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    XFX RX 580 GTS XXX Black Edition BLINKING problem

    While not gaming, the card works great. But when a 3D application (games) runs, it starts to blink all of my monitors after about 2-3 minutes (when the card's temperature increases to past 55c). And it gets worse the longer I play, to the point where I have to stop playing. I would say it'd...
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    Need advice. I'm deaf. This is for my stepdad.

    I'm completing a new system build with some of my spare parts, including a FX-6350, 8GB, GTX 660 Ti, etc. He is coming from an Athlon XP setup. Cutting to the chase, he loves staying in his room to listen to music. He's never had a sound card; only the Realtek AC'97 shit. So I thought I should...
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    Fan blade broke off MSI 680 Lightning

    The vibration is seriously annoying me. I feel it everywhere, and it's disturbing my peace. Let me remind you that I'm deaf myself. The side panel filter on my Corsair 250D somehow got caught in the fans, and broke a blade off one of the two fans. They're still working fine, but the vibration...
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    MSI 680 Lightning's memory won't OC at all?

    Recently got the MSI Lighning card off a member here. The settings that the first and second owners had were: I can OC the core to +200 just fine, but the memory won't even OC. I have it set to +1 or +2, and it doesn't budge. My specs are in sig, and I have a Coolermaster Hybrid 1300w...
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    WiFi Bridge for Heavy Net/Gaming?

    I recently bought an EnGenius AC 1200 router. My computer is about 40 feet away from where the modem is. (Cable, Ubee DVW3201B in dummy mode) the 85mbps Netgear power line ethernet adapters are shit. (Ping times out every 5 minutes, causing me to disconnect during WoW raids. I also do a lot of...
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    XFX R9 290

    Dropping the eBay idea.
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    Slight Buyers Remorse (from 780 to 290)

    I knew that it would be a side grade when I sold my Galaxy GTX 780 to play with the 290. Lost the gamble after finding out I couldn't unlock it into a 290X. (That might have been cool) I don't even mine and all I do is game at 2560x1440. I grew fond of the NVIDIA Shadow Play feature on their...
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    R9 290 (non-X) Overclocking Questions

    These are my current stable settings. Have not tried any further, am a little afraid to unless I had more knowledge on the limits of these cards. I need a better understanding on how to overclock the 290, while adding volts, without damaging the card. What is the safe voltage that I can...
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    My MSI Z87-GD45 won't OC anymore?

    A while ago I stopped overclocking because it appeared that my 4.6GHz OC was not performing at these speeds (getting smaller scores in benchmarks/games than with stock speeds :eek:) and just used the GENIE thingy that auto OC's to 4Ghz for me and it's done great so far. Now with me playing BF4...
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    The tiny slot to put in mSATA SSD on MSI Z87-GD45

    I noticed that I have a tiny slot in the area between the CPU and the PCI-E lanes, where I can put in mSATA SSDs and stuff like that. I'm not up to date with mSATA things. What are your recommendations on putting something in there? The empty spot irritates me lol. Someone told me there is...
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    Can I overclock my monitor with the 290's?

    I got a 780 on launch for its ability to overclock monitors (I have a Catleap running at 117Hz) without the need of using patched drivers from the user ToastyX on forums. Does the new AMD cards, especially the 290, have the ability to overclock monitors through the control panel...
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    Sprint HTC One on Straight Talk?

    I'm not on Sprint anymore, and had been trying to sell my One for maybe about 3 months.. actually, 4 now. Only on Hardforum/Anandtech, don't want to risk with noobs on Swappa that don't have feedback on heat or eBay. So I'm thinking of just keeping it, but wanted to know which places would...
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    Corsair Vengeance C70 Side Panel Window... I have this case in the link, and hate how the side panel has these two 120mm positions and they don't let us see inside the case very well. I have plenty of cooling and was...
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    GTX 780 Overclocking

    I'm not having much luck with pushing further than +170 on stock voltages, or even with the maxed out voltage (1.212mV) and the fan is at 100% (get 55c at peak with +170/+200 on the core/memory. The boost is 1167MHz on the core and memory at 3200Mhz at 80-100% GPU usage while playing BF3 at...
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    Z78 - will it work with the 5th gen i5/i7?

