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    Logitech Gaming Software Broke Intel Speedstep

    The latest version of logitech game device software 8.94.86 broke intel speedstep. I can reproduce the problem every time I install the drivers. I am running the g502. There is no fluctuation, drivers installed speedstep will not decrease clocks from my 4.3 oc. Drivers uninstalled my system...
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    EVBOT flash

    i am posting in this section because it has the most viewers. i need a local person with an evga ftw or classified motherboard with evbot support, Portland, Oregon, to flash my evbot to the latest firmware. i will give someone 25.00 to do so. these guys at evga piss me off.
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    Workgrouped PC not accessible Error

    I am running a simple two PC workgroup. One wired and one wireless. My router is a D-link DGL4300. Wifi card for my storage server is a D-link WDA-2320. My NIC card in my gaming rig is an Intel Pro gigabit 10/100/1000. I would think that it was a hardware issue but it all worked up until...