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    Ryzen 3 1200 - $64.99 ($55 with discount code) - Newegg Good price even without the discount. Way better deal than a Pentium or i3. EDIT: Looks like the discount code is dead but its still on sale for $65. And as noted below, if you're near a micro center, there's a much better deal to be...
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    Anyone have an RX560 (14cu)?

    Need a video card for my 880K but, due to PSU limits (Seasonic 360w gold) I need a video card without a pcie 6 pin. I already have a 1050ti in my main rig which would be a waste on an old 880K in my opinion. So i was lookin at the AMD side (kinda want to stay all AMD anyway). My best option is...
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    I5-7600K second opinion.

    Have an Asus B250 and 16GBs of 2400 RAM. Lookin for a quad core upgrade. Currently on eBay I can get a 7600K cheaper than the 7600. Everything I do relies on faster single core speed. So is it a no brainer to grab the K for the faster base clock?
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    Anyone have a Sky/Kaby Lake Pentium?

    How are they on older games? War Thunder CoH Red Orchestra 2 (unreal engine 3) Starcraft 2 Killing Floor 2 Be paired with a 1050ti (already have). Anything older than those and I know they'll play just fine (AoE 2, SC1, Pretty much any Tycoon game). I don't play AAA titles. Otherwise...
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    General storage (with redundency).

    (Specs in sig) Just to preface, any important data will also be copied to an external drive for additional protection. I'm thinking bout setting up some general storage in my rig with some sort of redundency. Am i better off with just 2 drives in Raid 1 (windows or FakeRAID?) Or 3 drives in...
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    Anyone still using an AM3 setup?

    I happened to have some parts laying around (FX4300, 8GBs 1600, Asus 760g board, 120GB SSD, and a GTX 750. Threw it together. Loaded up Ubuntu MATE (looking at giving Solus a try). Machine works pretty damn well, plays War Thunder compfortably at 1080p Medium settings. Internet browsing an such...
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    What am I missing here (Pfsense)?

    I've got my Pfsense setup with DHCPv4 only (I have no need for v6 on my LAN). Subnet Available Range - Range - (I'm assuming this is what pfsense should hand out in the DHCP range) I also have assigned static to the...
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    Would Gigabit cards be necessary?

    I'm going to redo my firewall running IPfire. Specs: My internet speeds are only 30/5 with TWC... I personally don't think it's worth the upgrade to gigabit cards but, wanted to see what the network guru's of the forum think.
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    Most effective fan setup for my case?

    Currently using a Lian Li A04 with the hard drive cages removed. Important hardware is an E5450 (771 to 775 Xeon mod, basically a Q9650), and a GTX 750ti. I have three Rosewill Hyperborea 120mm fans, currently setup as 3 intakes (2 front, 1 top) and an 80mm as an exhaust at the back (just...
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    Windows alternative to Conky (linux).

    Is there a good windows (7) alternative to conky for linux? I want something light weight that will display system info and temps in the upper right corner of my desktop.
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    Western Digital Se?

    Whats the general opinion of the Western Digital Se drives?
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    Individually sleeved cables.

    Currently using a Lian Li A04. Some of you may know there it isn't enough space behind the board tray for "traditional" cables. However, individually sleeved cables in theory should be able to "flat'n out" enough to not cause any issues. Would'nt care to have a new PSU either (fully modular)...
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    750ti/950se from next generation?

    Just kind of a speculative question I guess. Given the new 1080 performance to power ration benefits... boost.. whatever you wanna call it. Does anyone think we'll see a replacement to the 750ti/950se on the new generation platform?
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    Someone explain Thermal Margin to me.

    Got an 880K on an Asrock A88M-G/3.1 . Using AMD Overdrive. At idle I get between 50C and 55C. Is this my actual temp?
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    HP ProLiant ML10 v2 Newegg Shellshocker $274

    HP ProLiant ML10 v2 Tower Server System Xeon E3-1220v3 3.1 GHz 4 GB RAM DVD-RW - Quick Specs: Intel Xeon E3-1220v3 3.1 GHz 4 GB 2Rx8 PC3-12800E-11 Kit 4 x LFF NHP Drive Cage SATA DVD-RW 350W Power Supply Seems like a pretty good price to me but, I'm not to knowledgeable on server...
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    Anyone else in Ohio with TWC?

    Internets been down all day. I'm in southern ohio. Anyone else having issues?
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    MSATA SSD question.