    About to pull the trigger on this soon, would like to know so I don't get screwed for the next generation. I'm guessing it will work with 5th gen chips, but need some kind of confirmation.
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    ASRock X58 Extreme - AHCI BSOD's Win 8

    I usually pick AHCI as soon as I build a new system with SSDs. It's the right thing to do, right? Anyway, I didn't have this problem with my Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R 1.7 which I fried last week, by the way. Got a brand new ASRock which works great, but whenever I open CPU-Z or CrystalDiskInfo...
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    Gigabyte EX58 UD3R Boots up, Black Screen (Video)

    What does it mean if I turn on the computer but nothing shows up on the screen even though it turns on fine and I reset the CMOS? Dropped in a new 970 today and it was fine when I left it at stock. Decided to OC, put QPI to 1.35, RAM to 1.65 and CPU to 1.35. LLC on as well. Took out all the RAM...
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    GTX 780 just for 3D, GT 640 for PhysX?

    As the thread title says, can I do this? My backup card is a Galaxy GT 640 that I'm currently using right now while the 780 gets here.
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    Weak i7-950 OC?

    EDIT: Thanks to everyone here who provided advice on overclocking the Nehalem. I got her to 4.44GHz and I'm satisfied with the results. Post #17 has the CPU-Z Validator link. I don't know if it's my motherboard being a budget version, but I was able to take my 980X ES to 4.5GHz with little to...
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    Moto Atrix HD - deleted the native text messenger

    I put up my phone on sale, but kind of realized something - I deleted the stock text messenger app on the phone and am not receiving any texts. Friends are able to get texts from me through third party apps like Chomp, but I'm not getting anything. I tried to google up for a way to download the...
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    Best/Most Latest X58 Board?

    With USB 3.0, SATA 3.0, awesome with overclocking, etc. I have an H100i on the way and would like to push my 980X a bit more (Something tells me that my Gigabyte EX58-UD3R isn't pushing it to its maximum potential) and was wondering what board would be best tailored towards my engineering...
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    Nexus 5

    I just bought a Nexus 4 off Anandtech and now I hear about Nexus 5. I mean seriously...
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    XFX DD 7950's overheating

    Was playing BF3 until my system shut down itself. Was like WTF. So I load up MSI Afterburner's OSD settings and have it show the clockspeed, temperature, fan speed, utilization, etc. and fired up BF3. Noticed that after a few minutes of gameplay the top card hit 97 or 99 degrees celsius and I'm...
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    Fastest single-slot card today?

    I'm building a system for an old friend of mine, she plays World of Warcraft. I paired the system with a Mini-ITX ASRock H75 board and my old 2600K, 8 GB of Corsair Value RAM, and Corsair GS600 power supply in a tiny Lian-li case that looks like a cube no bigger than 1 foot. I had ordered a...
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    Galaxy GTX 680 (the white one) not Catleap-friendly?

    My fault for not doing the research. My roommate saw someone selling a white Galaxy GTX 680 with 3 fans on it, and asked me to get it for him. We both have the Catleaps, mine can do up to 111Hz and his can do 120. He wanted to replace his GTX 670 with this certain card because we've discovered...
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    6-core Nehalems?

    I'm wondering if upgrading to a i7 970 would be worth it (32nm compared to my 45nm) since it might overclock better and help futureproof my system even more? If so, where can I get one for a good price? They seem to be going for over 400 dollars on eBay and Amazon...
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    Enabling SLI causes BSOD right away.

