couple of questions. The video talks...
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    EA - We Don't Ship a Game at EA That is Offline I for one find myself gravitating towards single player experiences more and more, so this quote was a bit of a let-down for me. Considering what I spend on hardware and software, I wouldn't call myself a...
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    Crysis 3 50% off WTF Hello EA, please wait like more than 2 weeks after a game launch before doing this. Otherwise, those of us who ponied up on day 1 feel like real asses.
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    PC + 360 controller, anyone else discovered this?

    So, I've bounced a bit between consoles and PC in the last decade. A few years ago when I was primarily a console person, my wife would join in on rare occasions. Anyhow, Tomb Raider was the one game she really latched onto, and she's really been looking forward to the release of the new one...
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    What's the game you could play over and over?

    Doom 3 [BFG] in stereoscopic 3D and the sound cranked way up for me.
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    Far Cry 3 performance

    I'm seeing some really strange performance issues with Far Cry 3. I'm running 670 SLI, and can usually keep things stable around 70-100 FPS with ultra settings and 4x MSAA. Until I shoot something. Seriously. Stand in front of a car. 100FPS. Now shoot out one of the headlights. 25FPS as...
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    Does 3D really cut FPS in half?

    I'm going to be getting a 120hz monitor for 3D Vision. To those of you who actually have and use 3D Vision: Does using the 3D really cut the perceived framerate in half? I just got my 680 in the mail from Newegg. I'm thinking I could return it and order 2x670 if I need more muscle. Thoughts?
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    680 SLI vs 670 SLI vs 690

    I'm looking at upgrading my setup to a 5760x1080 setup. I'm having a hard time figuring out what would work best for me between the three options in the title. The upside to the 690 would be that I won't need to bend pins on my MB. (I have an MSI P67 SLI MB, the only catch is that the 2nd...
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    Feedback on triple monitor configuration

    I'm looking to configure a triple monitor setup using the popular chief stand. I'm thinking 3x27" monitors for a 5760x1080 setup. I've always been a fan of 16:10, but it seems like those are definitely on their way out. I'm trying to keep the cost down while still getting good hardware...
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    Looking for a new game—D3?

    Hi All, I just hit colonel on BF3. Enjoy the game, but I'm not terribly good at it. I would like to try something new and possibly outside my comfort zone. Probably no MMORPGs. Woud love to play EVE, but I can't seem to play these games casually. I either don't play them or use them...
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    Crysis 2 $16 or Origin

    Just a heads up that Crysis 2 is $16 on Origin at the moment. That's a bargain basement price which I'm surprised to see, it's been out for like 8 months. I actually just finished up the SP campaign yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. With the latest DX11 patch and the high-res texture...
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    Morphological AA = nerf gun mode?

    I made a pretty interesting discovery today. Recently I've been playing BFBC2 with a friend online. Ever since I got my new rig, I've been playing Crysis 2 and BFBC2 online. I couldn't understand why I was my normal, decent self while playing Crysis 2, but couldn't ever do better than 1:4 on...
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    Question on OCing shader-unlocked 6950 w/ CCC

    I used RBE to unlock the shaders on my 6950 last night. Right now I have the power set to +20% in CCC with the GPU/MEM set to the standard max overclock (840/1325). I read the entire 6950 unlock poll thread but was unable to determine if there was a consensus on the best setting for the power...
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    MSI P67A-GD65 + 2nd Radeon HD 6950 clearance issue

    I can't fit 2 Radeon HD 6950s onto an MSI P67A-GD65 because of the switch/led jumpers on the back of the MB. I can live with everything except the power switch, but even then that is causing a clearance issue. I'm thinking there have got to be several forum members with this motherboard and...
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    Need advice, what to do about RAM clearance issue?

    I just got my new build today. Everything's great except for one detail. I got 16GB RAM, and am only using 8GB right now because one of the RAM chips won't clear the fan on my Zalman CNPS10X Performa because of the RAM heatspreaders. It looks like I have a few options. I'm thinking about...
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    When to expect P67s @ NewEgg?

    My new build just shipped minus the MB. NewEgg had an ETA of today for the MSI P67, but I haven't received any notification, and they still appear to be out of stock on nearly all P67 boards. I'm a little out of the loop, so I'm wondering if you guys know if this is generally something that...
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    Do I need CF for 1920x1200?

    I'm getting close to pulling the trigger on this system: Right now, my bottom line is $1,188. I'm thinking about going for 2x6950 instead of 1, but that pushes the bottom line a little past $1,500 (needs 1KW PSU in...
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    Looking for feedback on new build

    EDIT: Answers to questions: 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Software Development, Gaming, Virtual Pipe Organ (needs lots of CPU & RAM) 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? Better keep it below $2K including tax and shipping 3)...
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    Tyan S5396 won't boot

    I just got my new workstation parts from newegg, and I'm having problems getting the barebones to post. Right now I'm running just MB - PSU - CPU - RAM - GPU on a non conductive surface. MB - Tyan S5396 PSU - Antec 550W CPU - 2x Xeon E5410 (Harpertown) RAM - 16GB Kingston 240-pin FBDIMM...
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    Level up quick in CoD4

    Hey guys, I just finished setting up a server for the express purpose of leveling up quickly :cool:
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    Forceware 169.13 - Crysis++

    Noticed this
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    Looking for a bit of [H]elp

    Hey guys, just got this system put together like 2 weeks ago, I've been busy with work, so I've barely had a bit of time to benchmark it, much less do any overclocking/tweaking. Specs in sig, I am concerned that something is just not right in my system ...I ran 3DMark06 (I get that real world...
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    Just picked up Crysis at GameStop!

    Looks like the retailers are getting it in... will post screens and performance when I get home from work and my wife is done playing :D
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    Just ordered 2x 8800GT from Newegg FYI :)
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    Should I cancel my Newegg order

    Hey folks, I just ordered my dream system from Newegg last night, ended up going for the 2x MSI 8800GTX OC ($499, $40 rebate). Since Newegg is down for the weekend, my order hasn't progressed and I can still cancel it. I know the current 8 series is rumored to be replaced, should I stick with...
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    Looking for critique on new system...

    Hey folks, my wife and I are spec'ing out a new system we want to build. It's been some years since I lived on these forums, so I'm a bit rusty, was hoping I could get some guru feedback to ensure I've not put two parts together that just aren't going to work. Here are the components...
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    Looking for Vista OEM clarification

    Looking at the vista description on Newegg, it appears that the licensing terms are different for OEM and Retail. From what I read, OEM is a one time install, and if you want to reinstall, you're just hosed. I know the retail licensing terms are (should be?) different. Could anyone provide...
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    Anyone have a copy of Privacy Folder?

    Hey there, I installed Privacy folder to my computer, but deleted the install file thinking it was gonna be around whenever. Now that it's gone i'd kinda like the installer for the file stash. could someone with the file PM me and get me hooked up? thanks!!
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    Totally unorthodox BIOS flashing...

    Well yesterday I botched a friends BIOS, after reading a bunch of forums, I think I've come up with a pretty unorthodoxed and dangerous method for re-flashing it. We managed to yank his BIOS chip. I can order another for $24.99, but tell me what you guys think. We need to reflash an...
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    SoF2 FOREVER!!!

    I just got done playing multiplayer, ya it was fun. :cool: :cool: :cool: