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    ZFS Performance Issues

    So recently I have been working on building a second ZFS storage box, and so far it's performance is seriously underwhelming. This is certainly not my first rodeo, there is already a 65TB (usable) storage box encrypted with GELI on the network that performs faster. I am just at a loss for why...
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    Areca ARC-1880i 6Gb/s RAID Card W/ BBU - Ends Feb 02, 2013 12:37:57 PST - $399.00

    Selling my trusty Areca ARC-1880i w/ the optional BBU for safely using write cache. Starts at $399, reasonable reserve (new you are looking at $750+ for the pair).
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    Switch to ZFS and losing space?

    Over the past week I have upgraded my storage server and transitioned from a hardware RAID 6 on an Areca arc-1880i to zfs on freebsd. I am using encryption as well, the hardware raid was encrypted in Truecrypt and the card was assigned to a Windows Server 2K8 R2 guest, now the drives are...
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    Using 2 Outputs?

    So I have been trying to come up with a solution for the sound setup in my living room. I have a high quality stereo setup (Acoustic Research AR-9s connected to Kenwood L-07M monoblocks) that I also want to be able to use as front L/R while watching movies. Currently they are being fed from the...
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    Verify Foobar output quality?

    So I just got a nice pair of Kenwood L-07M monoblocks and matching preamp and I plan on breaking them in tonight. I have a collection of high quality FLAC (24bit 96Khz+) which I will be playing through my sound card (HT Omega Claro), and I was wondering if there is some way to actually verify...
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    UPS + ESXi + Server 2008 R2 Guest + RAID Array

    So, quick question about how I currently have a UPS configured in a Server 2008 R2 guest OS. Due to the baffling lack of support for UPS' in ESXi, I passed the USB for the UPS (a basic 1500VA APC Back-ups) to the Server 2008 VM and configured the shutdown procedure. What I am concerned about is...
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    PPTP VPN w/ PDANet Anyone?

    So I want to get on the smart phone bandwagon (specifically android), but the ability to tether to my netbook (via USB) and connect to the PPTP VPN that runs off of my pfsense machine is an absolute necessity. Before I make my purchase I have been trying to accomplish this with my friend's...
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    Media Player Software Syncing

    Is anyone aware of any media player software that can sync over a network? For example I start a song on my stereo upstairs, and I want to play the same thing on the computer at the bar downstairs synced with what is playing upstairs....
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    Mixing Hitachi 7K2000s and Samsung F4EGs

    Any of you guys using both of these in the same array? Any potential issues that I may have to look out for? I am itching to start my array upgrade but it appears that all of the Hitachis have disappeared in the run up to them putting out their new line, so I am considering using 4 of the...
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    RAID Expansion and TrueCrypt

    I will soon be upgrading my current 4x2TB Raid 0 to 8x2TB Raid 6. The current raid is encrypted with TrueCrypt AES, and unless someone has another suggestion I plan on using this for the new raid as well. My concern is that I will make a mistake in the initial configuration which will come...
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    GTX 460 Fried

    So it appears my EVGA GTX460 SC has died. I came home from vacation on Monday and my desktop was all glitchy (random artifacts/color issues). I rebooted and it seemed ok at first, but then I tried playing BF2 and the display went acid trip on me. I also tried playing a 1080p x264 with DXVA and...
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    RAID Upgrade

    So I have been planning on upgrading my current storage RAID setup and I am a bit unfamiliar with all of the different options that are available. As it sits right now, the array consists of 4 2TB Hitachi 7200rpm Deskstars and an Adaptec 2260200 in RAID 0. I want to expand it to 8 drives with...
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    EVGA Worth $30 more?

    Okay, so I have had my eyes on the EVGA GTX 465, and until recently Newegg had them on sale. Like an idiot, I was indecisive on the matter and recently the sale ended. They have now jumped back up to $279. I am now considering getting the Asus GTX 465 (because it is the only other design that...
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    Okay, so after deciding on a new monitor to replace my dying CRT (I am going with an HP ZR24w), I figure it is time for an upgrade of my main system. The current configuration is as follows: AMD Athlon X2 6000+ 2GB Corsair DDR2 800 Gigabyte Mobo (forget the exact model #, standard...