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    Chipset fan adjustment on 8KDA3J?

    I picked some parts out for a friend, including the EPoX 8KDA3J S754 nForce3 motherboard. Everything is pretty quiet except for the high pitched chipset fan which I had assumed was adjustable. There are no options in the BIOS and speedfan doesn't seem to be able to adjust it, either. Is there...
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    All(3) My Soundcards Crackle on NF7-S v2

    My cards only crackle every 7 minutes or so, but it's still annoying, and it shouldn't happen. Is it possible that this is because of a bad PCI controller or something? My onboard sound doesn't crackle at all, but it's on the PCI bus as well, so I don't know. I've only tried one PCI slot...
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    THG has "Hard News" now?

    I guess it's been around FOREVER. My mistake.
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    PSU for htpc/fileserver

    I'm going to put together a fileserver/htpc with 4-6 drives in RAID5. It will probably have two overclocked/watercooled XP-Ms, a couple of optical drives, a geforce4 mx(or something else?), and a tv tuner/video capture card. I plan to do a lot of video encoding, too. I was thinking that I...
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    Converting FROM dynamic disks?

    I have a 160GB hard drive that is a dynamic disk from when I used win2k. I've heard that you can't use dynamic disks on other platforms and other bad things involving data security and such. I know that there are "very few reasons to use dynamic disks" so I just want to make it a normal disk...
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    Mouse Lag

    With every computer and video card I've ever owned, I get mouse lag with AA + vsync. Is this normal?
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    Can I make a disk image, format a raid0 array, and then restore my data?

    I need to reformat my raid0 array because I messed up the cluster and stripe size. Can I make a disk image using partition magic or something, change my stripe size, format the array, and then restore my data using the disk image? If I could avoid reactivating XP, that would be nice, but I can...
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    How do you format for a 128k raid stripe?

    I saw on the abit forums that you're supposed to format your stripe using the same cluster size as your stripe size. I settled on 128k, but neither partition magic nor windows disk management will let me format with a 128k cluster size. I even did it once before in win2k, but XP won't let me.
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    best place to buy ink cartridges (monster something)

    This was posted a couple days ago, and I can't remember the url or the name of the retailer. I know it involves the word 'monster'