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    Slow read performance with SAMBA over Gigabit - any ideas?

    Please help.. pulling my hair out here. I have a server that I am using for my NAS. It is connected to my local switch (by 4 foot cat 6 cable) Intel Gigabit NIC on the PCI express bus. Running CentOS 6.0, tried the newest stable SAMBA that comes with CentOS 6.0, and even the new 3.6.0 version...
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    Are all 4890's made by the same maker(s) in China?

    I have been looking at picking up a 4890 for the last couple of weeks and have seen many postings/reviews where one person says they went with X because the fan is made for overclocking or lifespan. Or they went with maker A because their quality of components is higher. If I don't care about...
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    Why can't new video cards use less power when idle or in 2D?

    Why can't they make a high end video card that idles and does 2d and uses little resource/LOW wattage? I don't get it, a single ATI 4870 idling is like 138 watts. My box with an E8400 over clocked with 3 SATA IDE hard drives and an older GeForce 7600 GT idles at 125 watts. (What out of...
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    Received my 3008WFP today.

    First I am by no means an LCD expert. I upgraded from a 24" Dell LCD. The LCD design is great, I love the way the adjustment mechanism works. I noticed no input lag on testing the Xbox 360 + gamecube with it. I am not an avid gamer so I just might not notice it. Its default...