    Lookin at an Asrock mini itx a88x board. Its equipped with an mSATA port and states it works with half/full cards. Whats the difference? The manual doesnt state anything about card lengths supported either. I havent looked into mSATA cards before so I'm a little confused.
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    Asus SATA DVD Burner $14.99 w/Promo

    Newegg currently has this DVD drive on sale for $14.99 with promo (free shipping to). Promo code is EMCAXNK27 . Promo ends 9/22. I know optical drives are dwindling away but, there's still use for them. Not a bad price for...
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    G3258 overclock question

    I've got G3258 on an eVGA z97 FTW board. Currently sitting at 4.1Ghz. I bumped the voltage up to 1.250. Is this to much? Should I lower it a little? I haven't done any formal benchmarking (stress testing) just yet but, even at that i feel my voltage might be a little to high.
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    (W7) Cursor moves when a window opens

    So.. I'm not sure if I just recently started noticing this or what but, it's annoying. Say I'm deleting stuff, I click the folder, hit the delete key. The "Are you sure" window pops up, my cursor automatically moves over the highlighted button (usually "OK"). How I can I turn this off? It...
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    Evga Z87 Classified $109 MMV. Doesn't state thats is a refurb. Add to cart gives $109. Not bad I think.
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    Need to replace section of coax

    So long story short, stupid dog decided our coax line on the outside of the house (its ran down low) looked like a good snack. I need to replace about a 5ft section of it. I assume this isn't Time Warners problem since its not the section directly off the pole? Google tells me i can check the...
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    Fractal Define Mini (Black) $59.99 Free S/H Seems like a pretty good deal to me. No idea how long its goin on for.
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    Silicon Power S60 3K 120GB SSD @ Newegg $49.99 Normally $75. Not sure if its that good of a deal or not, I ordered one. One reviewer said they pulled the bait and switch on these models, I can't find anything supporting that searching google (Although, I did find evidence...
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    Quick 775 question.

    I never really messed with the 775 era much (I had AMD). If the chipset (975x) supports ECC... do I need to run a Xeon CPU? I'm assuming no, since the controller is in the chipset.
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    Anyone have experience with this motherboard (gigabyte)? Thinkin about grabbing one, either for a G3258 or 4790K.
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    So.. when did you start your Steam account?

    According to mine, it was March 5, 2006. If I remember correctly, I had just bought HL2... yea, I know, late to the party for that one.
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    Anyone have an MSI 750 (ti)?

    Looking for the measurements between the mounting holes for the cooler. Thanks!
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    Reference or eVGA?

    Lookin at a GTX 770. I like the looks of the reference 770s (seems eBay is the only place to get them) but, looking at the eVGA overclocked cards with the ACX cooler... Seems those would be a better investment cooling wise. Whats everyones opinion?
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    Dealing with a BSOD.

    Running windows 7 64bit. Computer will restart itself after it shuts off the display from being idle. Checked the event viewer, turns out its a BSOD. Recently swapped motherboards but, putting two and two together it was doing the same thing on the old board (Went Z77 to Q77), but I never did...
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    Would I like Skyrim?

    I greatly enjoyed Fallout 3 and NV. Wanting some new games to play.. Would I like Skyrim? Watching a little bit of play through videos it doesn't look to bad.
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    Fractal Core 3000 question.

    Looking at a new case. I'm up between the Core 3000 or NZXT Source 220. Only thing is, I'll be removing the hard drive bays on which ever one I get and mounting the SSD behind the motherboard (either drill holes to mount or using velco or something). Has anyone ever removed BOTH hard drive...
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    Is this right? (Time Warner)

    So, just upgraded my cable internet to 15/1 yesterday. Speedtest was pulling about 16/1 all day through late this morning (like 5-6am) when I went to bed. Got up this afternoon.. Jumped on speedtest (I'm still not used to these speeds coming from DSL) and I'm getting on average of 3/1. But on...
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    Fan clip question.

    I've noticed that some 120mm tower coolers have metal clips that hold the fans on. My CM 212 Plus has the notches for these metal clips but, included crappy plastic ones. Can you buy these separately somewhere?
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    Motherboard will no apply overclock.

    I've got an Intel Dz77sl-50k motherboard with a 3770K. It's got a plethora of overclocking options... I've got any power saving features I could find turned off in the BIOS and the multiplier set at 40. Yet... it never takes effect. No matter where I set it... it simply doesn't change...
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    Anything I need to do with my new SSD?

    Just got my Intel 240GB 335 SSD. With a fresh install of Windows 7, anything I need to do right off the bat?
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    3770k cooling concerns

    So I just ordered a 3770K. My first jump into the high end world. Reading up a little on the Ivy Bridge cpu's i notice they run a little hot. I'm not planning on overclocking (least not right now). I currently have a CM 212 Plus (push pull setup) cooling a Phenom 555 (unlocked quad right now)...
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    Fractal Arc Mini Shell Shocker $50 Seems like a pretty good price. Says while supplies last. EDIT: No longer a deal.
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    FX on 785G?

    I've got an MSI 785G-E53. It hasnt been updated to support the newer FX series CPUs (like some motherboards have). Is there a purposeful reason for this or is it just MSI not wanting to mess with it?
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    4+1 enough to handle stock X6?

    I've got an MSI 785g-e53. My understanding is that it is a 4+1 power phase design. It has a factory heatsink that gets a little air from my dual fan CM 212 Plus. Would this be fine for a stock 1090T or 1100T?