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    Anybody out there with a vapochill or a prometeia

    Hey I'm in the market for a vapochill or a prometeia. Now I'm calling all your phase change buddies, whether it be vapochill, prometeia, or custom phase change out. I was wondering how more has it added to your electricity bill, and how often do you run your computer a day. Do you guys think...
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    Athlon 64 Newcastle 2800 @ 2.55ghz

    hey guys i have a athlon 64 newcastle @ 2.55ghz with the fsb at 283 with a ht multiplier of 3 anyways, 283 seems to be the highest the board can handle after that it doesnt boot, even with the ht multipler at 2. So it seems that 283 is the tops for the board. If I use clock gen i can get the...
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    Post your OC results with athlon 64 2800+

    Post your OC results with athlon 64 2800+ Just as the title says, I have got one on ebay for 95 dollars, and am waiting for it to be shipped. I was wondering how it overclocks and if any of you guys have one? thanks alot!
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    trouble flashing bios with another mobos bios

    Whats up guys! How you doin? I'm have a nforce 150 motherboard its a gigabyte k8n pro (ga-k8n pro) and I'm trying to flash it to the bios of this motherboard called Gigabyte GA-K8NNXP-940 . Lots of people have had great success using this bios becuase it has much better options for latencies...
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    Overclocking with the Athlon 64 3200+

    Now I'm building a athlon 64 system and I was thinking which athlon 64 3200+ I should get, the 2.0ghz 1 meg cache or the 2.2ghz 512k? Does anyone know which one will overclock better? I was thinking the 2.0 1 meg cache would overclock better since it is at a lower mhz rating. Thanks alot.