    I received the second 680 three days ago and put it in my system right away, and put on the SLI connector. Drivers were 310.90 and it worked out of the box, I didn't try overclocking the cards at all (they were at stock). Played BF3 and other games just fine. Then the next day it decided to...
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    WD Black 1TB (Old) Lots of clicking

    I'm deaf, and all of my roommates are deaf as well. (Or hard of hearing but he's never home) The reason why I'm posting here is because I noticed my desk having these sharp vibrations and I thought it was my phone, until I traced it and found out that it was coming from my only platter drive...
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    GTX 580 vs. 680 (or Fermi vs Kepler?)

    Been thinking about this for a while, seeing that my girlfriend has a GTX 460 that runs her games at medium/high (256bit 1GB version, MSI Cyclone factory-overclocked) at 1920x1200. And then I compare her system to mine. Mine struggles a bit more and she's still rocking a Phenom II X6 at 3.2GHz...
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    $200 Amazon Gift, Which board to buy for my 2600K?

    My Sapphire Pure Black P67 Hydra ain't cutting it, and it's just too weird. Turbo mode doesn't work and it won't even support Ivy Bridge processors as of now. So I have 200 to spend on Amazon. I'd like to not spend 200 on a board, maybe in the 100-160 range so I can afford its shipping. I need...
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    Thermaltake Black Widow 850W Bronze PSU Is this a good power supply? It's on sale for $94.99, original price being 149.99. So far I've read around here that lower end Thermaltakes are ticking time bombs, but the higher end line have much more reliable PSU's. Is that...
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    Safe voltages for overclocking FX-8350?

    As the title says above, what is the highest voltage that can be used to overclock the Vishera FX-8350 processor? I'm hoping to go for at least 4.8 to 5GHz. Right now I'm at 4.7 with 1.5v. Can I go any further? I have the Corsair H80 cooler.
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    GTX 295 Gaming @ 2560x1440

    Namely BF3, the FPS does soar in the 60-90's but the gameplay doesn't feel smooth. You can tell that there's a lot of roughness while aiming, and I'm wondering if it's because of the VRAM limitation being small (896MB on each core) and I notice the memory usage being around ~822mb while playing...
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    Zero signal in home. Extending Sprint coverage indoors?

    Title says it all. Sprint's great for me everywhere except for one place; my apartment. I still see the signal bars but they're empty, and sometimes there'll be 1 active bar. Going outside nets 2 bars which is good. But in my bedroom or the kitchen, I get nothing. Is there an option other than...
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    Mini-LAN at my house; advice needed

    I'm hosting a little LAN party composed of my coworkers who are gamers. (We're like a family, but it's our first time to have this type of event together) They play different games on the computer. I'll be having about 10 people over with their PCs. Of course I'm providing sheet pizza and...
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    Will there be a Battlefield 2142(3) on Frostbite?

    Battlefield 2142 was a lot of fun for me. It's nice to have a break from all the real stuff once in a while, and just jump into the futuristic setting with a refreshing set of new weapons/vehicles. Titan mode was a lot of fun too. I'm wondering if DICE has plans for a sequel in the horizon.
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    MSI Product Registration?

    I'm trying to register both of my MSI GTX 660 cards but can not find out where to register my cards for the warranty. I'm used to the EVGA/XFX process but am new to the MSI scene. Dumb question I know.
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    Best extended battery for the Verizon Galaxy S3? Was wondering about that site. Many of my friends with the ol' HTC Evo's have their batteries from this company and they've had it for 2 years without issues. But I didn't want to limit myself to one company, and...
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    XFX 7970 Core Edition OC'ing

    I bought an used 7970 off an user on here, and all he did was render text. So maybe 3D-wise it hasn't broken in yet, like stretch its arms and legs breaking a sweat running a 3D-intensive application. I'm a little drunk right now. I've been trying to overclock this video card, I'm using MSI...
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    Case for the Verizon Samsung S3 and a Stylus?

    My girlfriend got me a stylus, but I don't want to carry the phone PLUS a stylus and have them jingle together in my pockets. Do you know any good cases that has a stylus holder, or anything like that?